• Zigbee packet sniffing with FRDM-KW41Z

    I was curious about creating a zigbee packet sniffer using the FRDM-KW41Z devkit and Wireshark.    Is there an easy way to do this? Do I require the USB dongle to be able to sniff zigbee packets? 
    Árpád Nagy
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  • kick off the connection from mobile

    Hello,   I am using KW41Z EVB, I can have up to connections with 2 mobile App, I need to actively disconnect the app, is there any API I can use to kick off the connection from mobile?   Thanks, Kevin
    Kevin Lang
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  • Unable to ping for Thread Border router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP

    Hello Juan Carlos Pacheco    Thank you for guiding through the steps mentioned in Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD. We are following the steps pr...
    Kunal Kotecha
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  • KW41Z BLE Scan issue

    Hi,   We used the continuous BLE scan with KW41Z and looks like it randomly stops scanning after 1-3 days. Could you please have a look:   Device kw41z with UART interface    Software:  &...
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  • can not rejoining thread network

    It is a little complicated to describe this situation. This test set up same like: "Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD" 1. a REED "thr create" to...
    chaoxi cai
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  • Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD

    High level description to enable a Linux + KW41Z Border Router. Similar to how it’s shown for the K64 solution in the Kinetis Thread Stack Application Development Guide.   Configure the OpenWrt router...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • Battery measurement and report on MKW40/30 and Freescale Connectivity Framework

    When developing portable applications using batteries, it is important to keep track of the remaining battery level to inform the user and take action when it drops to a level that might be critical for the correct de...
    Ricardo Olivares Duran
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  • White List

    1. Where is the white list? 2. Would be possibe to add a device without bonding or pairing previously?   Thanks in advance
    Alejandro Pérez
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  • R41Z module does freezing

    I have a problem with R41Z module, while my example process was installed in factory. I found this chip was freezing by interfering signal but, it doesn't reset at all that. there is reset process "cop" inside my sour...
    somkiat khonjumpoo
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  • Persistent Data Manager (PDM) for Zigbee application on KW41Z

    This document describes the Persistent Data Manager (PDM) module which handles the storage of stack context data and application data in Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). For the KW41Z devices, this memory is internal Flash ...
    Shweta Chauhan
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  • Network reliablity issues with KW41Z Thread example code

    I am having issues keeping a small Thread network running reliably. I have one evaluation board running the REED example from the 2.2.0 SDK, and several boards running the Low Power End Device (Sleepy End Device / SED...
    Aaron DeMarre
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  • QN908x/KW41Z BLE Health Thermometer collector development

    Dear sir,   I am developing QN908x/KW41Z BLE Health Thermometer collector to collect temperature from Xiaomi thermometer or Philips ear thermometer.     Now, I am using QN9...
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  • Integrate frdmkw41z_rtos_examples_freertos_i2c into frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device_freertos

    Hi all, I would like to make use of the freertos i2c example to integrate it into the thread router eligible device program. The objective is to make a i2c slave freertos task in order to receive the data from a RP i...
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  • FSCI: Map data channel in BLE

    Do you have any similar command to “LE Set Host Channel Classification Command” in FSCI so that we can map the data channel based on the WiFi operating band?   Josh MadonnaMichael GoudeyKoon Lee ...
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  • make 2 connections on KW41Z

    Hello I am evaluate KW41Z, and I am trying to use wireless_uart as example. When I am doing testing with NXP Toolbox on Android, I can see Advertising stopped when there is an connection.    May I know how ...
    Kevin Lang
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  • W41z boot time

    I have noticed the transceiver takes over 50ms to initialize, and with our startup requirements, I really need to be able to go to sleep after 10ms.  I have narrowed the vast majority of the time to the following...
    Justin Jansen
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  • interfacing k64f with kw41z

    I want to interface K64F with KW41Z board using BLE or UART or else any other interface. Please suggest me how to do this.
    Manish Sawant
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  • MKW41Z GENFSK Connectivity Framework: implementing tickless FreeRTOS

    Hello, the Connectivity Framework doesn't support the FreeRTOS tickless mode. I want to enable it remaining in the Connectivity Framework flow and using the PWR Lib to manage the power modes. In this case I want to u...
    Gerardo Catena
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  • GENFSK KW41Z LLS3 LLWU exits without wakeup reasons

    Hi, we are trying to implement a polling receiver using GENFSK. Basically our application is a customization of the FreeRTOS connectivity demo. The aim is to make the rx device cycling forever between rx peak states...
    Gerardo Catena
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  • how to revert to default firmware

    we are testing thread stack using test harness. the USB-KW41Z is used as sniffer. but we have a mistake that we downloade a KW24D512 firmware into USB-KW41Z through SWD KW41Z interface. and changed the bootloader. no...
    Fei Wang
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