• Need more details about bool_t zps_bGetFlashCredential(uint64 u64IeeeAddr,AESSW_Block_u* puKey,uint16 *pu16Index,bool_t bTcCred,bool_t bUpdate );

    bool_t zps_bGetFlashCredential(uint64 u64IeeeAddr,AESSW_Block_u* puKey,uint16 *pu16Index,bool_t bTcCred,bool_t bUpdate ); bool_t bTcCred: Mean? bool_t bUpdate:Mean?   Would you please give me more detail as ab...
    pan jun
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  • Replace with the same type function, an error happen

    As we see in the picture: when I try to change the function "....AsInitiator" and rebuilt the projet , an error happen .These two functions ,"....AsInitiator" and "....AsTarget" , should be the same type and...
    醒生 冯
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  • ZigBee: No indirect capacity failure

    Greetings   I've a ZigBee Coordinator, Several Router and Sleeping End Devices. One of the Zr is a Gateway that responds to a match descriptor request, but after some time I get a "No indirect capacity" command ...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • MKW24D512  RF issue

    Hi,   We have two setups (Coordinator + 16 routers and coordinator + 12 routers). All of the devices are using MKW24D512 processors.   We observed that ZigBee modules on coordinators stopped RF transmission...
    Haim Liberman
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  • How to resolve PAN ID conflict issue?

    we are using JN_SW_4168 Stack and JN5169 controller for development of Home Automation device. we have created a one network. In this network, we used one coordinator, end device with NXP stack, sleepy end device with...
    Bhautik Rupareliya
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  • How can I add my custom cluster、command and attribute?

    Hello,      I want to add a custom cluster(0xFC00) to SDK(JN-AN-1216-ZigBee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge),and I have edit the ZigbeeNodeControlBridgeCoordinator_GP_Proxy.zpscfg file as below: I want the ...
    zhang li
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  • Is it possible to monitor the MCPS request descriptors?

    I am using Zigbee 3.0.  When I transmit a lot of commands I get E_ZCL_ERR_ZTRANSMIT_FAIL errors.  I dug a little deeper into the error message and found that I am getting ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_MCPS_REQ (0x85) and...
    Brian Tetzlaff
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  • RSSI with JN5168

    Hi, How can I test RSSI between nodes with JN5168 ? Is it like JN5148, getting LQI firstly and convert to RSSI by formula ? Any measures could get RSSI directly ? Thanks.
    Bin Liu
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  • Create the wired connection between Mesh Module and BLE module

    Hello I am using Mesh Module ZigBee Mesh XBee-Pro® Long Range Wireless Mesh Communications Module & External Antenna - store.ncd.io   which is using I2C connection to communicate wireless with ...
    William Bert
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  • Problem with JN5169 UART1: No entering to the UART interrupt "APP_isrUart"

    JN5169 AN1219: Dimmer switch, OTA, JN5169, DR1199   Hi, I've got a problem in receiving data through UART1 on JN5169 transmitting from another UART device. It seemed that the "APP_isrUart" is not entered. ( The...
    wenjiu Zhong
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  • Bootloaders available for KW platforms

    General summary MCUBOOT, fsci_bootloader and otap_bootloader are 3 different bootloader applications that can be used depending on the use case. The MCU Flashloader is a separate implementation but it's also mentione...
    Juan Carlos Pacheco
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  • Device information is removed from PDM when Device is already joined

    Hi NXP Team,    [IT'S CRITICAL ISSUE] I am facing issue when Device(sprint#10 SDK) is already joined then update device firmware with sprint#12 over sprint#10.  After that NCP PDM data is erase...
    vihang jani
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  • pvAttributeData

    Hi NXP Wireless Support Team,   The code below is copy from JN-SW-4270 Zigbee 3.0 SDK. What does (uint8 *data)'s first 10 bytes mean?   PRIVATE void APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback(tsZCL_CallBackEvent *psEvent...
    kevin zhu
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  • ZPS_eAplAfUnicastDataReq - Error

    Hi, Im using a JN5168, with HA stack. Every time I try to send a custom message to the zigbee hub using ZPS_eAplAfUnicastDataReq() it fires the following error:   OS Error 21, offending object handle = 0x04...
    Raul A
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  • It seems that there are some errors in the JN-AN-1216 (version:1010)

    The first doubtful error: It appears in the SerialLink.c PUBLIC void vSL_LogSend(void) { int n; uint8 u8CRC; uint8 u8Length; while (u8LogEnd - u8LogStart != 0) { /* Send start character */ vSL_TxByte(TRUE, SL_...
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  • 引用eZLO_RegisterOnOffLightSwitchEndPoint()函数时出错?

    qidong li
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  • Determining ZB PRO Network to Join Based on LQI

    The ZigBee PRO Stack User Guide (JN-UG-3101) suggests that an application can determine the network to connect to (from a list of networks obtained with a Network Discovery) based on the LQI. However, the network disc...
    Peter Taylor
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  • JN5169 ZPS_eAplAfInit Error

    Dear Sir   OccupancySensor When changing eHA_RegisterOccupancySensorEndPoint of eApp_HA_RegisterEndpoint function to eHA_RegisterSmartPlugEndPoint in the sample project, the following error occurs.   APP S...
    park jinseong
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  • ZPS_bAppAddBeaconFilter Location in ZigBee PRO Stack SDK

    The ZigBee PRO Stack User Guide (JN-UG-3101) reports the location of the ZPS_bAppAddBeaconFilter function declaration incorrectly. It is actually located in the header file appZpsBeaconHandler.h not zps_apl_...
    Peter Taylor
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  • No Commissioning/Joining between JN5168 DimmableLight and JN5168 ControlBridge

    Hello, I need some help with JN5168 commissioning/Joining   Here is my setup: - Using 2 x JN5168-001-M00 - Programmer - ft232rl - no problems with programming - all needed LEDs and Switches from DR1175 and D...
    Georgi Radkov
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