• JN-AN-1189-ZigBee-HA-Demo Build Error

    I am trying to get the ZigBee Home Application Demo (JN-AN-1189) running on the JN516x-EK004 Evaluation Kit.   I downloaded BeyondStudio (JN-SW-4141) and the ZigBee HA SDK (JN-SW-4168) and followed the instructi...
    Jerome Oehninger
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  • 小贴士:如何降低ZED唤醒后到Polling前的时间

    JN5169的ZED在唤醒后(Rx处于工作状态)到Polling(Tx进入工作状态)前的等待时间比较长,如下图中橙色区域所示:   使用下面的方法降低该前肩时间: 在应用中添加 1)头文件 #include "mac_pib.h" 2)初始化代码中增加:  MAC_vPibSetMinBe(NULL, 1);   可以尝试增减函数MAC_vPibSetMinBe中第二个参数为2,...
    Patrick Pan
    created by Patrick Pan
  • Tips: how to decrease front-porch period of polling after ZED wakes up

    It is reported that ZED of JN5169 has long front-porch period (RX is enabled) before polling (TX becomes activated) after ZED wakes up . Please refer to following snapshot in which the front-porch period is selec...
    Patrick Pan
    created by Patrick Pan
  • Tips:How to measure communication distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK board in an easy way

    Customer can measure communication distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK boards when one DR1174+DR1175 and  one DR1174+DR1199 available .   1) Flash DimmableLight on DR1174+DR1175 and DimmerSwitch ...
    Patrick Pan
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  • 小技巧:如何解决JN5169 ZED设备Rejoin距离小于正常操作距离的问题

    现在NXP官网上的SDK4170-v1840在使用时会出现JN5169 ZED设备Rejoin距离小于(约减少20~25%)正常操作距离的问题(其实根据Zigbee标准这是正确的行为,只是由于别的厂商没有按照标准去做而导致NXP方案的行为与之不一致)。 可从Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue 中下载SDK4170-v2007,并将SDK中下列代码注释掉: 1)注释掉Bdb_ns...
    Patrick Pan
    created by Patrick Pan
  • Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue

    Some customers found that the rejoin distance of JN5169 ZED is much shorter (almost 20~25% ) than its normal operation distance. This issue has been fixed by SDK4170-v2007 and code in the SDK need to be...
    Patrick Pan
    created by Patrick Pan
  • Solving Problems in Reading/Flashing JN516x Modules

    I've noticed that many members here specially those who are new to dealing with JN516x modules ,are having difficulties reading and programming modules during first time usage. So I thought of writing this document as...
    David Ashraf
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  • MKW41Z GENFSK Connectivity Framework: implementing tickless FreeRTOS

    Hello, the Connectivity Framework doesn't support the FreeRTOS tickless mode. I want to enable it remaining in the Connectivity Framework flow and using the PWR Lib to manage the power modes. In this case I want to u...
    Gerardo Catena
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  • ATTiny85 connection CCS811 I2C module

    Hey, any best suggestion about how can I connect the CCS811 Air Quality Sensor I2C Mini Module - store.ncd.io  with ATTiny85 and extract the sensor values using Arduino IDE?
    William Bert
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  • ZigBee source routing

    Many-to-one & source routing for large scale networks:   the concentrator sends the many-to-one route discovery --> all the nodes learn the route to the concentrator, but the concentrator doesn't know the...
    Alan Led Collins Rivera
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  • How to program qn9080-dk with external J-Link Debugger

    I’m currently writing code for QN908X dev kit and I’m having issues programming my dev kit using my j-link plus debugger via SWD.  In the QN908x DK User’s Guide it states that the 9-pin debug co...
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  • Bluetooth Low Energy SMP Pairing

    Introduction  The SMP (Security Manager Protocol) offers applications running over a Bluetooth Low Energy stack access to the following types of services: Device Authentication Device Authorization Data Integ...
    Alexandru Balmus
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  • Misleading Documentation for Setting Up a JN51xx PDUM Output Buffer

    The marked passage in the snippet of the JN51xx Core Utilities User Guide (JN-UG-3116) suggests that PDUM_eAPduInstanceSetPayloadSize does not need to be used if PDUM_u16APduInstanceWriteNBO or PDUM_u16...
    Peter Taylor
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  • ZPS_bAppAddBeaconFilter Location in ZigBee PRO Stack SDK

    The ZigBee PRO Stack User Guide (JN-UG-3101) reports the location of the ZPS_bAppAddBeaconFilter function declaration incorrectly. It is actually located in the header file appZpsBeaconHandler.h not zps_apl_...
    Peter Taylor
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  • ZigBee 3.0 - connect up to 200 nodes

    Hi All,   I am working on one customer based project. I need to connect 200 ZigBee devices in ZigBee network.   I am using JN-AN-1216 (JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge-v1004) application code and...
    Jainil Shah
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  • A view on Bluetooth Low Energy stack roles

    Since I have noticed some confusion regarding the roles of the two devices sharing a BLE connection on different layers of the stack, I believe it is useful to centralize a few aspects on this matter.   Find att...
    Georgel Bogdan Alexandru
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  • QN908x enable low power in qn908xcdk_wireless_examples_bluetooth_temperature_sensor

    Hi,   I am trying to enable the low power operation in the demo application  qn908xcdk_wireless_examples_bluetooth_temperature_sensor   To do so I inject as a symbol  cQN_UsePowerDownMode 1...
    Xavier Vilajosana
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  • Not able to compile KW41Z example code with latest SDK

    Hello,   I am facing issues with latest KW41Z SDK. Please let me know your inputs. I was going through below link for installation.   https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm...
    Vishnu Beema
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  • How can we develop on the NXP RoadLINK chips? How can we buy those?

    How does this NXP RoeadLINK platform work? I read that there is a cooperation between Cohda wireless and NXP about Cohda providing the software modules and NXP the hardware. But is it exclusive? The Cohda products are...
    Gábor Bence Szemes
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  • Using the KW2x series devices Low Power Preamble Search (LPPS) feature to save current.

    The MKW2x IEEE 802.15.4 series devices have a unique feature for that saves power during the receive sequence of the transceiver.  The feature is called Low Power Preamble Search (LPPS).  When the LPPS featu...