• CRC on FSCI packets

    All FSCI packets contain a checksum field to verify data integrity. Every time a FSCI packet is created (by the Host or a Kinetis device) a new CRC is calculated based on every data byte in the FSCI frame.   Com...
  • Bootloaders available for KW platforms

    General summary MCUBOOT, fsci_bootloader and otap_bootloader are 3 different bootloader applications that can be used depending on the use case. The MCU Flashloader is a separate implementation but it's also mentione...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • Modifying clock configurations on KW2xD

    By default the clock configuration on the KW2xD demos is set to PLL Engaged External (PEE). In this mode the system clock is derived from the output of the PLL and controlled by an external reference clock. The modem ...
    Gerardo Rodríguez
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  • Kinetis W: [Thread] CoAP basics and hands on

    Thread provides basic services required for application frameworks implementation with the usage of Unicast and Multicast transmissions over UDP. Thread specification is only focused on the network layer; many applic...
    Estephania Martinez
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  • Thread Smart Home Model

    Hello all,   let me share a video demonstration of the Thread Smart Home model. See the link below: Thread Smart Home model   Best regards, Karel
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  • Configuration of Zigbee 3.0 device on KW41Z

    In developing a Zigbee application, certain static configuration is required before the application is built. Configuring the network size, adding a new cluster, making the device discoverable and adding a new endpoin...
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • RTC clock out configuration (RTC_CLKOUT)

    I´m going to explain how configure the RTC_CLKOUT pin and the different outputs that you can get with the KW40Z board. First it must be clear that the next configuration are based to use any demo of the KW40Z_Co...
  • ZigBee 3.0 Adding cluster on KW41Z

    This document describes how to add additional cluster to the router application in the AN12061-MKW41Z-AN-Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device Application Note.   The Router application's main endpoint contains Basic, Grou...
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • ZigBee 3.0: Adding Endpoint on KW41Z

    This document describes how to add additional endpoints to the Router application in the AN12061-MKW41Z-AN-Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device Application Note.   The Router application's main endpoint acts as a light co...
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • QN9080 USB Dongle

    QTool is a PC software tool that works with QN9080 USB dongle to assist in the development of BLE projects with the QN9080. You control the dongle via the QTool software, which issues and receives FSCI (Framework...
    Anthony Huereca
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  • ZigBee 3.0: Adding Clusters

    This document describes how to add additional cluster to the Router application in the JN-AN-1217 ZigBee 3.0 Base Device Application Note.   The Router application's main endpoint contains Basic, Groups, Identify...
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • Updating JN-AN-1229 for compatibility with the SDK Version JN-SW-4170v1745 and JN-SW-4270v1746

    This Document describes the additional changes needed for JN-AN-1229 ZigBee PRO Application Template for ZigBee version 1002 to be able to compile correctly with the latest update SDK JN-SW-4170 Version 1745 and JN-SW...
  • Creating a Pulse Oximeter Sensor Demo Application

    In this document we will be seeing how to create a BLE demo application for an adopted BLE profile based on another demo application with a different profile. In this demo, the Pulse Oximeter Profile will be implement...
    Gerardo Rodríguez
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  • Ultra Low Cost Zigbee Evaluation Board

    Hello All, I designed a ultra low low cost evaluation board (ULC-Zigbee) based in Kinetis wireless MCUs, take a look at the attached PDF for the brief description.  I was able to build three of them at ~$10US...
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  • Interfacing MW2x devices with FXOS8700 6-Axis sensor (or MMA8451) using BeeStack I2C drivers

    BeeStack solutions included in BeeKit contain several low level drivers that definitely ease customer’s development phase.  Ranging from UART, SPI, NVM, I2C, among many others, these drivers could be used t...
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  • noWire Bluetooth Automation

    This project is for Kinets L MCU Brazil challenge.Actually we don´t know if the project was registered. The goal of this project is to make Bluetooth communication between an android and  Freescale Freedom...
    Marcio Montenegro
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  • Kinetis KW01 for TPMS Over-the-Air Software Update

    Brief Description NXP Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) were preloaded the firmware libraries and test software for a variety of customer use cases. The preloaded TPMS bootloader provides wireless software upda...
    Ethan Cheng
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  • Implementing Multiple GAP Roles on the Kinetis KW40Z Wireless Microcontroller

    Overview  The Bluetooth specification defines 4 Generic Access Profile (GAP) roles for devices operating over a Low Energy physical transport [1]: Peripheral Central Broadcaster Observer The Bluetooth Low E...
    Alexandru Andreescu
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  • Sub-GHz Protocol Sniffing with KW01 Using Test Tool 12.

    Sniffing is the process of capturing any information from the surrounding environment. In this process, addressing or any other information is ignored, and no interpretation is given to the received data.   Free...
    Andrei Catalin Frincu
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  • How to create a Custom Profile - Client

    I was investigating about how to create a current profile and I found interesting information I would like to share with the community. So, I decided to create an example to accomplish this task using BLE stack includ...
    Iliana Berenice Tejeda Hernandez
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