• ZPS_EVENT_NWK_LEAVE_INDICATION event does not occur when the End Device leave.

    Coordinator changed from Zigbee 1.2(JN-AN-1223) to Zigbee 3.0(JN-AN-1216). ZigBee 3.0 does not receive leave event of the end device.   Environment When no event occurs (ZPS_EVENT_NWK_LEAVE_INDICATION ) - zigb...
    Seung Ho Kim
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  • E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_SetReportableFlag and eZCL_ReportAttribute

    Hi,   I am trying to report an attribute through a function call of eZCL_ReportAttribute as described in JN-UG-3115, but I am stuck with an E_ZCL_ERR_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND error from eZCL_ReportAttribute and (eZCL_S...
    Pierre-Luc Drouin
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  • The sleep device cannot receive multicast messages

    Hello, I have a question for you.I added a sleeping device to a group.After being asked to keep the sleeping device awake, the sleeping device was controlled by group control, and no response was found from the sleepi...
    震 孙
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  • How to increase heartbeat pack

    Hello, I am using JN5169 for product development. I would like to know if there is any way to let the user know that all the devices are connected.Now I want to use the heartbeat pack mechanism, but I don't know how t...
    震 孙
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  • Is the optimal channel and device on line?

    I am developing some 3.0 devices with JN5169, the SDK is jn-sw-4170. 1、Can the coordinator automatically select the optimal channel for network construction?Routine 1216 should be a random channel. 2、How does the ga...
    Linklai kjd
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  • The problem of RAM and Shadow RAM in JN5169 chip

    Hello, I want to know the difference between RAM and Shadow RAM in JN5169 chip data.And how to use it?What is the approximate size of the stack by default?
    震 孙
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  • From where I can get the release note for JENNIC_SDK = JN-SW-4170-v1941

    Can anyone please help me to find out the release note for the JENNIC_SDK ?= JN-SW-4170-v1941 Any reference for the same would be better.   Please find the SW_Contents_Register_JN-SW-4170.txt fil...
    hiren virapara
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  • Arrays and Structures support in ZCL (ZigBee)

    Hi,   I'm working on a ZigBee solution where custom clusters will be used. In some clusters I would like to use arrays (E_ZCL_ARRAY = 0x48) and structures (E_ZCL_STRUCT = 0x4c). But as I see proper implementatio...
    Bogdan Kostiv
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  • When  Child of Router  tries to take Leave, the coordinator wants to receive the Command

    Hi   I am working on ZHA 1.2 & JN-AN-1223_ZigBee IoT Gateway Control Bridge_V1014.   Gateway Control Bridge  is being used as a coordinator. The coordinator and two routers are connected as shown...
    Seung Ho Kim
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  • About the math function pow() running incorrectly on JN5169

    A bus error occurred when I ran this line of code. Why can't this pow() function run? What should I do?Run this code above the 1216 routine void hwLight_GammaCorrectRGB(float *R, float *G, float *B) { if ( *R > 0...
    Linklai kjd
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  • C embedded assembler code succesasm compilation not passed

    In JN5169  error: impossible constraint in 'asm'
    Linklai kjd
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  • About 3.0 network recovery

    zigbee3.0 for JN5169 SDK:v1840 Change the gateway, how to update back to the previous network, how to operate? What information do I need to save?
    Linklai kjd
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  • Bug in Zigbee 3.0 (JN-SW-4170) - Does not compile in a certain config

    Hi, I've following problem with JN-SW-4170 (Zigbee 3.0 SDK for JN516x) latest version (1840). With following lines in my zlc_options.h #define CLD_DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CONFIGURATION #define DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_CON...
    Witold Sowa
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  • ZigBee Issue With FRDM-KW41Z

    Hello,   I just get two FRDM-KW41Z and tried the first examples, a Zc generic and a Zr generic     I run Zc to create nwk and permit join to let the Zc get in the nwk and works good, as packet sni...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • How to make the ADC sampling rate of qn9080 reach 25kbps.

    How to make the ADC sampling rate of qn9080 reach 25kbps. I read the datasheet that ADC sampling rate can reach 32kbps. But I don't know how to set it.who can provide a example for me. or tall me how to c...
    zhongyi shen
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  • How does 5168 001 m06 enable high power in 1229?

    Is it possible to enable high power modules normally by adding only two functions to the main function? vAppApiSetHighPowerMode(APP_API_MODULE_HPM06,TRUE); while(eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, (uint32)(13))!=...
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • What is the default radio power  of the JN5169?

    Hello everyone:    I need help, this may be a simple question, but I am not finding the answer.   My environment:    JN5169    JN-AN-1219-Zigbee-3-0-Controller-and...
    qingshu zhuang
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  • ZigBee Router prints ERROR: Extended status 8a

    Hi, I use JN-AN-1223-ZigBee-IoT-Gateway-Control-Bridge-v1014 as the coordinator, connected 70 routing devices (MainsPowerOutlet in JN-AN-1189-ZigBee-HA-Demo), just started printing Normal, but after a while, the rout...
    Daniel li
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  • Node cannot access the network after power failure and reconnection (transmission distance becomes shorter)

    I use 1229 Connect power after power off, the node can not enter the network。 Only when the node is very close to the coordinator can it enter the network again (5m)
    jun951753 jun951753
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  • How to set the transmit power in JN5169-001-M06

    I am using JN-AN-1184, but when I put the routing device or terminal device to 5 meters away, the device is unstable and will be dropped. I saw a lot of posts about the launch power on the Internet, but they have not ...
    心有余悸 周
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