• KW36: Why Write Response not sent for Write request?

    Hi,   I am facing a issue in KW36 in sending Write response command. In my case is that my mobile app is trying to enable Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor(CCCD) for a characteristic in my gattdb, b...
  • Flashing bootloader application on KW37/38/39

    Hello,  We need your support in the following topic.  The KW37/38/39 is used in our projects and need to be tested according to BT spec. in non-signaling mode.  As I know, for Hardware verification (...
    mahmoud.swaidan Swaidan
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  • KW36: Read response takes ~2 seconds

    Hello,   I have totally 8 attributes(5 - Custom attributes, 3 - Standard attributes) in my att database, when we try to read the charateristic value attribute by read request from my android app/any app, nxp h...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW36: HID keyboard to iphone doesn't work

    Hello,   I changed the hid report map from hid mouse to hid keyboard in hid_device example of KW36 and tried to send the "volume up" via ble hid keyboard to Samsung A30 and iphone X(ios version : 12.4) , Sam...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • KW41Z BLE Scan

    Hi,   All the iBeacon sources are close the the KW41Z (ble_fsci_black_box received  rssi ~65dBm) and all the sources  transmit iBeacons at 100ms transmit interval.   When we have  ...
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  • KW36 Pairing&Bond with Link Encryption issue

    Hi someone,   the problem is: while the Pairing and bonding are succeed, but if set the Char & Char value ACCESS level to gPermissionFlagReadWithEncryption_c or gPermissionFlagWriteWithEncryption_c...
    ziv wang
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  • KW36: Can we use both Static and dynamic methods of adding service to gatt db

    Hello,   Totally as per requirement, there should be 5 gatt services added to Kw36 gatt db out of which 4 gatt services i need to add statically to gatt database and one service i need to add dynamically to gatt...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • Zigbee3.0, Extended status 0x81, No free APDUs

    Question     The coordinator displays  the error message "ERROR: Extended status 0x81", while it communicates with the end device. The definition of extended error code 0x81 is finded in 《ZigBee 3.0 St...
    k cx
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  • Simple BLE App (pure baremetal)

    Hi,   I am looking for the sample code of any BLE application without using the OS Abstraction layer(Pure bare metal code). Anyone can help me on it. It is really required OSA for BLE app. I found that the BLE ...
    Dileep PD
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  • Reprogramming a FRDM-KW41 board using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document guides to load a new software image in a KW41 device through Over The Air Programming bootloader. Also, are explained the details of how to set up the client software to change the storage ...
  • How can whitening be enabled on the MKW36 development board?

    Hello,   I currently have difficulties enabling whitening on RX frames on the NXP FRDM MKW36 development board. The goal is to develop a basic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 stack on top of the Generic FSK (GENF...
    Felix Divo
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  • Does KW36 support 'mesh networking'?

    Hi NXPer,   We are newer in BLE, and now we are developing BLE on KW36, in the system, we have nearly 10 nodes ( < 10 nodes). If we donnot use mesh networking, we sometimes need to switch role of some nodes, ...
    aaron gao
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  • KW35-Broadcast Name

      We want to have a broadcast name “SAIC-Motor” but only displays 9 char as “SAIC-Mot” We have change the length to 11 as below, is this a bug or other problem? static const gapAdStructur...
    Bin Wang
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  • KW36 wireless uart demo connection issue: will disconnected immediately from the phone

    Hi , i have test the glucose demo with Android app(like nrf conenct), it works fine. but with the wireless uart demo, the connection will immediately terminated when the connection established.  when using the...
    ziv wang
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  • MESH Networking for QN9080DHN / MKW36Z512VFP4

    Our customer planning to consider QN9080DHN or MKW36Z512VFP4 for a new project Need MESH on sure  * Confirm when this will be available  * Share if STACK is ready already  Vel@elektronikasales.com
    Kandavel U
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  • KW36 trimming adjust of 32kHz RTC external oscillator

    IntroductionThe FRDM-KW36 includes an RTC module with a 32 kHz crystal oscillator. This module generates a 32 kHz clock source for the MCU whilst running on very low power mode. This oscillato...
  • KW36 - COP (WDG) is not working

    Hi,   I am trying to enable watchdog in FRDM KW36, but its is not working, device is not reseting properly by watchdog/COP.   Here is the code snippet of initialization {      &#...
    Dileep Divakaran
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  • Reprogramming a KW36 device using the OTAP Client Software

    Introduction This document guides to load a new software image in a KW36 device through OTAP (Over The Air Programming) bootloader focusing on the various memory features supported by this device. Software Requirement...
  • how to read value sent by device in wireless uart demo (ble)?

    Hello, i use a board with wireless uart demo with kw41z mcu. It works fine with nxp iot toolbox app so i can reach BleApp_GattServerCallback() function and execute my code. Ex:   static void BleApp_G...
    marco mangraviti
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  • ZigBee Stack code for KW24D

    Is it possible to get ZigBee stack code  for KW24D, I am having issue with UART communication. The UART stops responding and when I tried to run in debug mode I found that TS_ApsTask which is part of the compile...
    Haim Liberman
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