• USB-KW41 Bluetooth LE Sniffer Application Update

    This document describes how to update and sniff Bluetooth LE wireless applications on the USB-KW41 Programming the USB-KW41 as sniffer   It was noticed that there are some issues trying to follow a Bluetooth ...
  • Bluetooth LE product qualification covering erratum 10734

    With the release of the Bluetooth LE core erratum 10734, two new Host test cases (SM/SLA/KDU/BI-01-C and SM/MAS/KDU/BI-01-C) were added to the Test Case Reference List (TCRL) and are active since 24-Jan-19. This has a...
    Gerardo Rodríguez
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  • Debugging OTAP client software in MCUXpresso for KW36 and KW35 using a P&E micro probe

    Regarding to the "Reprogramming a KW36 device using the OTAP Client Software" and "Reprogramming a KW35 device using the OTAP Client Software" documents, there are some additional steps to debug the OTAP client softwa...
  • Reprogramming a KW36 device using the FSCI bootloader

    Introduction This document is a quick start guide to load a new software image in a KW36 device through FSCI (Freescale Serial Communication Interface) bootloader software. Also, it contains all the steps needed to in...
  • Beyond Studio Common Errors

    The “BeyondStudio for NXP” Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a platform for the development of wireless network applications to be run on NXP’s JN516x family of wireless microcontroll...
  • [KW41Z] Implementing Beacon Scanner

    Bluetooth Low Energy offers the ability to broadcast data in format of non-connectable advertising packets while not being in a connection. This GAP Advertisement is widely known as a beacon and there are currently di...
    Estephania Martinez
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  • Create a binary file for OTAP

    The KW40Z connectivity software stack has several demo application available, and one of them is the OTAP client. This application allows the user to reprogram the device in a wireless fashion. This can be done by bot...
    Pablo Noriega Navarro
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  • Configuration for Unused Pins/GPIOs on Kinetis

    I got a question related to best practices to configure a GPIO if the pin is not used. To make it short, the recommendation is to leave the GPIO floating on the PCB and leave the GPIO in its "Default" state as shown i...
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  • What is a BLE Beacon?

    What is a BLE Beacon? A BLE Beacon is a hardware including a MCU, a BLE radio, an antenna and a power source. Things like Freescale Beacon, iBeacon, AltBeacon or Eddystone are software protocols with their own charac...
    Alberto Vargas Rodriguez
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  • Porting Guideline for Zigbee 3.0 application from JN516x to KW41Z

    This Application Note provides guidance on migrating ZigBee 3.0 Base device application designed for the NXP JN516x wireless microcontrollers to the KW41Z with the help of attached PDF.
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • FRDM-KW36: Update OpenSDA Firmware

    The FRDM-KW36 comes with the OpenSDA circuit which allows users to program and debug the evaluation board. There are different solutions to support such OpenSDA circuits:   1. The J-Link (SEGGER) firmware. ...
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  • Reprogramming a KW35 device using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document provides guidance to load a new software image in a KW35 device through OTAP (Over The Air Programming) bootloader for KW35. This article also provides the steps needed to download and insta...
  • Enabling System View for Connectivity Software Stack in QN9080CDK

    Introduction This document describes the steps needed to enable System View tool emphasizing in connectivity software stack for the QN9080CDK MCU.   Software Requirements QN908XCDK SDK 2.2.0 SystemView Software J...
    Edgar Eduardo Lomeli Gonzalez
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  • Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD

    High level description to enable a Linux + KW41Z Border Router. Similar to how it’s shown for the K64 solution in the Kinetis Thread Stack Application Development Guide.   Configure the OpenWrt router...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • Battery measurement and report on MKW40/30 and Freescale Connectivity Framework

    When developing portable applications using batteries, it is important to keep track of the remaining battery level to inform the user and take action when it drops to a level that might be critical for the correct de...
    Ricardo Olivares Duran
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  • Persistent Data Manager (PDM) for Zigbee application on KW41Z

    This document describes the Persistent Data Manager (PDM) module which handles the storage of stack context data and application data in Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). For the KW41Z devices, this memory is internal Flash ...
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • [KW36] MCU on VLPR with BLPE or BLPI clocking modes

    This post explains the implementation to operate the KW36 MCU on VLPR when the clocking mode is BLPE or BLPI. It's also included the explanation on how to configure clocks for BLPE and BLPI modes.   For this exa...
    Luis Antonio Burgos Lopez
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  • Custom HCI command

    HCI Application is a Host Controller Interface application which provides a serial communication to interface with the KW40/KW41/KW35/KW36/QN9080 BLE radio part.   It enables the user to have a way to control t...
    Estephania Martinez
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  • [KW36] FlexCAN Bit Timing Parameters Setup

    FRDM-KW36 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes drivers and examples of FlexCAN module for KW36 which can be easily configured for a custom communication. For example, if user want to change the default baud ra...
    Luis Antonio Burgos Lopez
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  • Operating KW36 with a 26MHz XTAL

    By default, FRDM-KW36 board includes a 32MHz XTAL (YI) as shown in Figure 1 but there are cases where a 26MHz XTAL is needed instead of 32MHz XTAL for FRDM-KW36 or a custom KW36 board.   Figure 1. 32MHz X...
    Luis Antonio Burgos Lopez
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