• About 3.0 network recovery

    zigbee3.0 for JN5169 SDK:v1840 Change the gateway, how to update back to the previous network, how to operate? What information do I need to save?
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  • Bug in Zigbee 3.0 (JN-SW-4170) - Does not compile in a certain config

    Hi, I've following problem with JN-SW-4170 (Zigbee 3.0 SDK for JN516x) latest version (1840). With following lines in my zlc_options.h #define CLD_DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CONFIGURATION #define DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CON...
    Witold Sowa
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  • ZigBee Issue With FRDM-KW41Z

    Hello,   I just get two FRDM-KW41Z and tried the first examples, a Zc generic and a Zr generic     I run Zc to create nwk and permit join to let the Zc get in the nwk and works good, as packet sni...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • How to make the ADC sampling rate of qn9080 reach 25kbps.

    How to make the ADC sampling rate of qn9080 reach 25kbps. I read the datasheet that ADC sampling rate can reach 32kbps. But I don't know how to set it.who can provide a example for me. or tall me how to c...
    zhongyi shen
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  • How does 5168 001 m06 enable high power in 1229?

    Is it possible to enable high power modules normally by adding only two functions to the main function? vAppApiSetHighPowerMode(APP_API_MODULE_HPM06,TRUE); while(eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, (uint32)(13))!=...
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • What is the default radio power  of the JN5169?

    Hello everyone:    I need help, this may be a simple question, but I am not finding the answer.   My environment:    JN5169    JN-AN-1219-Zigbee-3-0-Controller-and...
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  • ZigBee Router prints ERROR: Extended status 8a

    Hi, I use JN-AN-1223-ZigBee-IoT-Gateway-Control-Bridge-v1014 as the coordinator, connected 70 routing devices (MainsPowerOutlet in JN-AN-1189-ZigBee-HA-Demo), just started printing Normal, but after a while, the rout...
    Daniel li
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  • Node cannot access the network after power failure and reconnection (transmission distance becomes shorter)

    I use 1229 Connect power after power off, the node can not enter the network。 Only when the node is very close to the coordinator can it enter the network again (5m)
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  • How to set the transmit power in JN5169-001-M06

    I am using JN-AN-1184, but when I put the routing device or terminal device to 5 meters away, the device is unstable and will be dropped. I saw a lot of posts about the launch power on the Internet, but they have not ...
    心有余悸 周
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  • JN-UG-3115  has mistake

    page of 171 it said "u8AlarmMaskis an optional bitmap indicating the general alarms that can be generated (Bit 0 - general software alarm, Bit 1 - general hardware alarm)",but in ZigBee Cluster Library Specificat...
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  • API for OL2385AHN/001C0 ZigBee MAC layer software stack.

    I'm interested in information regarding the OL2385AHN/001C0 module. The OL2385AHN/001C0 version supports the sub-GHz ZigBee MAC layer software stack pre-flashed. How to get API documentation for this pre-fla...
    Mikhail Kalina
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  • Is there a routine for measuring power consumption and voltage

    I want to make a product with zigbee3.0 on JN5169
    Linklai kjd
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  • NULL Upgrade OTA file

    Hi, In my company we are currently testing our Zigbee product which uses the JN5169 in a test house to obtain Zigbee certification. We have been asked to provide a NULL OTA upgrade file to carry the OTA cluster test...
    Kostas Papouis
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  • What should I pay attention to when using routing nodes as terminal nodes?

    I use jn1229. I'm going to use only the coordinator and the router to build the network. What do I need to pay attention to for the router? When testing, I found that the transmission distance is not enough. How to ...
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  • What is the transmission distance of 5168-001-m03 antenna in 1229?

    The transmission distance of my development board is about 5 meters.How is the distance adjusted?
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  • In JN-AN-1229, there are many networking errors.

    According to the networking process in JN-AN-1229, I did not change it, but the routing device could not enter the network of the coordinator. Can you tell me how to set up the network? I follow this JN-UG-3113 docum...
    心有余悸 周
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  • Association request response is not received

    Hi All,   I am using JN-AN-1229 (ZigBee PRO Application Template for ZigBee 3.0). I have not received association request response to EndDevice by Coordinator.   Issue scenario steps : 1) ...
    vihang jani
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  • How implemented the  Installation Codes for kw41z zigBee

    Hi!.   Now I working on the custom implementation  of ZigBee. And I would like to add the security level. I use two devices for debugging. 1. The Coordinator with ble_zigbee_coordinator firmware. 2. My...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • In JN-AN-1229 ,I want to use I2c communication

    Hi Mario. I saw a case of JN-AN-1221 and then borrowed from the application. bool i2c_BusWriteReg(uint8 u8Address, uint8 u8Command, uint8 u8Length, uint8* pu8Data) { #ifdef DEBUG_I2C_DRIVER DBG_vPrintf(bTraceI2c, "...
    心有余悸 周
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  • which sdk support ZPS_vSetOverrideLocalMacAddress

    hi, i find function< ZPS_vSetOverrideLocalMacAddress function >  at JN-UG-3048, but cannot find it in sdk JN-SW-4170. i want modify macAddress to simulate a lot nodes by one JN5169. i will change the mac ...
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