• Simple BLE App (pure baremetal)

    Hi,   I am looking for the sample code of any BLE application without using the OS Abstraction layer(Pure bare metal code). Anyone can help me on it. It is really required OSA for BLE app. I found that the BLE ...
    Dileep PD
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  • Reprogramming a FRDM-KW41 board using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document guides to load a new software image in a KW41 device through Over The Air Programming bootloader. Also, are explained the details of how to set up the client software to change the storage ...
  • How can whitening be enabled on the MKW36 development board?

    Hello,   I currently have difficulties enabling whitening on RX frames on the NXP FRDM MKW36 development board. The goal is to develop a basic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 stack on top of the Generic FSK (GENF...
    Felix Divo
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  • Does KW36 support 'mesh networking'?

    Hi NXPer,   We are newer in BLE, and now we are developing BLE on KW36, in the system, we have nearly 10 nodes ( < 10 nodes). If we donnot use mesh networking, we sometimes need to switch role of some nodes, ...
    aaron gao
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  • KW35-Broadcast Name

      We want to have a broadcast name “SAIC-Motor” but only displays 9 char as “SAIC-Mot” We have change the length to 11 as below, is this a bug or other problem? static const gapAdStructur...
    Bin Wang
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  • KW36 wireless uart demo connection issue: will disconnected immediately from the phone

    Hi , i have test the glucose demo with Android app(like nrf conenct), it works fine. but with the wireless uart demo, the connection will immediately terminated when the connection established.  when using the...
    ziv wang
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  • MESH Networking for QN9080DHN / MKW36Z512VFP4

    Our customer planning to consider QN9080DHN or MKW36Z512VFP4 for a new project Need MESH on sure  * Confirm when this will be available  * Share if STACK is ready already  Vel@elektronikasales.com
    Kandavel U
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  • KW36 - COP (WDG) is not working

    Hi,   I am trying to enable watchdog in FRDM KW36, but its is not working, device is not reseting properly by watchdog/COP.   Here is the code snippet of initialization {      &#...
    Dileep Divakaran
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  • how to read value sent by device in wireless uart demo (ble)?

    Hello, i use a board with wireless uart demo with kw41z mcu. It works fine with nxp iot toolbox app so i can reach BleApp_GattServerCallback() function and execute my code. Ex:   static void BleApp_G...
    marco mangraviti
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  • ZigBee Stack code for KW24D

    Is it possible to get ZigBee stack code  for KW24D, I am having issue with UART communication. The UART stops responding and when I tried to run in debug mode I found that TS_ApsTask which is part of the compile...
    Haim Liberman
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    Relate to :  https://community.nxp.com/message/943998 https://community.nxp.com/message/1138312 For test timer, I have added function App_vInitTimer0(); Add the service interrupt in theIn the irq_JN5...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • What is the difference between "lib_zps_zcp_cm0.a", "lib_zps_ed_cm0.a" and "lib_zps_cm0.a". Kw41z.

    Hello!  I use Zigbee Stack in my project. I have a problem with zigbee size. I tried to use different files "lib_zps_zcp_cm0.a", "lib_zps_ed_cm0.a" and "lib_zps_cm0.a". And when I used "lib_zps_ed_cm0.a", I got ...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • The max supported UART baud rate of KW41Z

    Dear Sir,   What is the max UART baud rage that KW41z could support? I tried 230400, and it works, and if KW41Z could support the baud rate exceed 230400?   Thanks. BR, Sean Wu. Weikeng.
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  • Linker script  for Zigbee. kw41z

    Hey. I am trying to add a Zigbbe stack to my project. I'm having problems transferring the Zigbbe stack to my device. I use KW41Z and MCUXpresso. The SDK examples use the default linker script MKW41Z512xxx4_connectivi...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • USB-KW41 Bluetooth LE Sniffer Application Update

    This document describes how to update and sniff Bluetooth LE wireless applications on the USB-KW41 Programming the USB-KW41 as sniffer   It was noticed that there are some issues trying to follow a Bluetooth ...
  • For KW21Z, can external 32kHz osc be removed, if RTC is not need?

    Hi, Our customer is using KW21Z for an 802.15.4 application design. To save BOM cost, while RTC function is not needed, can we remove the external 32kHz crystal oscillator part?   We are trying to use VLLS1 wi...
    benjamin chang
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  • Reprogramming a KW36 device using the FSCI bootloader

    Introduction This document is a quick start guide to load a new software image in a KW36 device through FSCI (Freescale Serial Communication Interface) bootloader software. Also, it contains all the steps needed to in...
  • Monitoring Neighbor LQI Values

    Is there a way to access the LQI of each neighbor link using the thread stack? We would like to continuously stream the link quality in order to monitor the performance of our mesh in real time. For example we a...
    Charlie Hauser
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  • Periodically scan Thread Nodes IP in my Border Router using Linux + KW as HCD with serial TAP

    Hi all,   I followed this tutorial Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD  to create a complete Border Router with my Raspberry PI + Host Controll...
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  • Is there an easy way to change Thread transmit power?

    Is it possible to reduce the KW41z transmit power in software?  I would like to test a large thread network in mesh configuration in a room that is  ~75 feet-by-75 feet.  In this size of room, nodes on ...
    Felix Heimes
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