• Linker script  for Zigbee. kw41z

    Hey. I am trying to add a Zigbbe stack to my project. I'm having problems transferring the Zigbbe stack to my device. I use KW41Z and MCUXpresso. The SDK examples use the default linker script MKW41Z512xxx4_connectivi...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • USB-KW41 Bluetooth LE Sniffer Application Update

    This document describes how to update and sniff Bluetooth LE wireless applications on the USB-KW41 Programming the USB-KW41 as sniffer   It was noticed that there are some issues trying to follow a Bluetooth ...
  • For KW21Z, can external 32kHz osc be removed, if RTC is not need?

    Hi, Our customer is using KW21Z for an 802.15.4 application design. To save BOM cost, while RTC function is not needed, can we remove the external 32kHz crystal oscillator part?   We are trying to use VLLS1 wi...
    benjamin chang
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  • Reprogramming a KW36 device using the FSCI bootloader

    Introduction This document is a quick start guide to load a new software image in a KW36 device through FSCI (Freescale Serial Communication Interface) bootloader software. Also, it contains all the steps needed to in...
  • Monitoring Neighbor LQI Values

    Is there a way to access the LQI of each neighbor link using the thread stack? We would like to continuously stream the link quality in order to monitor the performance of our mesh in real time. For example we a...
    Charlie Hauser
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  • Periodically scan Thread Nodes IP in my Border Router using Linux + KW as HCD with serial TAP

    Hi all,   I followed this tutorial Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD  to create a complete Border Router with my Raspberry PI + Host Controll...
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  • Is there an easy way to change Thread transmit power?

    Is it possible to reduce the KW41z transmit power in software?  I would like to test a large thread network in mesh configuration in a room that is  ~75 feet-by-75 feet.  In this size of room, nodes on ...
    Felix Heimes
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  • build and flash the openThread stack on FRDM-KW41Z

    Hello, I want to use the OpenThread stack on the FRDM-KW41Z, I started by building and generating the binary files, thereafter I flashed the binary file on FRDM-KW41z through (PE micro) Test Tool (nxp), when I want ...
    aymane lakhal
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  • Read/Write flash in FRDM KW41Z

    Hi All, I am using BLE + thread hybrid application for FRDM KW41Z board. I want to store some details into permanent storage and read them on every reboot. I explored into the SDK but I didn't find any example c...
    Kunal Kotecha
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  • [KW41Z] Implementing Beacon Scanner

    Bluetooth Low Energy offers the ability to broadcast data in format of non-connectable advertising packets while not being in a connection. This GAP Advertisement is widely known as a beacon and there are currently di...
    Estephania Martinez
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  • How do I read data from a message queue?

    How do I read data from a message queue? Is there an instance?
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • Configuration for Unused Pins/GPIOs on Kinetis

    I got a question related to best practices to configure a GPIO if the pin is not used. To make it short, the recommendation is to leave the GPIO floating on the PCB and leave the GPIO in its "Default" state as shown i...
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  • BLE 5.0 stack documentation

    Hi,      I am working on KW36. I want documentation for BLE 5.0 . Let me know where can i find it.
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  • Zigbee packet sniffing with FRDM-KW41Z

    I was curious about creating a zigbee packet sniffer using the FRDM-KW41Z devkit and Wireshark.    Is there an easy way to do this? Do I require the USB dongle to be able to sniff zigbee packets? 
    Árpád Nagy
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  • FRDM-KW36: Update OpenSDA Firmware

    The FRDM-KW36 comes with the OpenSDA circuit which allows users to program and debug the evaluation board. There are different solutions to support such OpenSDA circuits:   1. The J-Link (SEGGER) firmware. ...
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  • Reprogramming a KW35 device using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document provides guidance to load a new software image in a KW35 device through OTAP (Over The Air Programming) bootloader for KW35. This article also provides the steps needed to download and insta...
  • Unable to ping for Thread Border router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP

    Hello Juan Carlos Pacheco    Thank you for guiding through the steps mentioned in Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD. We are following the steps pr...
    Kunal Kotecha
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  • Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD

    High level description to enable a Linux + KW41Z Border Router. Similar to how it’s shown for the K64 solution in the Kinetis Thread Stack Application Development Guide.   Configure the OpenWrt router...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • FRDM-KW41Z interfacing with Volansys Modular Gateway

    There is no problem in commissioning the end node, however there is trouble in making the end node online. Even after repeatedly trying. Even after pressing the SW3 switch, as mentioned.    I think the soft...
    Manibha Sharma
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  • Persistent Data Manager (PDM) for Zigbee application on KW41Z

    This document describes the Persistent Data Manager (PDM) module which handles the storage of stack context data and application data in Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). For the KW41Z devices, this memory is internal Flash ...
    Shweta Chauhan
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