• Why is the end device not to enter sleep mode?

    * Test environment : - JN5169 - SDK : JN-SW-4170, Build Number 1840- device :    Coordinator, base on JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge    end device,base on JN-AN-...
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  • PDM EEPROM Bitmap Counters JENOS JN5169 / JN516x

    Does anyone have experience / recommendations regarding the PDM EEPROM Bitmap counters (some assistance from NXP would be greatly appreciated). We are using the PDM_eCreateBitmap functionality as we need large persist...
    Jack Lula
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  • Add GreenPower on JN-AN-1217 Coordinate

    I have configuration app.zpscfg according ZigBee 3.0 Adding cluster on KW41Z and added function related with GreenPower according JN-UG-3019.Some  undefined error occured at linking when compile code. The d...
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  • IASWD communication problem

    SDK:JN-SW-4170  V1840 JN-AN-1217 About IASWD device, there is data received and sent, but it cannot be executed into the callback function APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback E_ZCL_CBET_CLUSTER_CUSTOM: Log displays when...
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  • Power down interrupt using JENOS with Zigbee Pro Stack

    Has anyone had any success / offer any guidance on implementing a power-down interrupt on a Zigbee application using JN516x / JENOS and Zigbee Pro stack.  There are some broken Google links that imply that perhap...
    Jack Lula
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  • I used the coordinator to send data to the END node, which immediately stopped working (the entire node module stopped working).How do you solve this?

    I used the coordinator to send data to the terminal node, which immediately stopped working (the entire node module stopped working).How do you solve this? The data displayed by the serial port is as follows: What do...
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  • ZigBee Stack code for KW24D

    Is it possible to get ZigBee stack code  for KW24D, I am having issue with UART communication. The UART stops responding and when I tried to run in debug mode I found that TS_ApsTask which is part of the compile...
    Haim Liberman
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  • zigbee serial port passthrough

    zigbee(JN5169) how to implement  serial port passthrough function? use which cluster? (如何实现串口透传功能?)
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  • JN5169 serial port download firmware protocol

    Hi everyone,          As we know, JN5169 supports serial port download firmware working mode and there have a communication protocol between PC and JN5169 borad.The description in ...
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  • Info on Energy detection scan in Zigbee

    Hi,   I am using FRDM-KW40Z Zigbee.   During the energy detection scan, I get a 8bit value. how can I translate it to dB?   Is 25% a good threshold value for the energy during an energy detection scan?
    Divya K
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  • Linker script  for Zigbee. kw41z

    Hey. I am trying to add a Zigbbe stack to my project. I'm having problems transferring the Zigbbe stack to my device. I use KW41Z and MCUXpresso. The SDK examples use the default linker script MKW41Z512xxx4_connectivi...
    Yaroslav Kyrylenko
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  • JN5169 MAC PIB Attributes (Missing)

    The MAC PIB Attributes are documented in the NXP IEEE802.15.4 Stack User Guide (JN-UG-3024) Chapter 8. Some of the Attributes are not mentioned in this document. Of particular interest to me are:  u8MaxFrameRet...
    Matt Ferrari
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  • Why does Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device have two default input cluster

    Hi everyone,       In the app.zpscfg file of the project Zigbee-3-0-Base-Device, i discover that there have two 'default' input clusters and don't have any ‘default' output cluster, as below:...
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  • SDK for JN5139

    Just got some old code for the JN5139 and have been asked to modify.  The original firmware engineers were contractors and have been long gone.  From there docs it looks like I need JN-SW-4026 with updates/p...
    Jeff Reh
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  • Show log to UART DimmableLight

    Hi Support team! 1.JN-AN-1218-Zigbee-3-0-Light-Bulb 2.JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge I have run this application on 2 JN5169 modules.USB Dongle as a Coordinator. DR1174 board as an End. => It works well H...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • Different versions of the protocol stack device connection

    Hi everyone:     I have two different devices, coordinate and end device. coordinate is zigbee 3.0 base device application note and end device is zigbee HA demo's ColorDimmerSwitch,respective...
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  • JN5169 Zig Bee / Thread - SSPark

    About JN5169: How can I create a trust zone (security key storage, etc)? For example, is it automatically generated from chip vendor's stack? Is sample code provided and can be changed by customer? Can I support AES25...
    Haydn Yoon
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  • Can't the ticking timer run at the time I set?

    I set it at 500 milliseconds but the actual time is 5 seconds Does the ticking timer have anything to do with system hibernation? How to set it My configuration: manipulation function: A serial port display...
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  • Does the timer tick in the JN-AN-1229-ZBPro-Application-Template have anything to do with the hibernation of the system?Which documents can I refer to?

    How do I define my own tick timer from initialization?
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  • How to use ZPS_eAplAfInterPanDataReq interface

    Hi everyone,     In my project,i want use ZPS_eAplAfInterPanDataReq interface to send data from coordinate to end device.But the prompt information is can't find the symbol at linking time.The de...
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