• BLE HCI Black Box Quick Start Guide

    This document describes a simple process for enabling the user controls the radio through the serial commands. Hardware requirements: • FRDM-KW41Z/QN902x board or a board programmed with HCI black box applicatio...
  • Storing code for a different MCU using OTAP with FRDM-KW36

    Introduction In some applications, is it necessary to keep updated the software running in many MCU's that take part in the system, fortunately, Over The Air Programming, it's a custom Bluetooth LE service developed t...
  • 使用恩智浦BLE协议栈创建自定义的Profile-服务器端(Server)

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-332703
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  • 使用OTAP客户端软件重新编程KW36设备

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-343043
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  • KW41Z上Zigbee 3.0设备的配置

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-340993
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  • ZigBee 3.0:在KW41Z上添加端点(Endpoint)

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-340508
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  • Direct Test Mode (DTM) Configurations for the KW family

    Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) RF PHY tests can be done by using the Direct Test Mode (DTM).    This document will help as a guide to perform the test using a device from the KW family.    ...
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  • Reprogramming a KW36 device using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document guides to load a new software image in a KW36 device through OTAP (Over The Air Programming) bootloader focusing on the various memory features supported by this device. Software Requirement...
  • KW36 trimming adjust of 32MHz XTAL external oscillator

    IntroductionThe FRDM-KW36 includes an RSIM (Radio System Integration Module) module with an external 32 MHz crystal oscillator. This clock source reference is mainly intended to supply the Bluetooth LE Radio peri...
  • Enable I2C Serial Interface in Bluetooth KW41Z Heart Rate Sensor Demo Application

    Serial communication protocols are a very convenient way to transfer information between MCUs and other types of electronic devices; this guide will show a way to setup and enable an I2C Serial Interface to send a str...
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  • KW36 trimming adjust of 32kHz RTC external oscillator

    IntroductionThe FRDM-KW36 includes an RTC module with a 32 kHz crystal oscillator. This module generates a 32 kHz clock source for the MCU whilst running on very low power mode. This oscillato...
  • BLE HCI Application to set transmitter/receiver test commands

    HCI Application is a Host Controller Interface application which provides a serial communication to interface with the KW40/KW41 BLE radio part. It enables the user to have a way to control the radio through serial co...
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  • Connectivity Software: Implement tickless mode in FreeRTOS

    FreeRTOS keeps track of the elapsed time in the system by counting ticks. The tick count increases inside a periodic interrupt routine generated by one of the timers available in the host MCU. When FreeRTOS is running...
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  • [KW36, Hybrid]  Multiple Bluetooth LE Connections + Generic FSK Demo Application

    Document PurposeThis post entry provides an example of a hybrid application (Wireless_UART + GFSK Advertising) by covering Bluetooth Low Energy multiple node connections in parallel with GFSK (Generic Frequency Shift ...
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  • Integrating NFC Reader Library in a KW3x Bluetooth Low Energy application

    1.    Introduction   1.1 Document Purpose This post entry provides a detailed description of how to integrate the NFC Reader Library to a KW3x Bluetooth Low Energy application.  1.2 Audience T...
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  • Reprogramming a FRDM-KW41 board using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document guides to load a new software image in a KW41 device through Over The Air Programming bootloader. Also, are explained the details of how to set up the client software to change the storage ...
  • USB-KW41 Bluetooth LE Sniffer Application Update

    This document describes how to update and sniff Bluetooth LE wireless applications on the USB-KW41 Programming the USB-KW41 as sniffer   It was noticed that there are some issues trying to follow a Bluetooth ...
  • Bluetooth LE product qualification covering erratum 10734

    With the release of the Bluetooth LE core erratum 10734, two new Host test cases (SM/SLA/KDU/BI-01-C and SM/MAS/KDU/BI-01-C) were added to the Test Case Reference List (TCRL) and are active since 24-Jan-19. This has a...
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  • Debugging OTAP client software in MCUXpresso for KW36 and KW35 using a P&E micro probe

    Regarding to the "Reprogramming a KW36 device using the OTAP Client Software" and "Reprogramming a KW35 device using the OTAP Client Software" documents, there are some additional steps to debug the OTAP client softwa...
  • Reprogramming a KW36 device using the FSCI bootloader

    Introduction This document is a quick start guide to load a new software image in a KW36 device through FSCI (Freescale Serial Communication Interface) bootloader software. Also, it contains all the steps needed to in...