• how to read value sent by device in wireless uart demo (ble)?

    Hello, i use a board with wireless uart demo with kw41z mcu. It works fine with nxp iot toolbox app so i can reach BleApp_GattServerCallback() function and execute my code. Ex:   static void BleApp_G...
    marco mangraviti
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  • NXP-KW41Z-Thread

    Juan Carlos Pacheco  Michael Goudey   Hi What the latest Thread Spec version you are supporting now and will be supported in near future? Do you have any support in Thread Border Gateway with IPv4  o...
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  • ZigBee stack error on kw41z

    HI! When transferring an example from the SDK to a custom project, I encountered a number of errors. /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • Monitoring Neighbor LQI Values

    Is there a way to access the LQI of each neighbor link using the thread stack? We would like to continuously stream the link quality in order to monitor the performance of our mesh in real time. For example we a...
    Charlie Hauser
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  • Periodically scan Thread Nodes IP in my Border Router using Linux + KW as HCD with serial TAP

    Hi all,   I followed this tutorial Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD  to create a complete Border Router with my Raspberry PI + Host Controll...
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  • Is there an easy way to change Thread transmit power?

    Is it possible to reduce the KW41z transmit power in software?  I would like to test a large thread network in mesh configuration in a room that is  ~75 feet-by-75 feet.  In this size of room, nodes on ...
    Felix Heimes
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  • can not rejoining thread network

    It is a little complicated to describe this situation. This test set up same like: "Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD" 1. a REED "thr create" to...
    chaoxi cai
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  • BLE v5 - Maximum data payload for Advertisements

    Hi,   I have FRDM-KW36 board and using SDK_SDK_2.2_FRDM-KW36 (latest SDK to my knowledge). By using the BLE, I would like to exchange data with advertisements (non-connectable). With the advertisement itself (3...
    Ayturk Duzen
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  • USB-KW41Z - FSCI - BLE - When using White-List only 1 advertising received

    Hello,   I want to capture solely BLE advertisements from my well known advertiser whose device-address is known for advertisement-statistics (advertisement interval).   After the device-address is added t...
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  • USB-KW41Z - FSCI - BLE Notifications not propagated / No NotificationCallback

    Hello,   I'm using the "ble_fsci_blackbox" image with the USB-KW41Z and have a problem with receiving gatt notifications.   The device which the USB-KW41Z is connected to have 2 characteristics, ...
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  • BLE 5.0 for KW41Z?

    Are there any plans to upgrade the BLE stack for the kw41z controllers to support some BLE 5.0 features? We are evaluating the use of the KW41Z and our application would greatly gain from having the LE Coded PHY featu...
    Torsten Robitzki
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  • build and flash the openThread stack on FRDM-KW41Z

    Hello, I want to use the OpenThread stack on the FRDM-KW41Z, I started by building and generating the binary files, thereafter I flashed the binary file on FRDM-KW41z through (PE micro) Test Tool (nxp), when I want ...
    aymane lakhal
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  • What is the tool used for configuring KW41Z platform for Bluetooth SM testing using PTS?

    What is the tool used for configuring KW41Z platform for Bluetooth SM testing using PTS? What is the USB driver to be used?
    Aswathy Krishnan
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  • [MKW41Z] CCA on GENFSK

    Hi, we need to perform a CCA using GENFSK. From the datasheet we saw that the CCA treshold is supported only in the ZLL, but we want to put a treshold in software to compare with ED value. In the documentation of t...
    Domenico Virgilio
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  • Two FRDM-KW41Z device with same EUI

    Hi,   I have purchased 10 FRDM-KW41Z devices. I flashed an application and read a EUI from the console using "thr get eui". I found 2 devices with the same EUI. Similarly, there are 3 such pairs with t...
    Kunal Kotecha
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  • MKW41Z register RSIM->CONTROL requires reading GENFSK register first

    I am having trouble reading the RF_OSC_READY field of RSIM->CONTROL.   I noticed my firmware unexpectedly reports that the oscillator is not ready if I check like this: if (!(RSIM->CONTROL & RSIM_CONTR...
    Gauthier Östervall
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  • How do I read data from a message queue?

    How do I read data from a message queue? Is there an instance?
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • BLE 5.0 stack documentation

    Hi,      I am working on KW36. I want documentation for BLE 5.0 . Let me know where can i find it.
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  • What is a BLE Beacon?

    What is a BLE Beacon? A BLE Beacon is a hardware including a MCU, a BLE radio, an antenna and a power source. Things like Freescale Beacon, iBeacon, AltBeacon or Eddystone are software protocols with their own charac...
    Alberto Vargas Rodriguez
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  • Porting Guideline for Zigbee 3.0 application from JN516x to KW41Z

    This Application Note provides guidance on migrating ZigBee 3.0 Base device application designed for the NXP JN516x wireless microcontrollers to the KW41Z with the help of attached PDF.
    Shweta Chauhan
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