• Howto join live Zigbee 3.0 Light network

    Hello   I have a question similar to How and where to set default link keys? from Warren Ashcroft and ZBPro Configuration JN-AN-1218 from @youpko.   I'm using JN-AN-1218 Zigbee 3.0...
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  • JN-AN-1189 - smart Plug don't want to join the network

    Hi. I am trying to run the JN-AN-1189 app note and more specifically the Smart Plug app. I was not able to join my existing zigbee network and here is what I see when i look at the debugging output:   Set Chann...
    Tim Gros
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  • Is project for mc13224 compatible for mc13226?

    I want to get a few extra sets of mc13224, but was being told it has been obsoleted. Only mc13226Pro-DBG is available instead.   Possible to advise if a project that compiled for mc13224 can be loaded to mc1322...
    Isaac Lim
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  • E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_SetReportableFlag and eZCL_ReportAttribute

    Hi,   I am trying to report an attribute through a function call of eZCL_ReportAttribute as described in JN-UG-3115, but I am stuck with an E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_ReportAttribute and (eZCL_S...
    Pierre-Luc Drouin
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  • JN-AN-1189 - Error while compiling

    Hi.   I am using beyond studio build 1308. Stack JN-SW-4168 The target is a JN5169   And i try to compile the app note JN-AN-1189. The zipfile has been dezipped in the workspace and then imported. I us...
    Tim Gros
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  • Exporting Persistent Data on JN516x to Host

    Hi all, As I know, the ZigBee Control Bridge node by default uses the internal EEPROM to hold persisted data. This is about 4KByte in JN5169 device and can restrict network size. To overcome this, we need to export ...
    Giau Nguyen
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  • Where are the release notes for the latest JN-SW-4168 SDK build v2162?

    Hi,   We are using the JN-SW-4168 SDK for our zigbee development. Our current sdk version build number is 1620. However, the current build version of the sdk on the NXP website is v2162: ZigB...
    Boris Blokland
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  • Is there alternative location for QN9020 NVDS?

    Hi,         Is there an alternative location QN9020 look for NVDS data apart from 0x30000000? I have verified using JLink I can read the NVDS data from the QN9020  MiniDK board from location&...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • KW41Z Deep Sleep

    Hi,   Where can I find examples of how to implement deep sleep and how to achieve the less power consumption for the KW41Z microcontrollers running ZigBee protocol?   I've tried the ZigBee End Device gener...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • BDB: r21 Trust Center and BDB: TCLK SendReqKey attempts over

    hi, when i use JN-SW-4170, JN-AN-1216 V1011 and JN-AN-1217 V1005, I got some error. I do something as following: 1. power coor, send command "set extended panid", "set channel mask", "start network", "permit join" ...
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  • Protect Firmware For JN516x

    Hi all, How do I protect firmware on JN5169? Can Beyond Studio for NXP do that? Thank you so much!!!
    Giau Nguyen
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  • The sleep device cannot receive multicast messages

    Hello, I have a question for you.I added a sleeping device to a group.After being asked to keep the sleeping device awake, the sleeping device was controlled by group control, and no response was found from the sleepi...
    震 孙
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  • Zigbee device lost in zigbee network for no reason

    Hello, we are using JN5169 chip to develop products. Recently, there is a problem in our zigbee system, that is, terminal products occasionally fall out of network.At present, we do not know what causes it to leave th...
    震 孙
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  • JN5169 delay between sending of messages

    Hi everyone, I am using a JN5169 chip and I want to test the maximum data rate of the chip. In the IEEE 802.15.4 standard the maximum data rate is 250 kb/s. When I however test the data rate of the JN5169 chip, I get...
    Lukas Edlboeck
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  • JN5169 Control PA

    Hi all, I have a plan to design new USB dongle JN5169 with PA SE2431L. Because cost down, I don't want to use IC 74HC1G32 (file attach). That mean JN5169 must control PA directly. Is that possible???
    Giau Nguyen
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  • Zigbee Task with KW41Z

    Hello,   I have this function, in the End Device SDK Example of MCUXpresso, to send a dummy write attribute command to a custom attributes arleady created in another node in the network with that Short Address: ...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • How to increase heartbeat pack

    Hello, I am using JN5169 for product development. I would like to know if there is any way to let the user know that all the devices are connected.Now I want to use the heartbeat pack mechanism, but I don't know how t...
    震 孙
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  • How recovery network?

    While use JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge Project act to Coordinator node, I found a macro definition in the file as follows #ifdef NETWORK_RECOVERY #include "app_network_recovery.h" #endif   If in...
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  • Is the optimal channel and device on line?

    I am developing some 3.0 devices with JN5169, the SDK is jn-sw-4170. 1、Can the coordinator automatically select the optimal channel for network construction?Routine 1216 should be a random channel. 2、How does the ga...
    Linklai kjd
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  • jn5169 an1218 transmit power

    Hi NXP:   As jn5169 datasheet mention, the tx power can be set 10, 8.5 or 3 dbm I'd want to ask how to set in the an1218 example?   Thanks a lot Chris
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