• Zigbee Security issue with FRDM-KW41Z

    We are trying to get the FRDM-KW41Z eval board with  frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_zigbee_3_0_end_device_freertos example(SDK version: 2.2.1) connect with our zigbee network. After our ZC device replied a successfu...
    Jason Jiang
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  • Some problems about JN-AN-1247

    Hi, When I use the JN-AN-1247 in JN5189,I find a few bug. I set specific chip to JN5189 in makefile,then compile it. 1、I program the binary file into flash memory of JN5189,then start network by ZGWUI.But Sometimes i...
    德平 吕
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  • How to know the NwkAddr of EndDevice

    Hi, When the EndDevice leave zigbbee network,the Coordinator could know the u64ExtAddr of enddevice,but how to know its u16NwkAddr?
    德平 吕
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  • [JN-AN-1201]JN5169 CIE + WD

    Dear Sirs,   In order to run the examples of JN-AN-1201, I planned to build CIE (Coorinator) and WD (Device). Step 1. Build CIE and download to JN5169 USB dongle. Step 2. Build WD and download to JN5169 DR1174...
    alan lin
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  • JN516x : How to add an alarm cluster to a sensor device?

    Dear all,   How to add a different type of cluster (ex: alarm cluster) to an sensor device?   Please.
    topalan lin
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  • KW41Z ZigBee Write Attributes Response

    Grettings,   I'm working with a KW41Z and MCUXpresso. I have a ZigBee router as server and a ZigBee end device as client. The end device as source sends an Write Attributes command to Zr  and I need to know...
    Alejandro Velez
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  • I want to know, can 640K FLASH of JN5189 be used as a memory?

    Can the data be stored to 640K FLASH of JN5189 when the program is running? Thanks for your time.
    hs q
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  • Why is the return value of ZPS_eAplZdoRejoinNetwork(TRUE) 0xa3?

    Hello, the chip I used is JN5169.I recently encountered a problem when I called the ZPS_eAplZdoRejoinNetwork(TRUE) function in my project and it returned 0xa3, meaning ZPS_APL_APS_E_ILLEGAL_REQUEST.When this error occ...
    震 孙
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  • What does this status means ZPS_APL_ZDP_E_NOT_ACTIVE?

    Hello Every One, Some stack related details. stack : JN-SW-1470 build version : 1840 application : JN-AN-1217   Here i am trying to send report attribute manually for power,temperature and humidity with addre...
    jay prajapati
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  • How much RAM is available of JN5169 with JN-AN-1217?

    How much RAM is available of JN5169 with JN-AN-1217?  The JN5169 with 32k ram, but after with JN-AN-1217, how much ram is left to use? Look forward to your reply! 
    hs q
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  • Error loading Python DLL

    When I build the project   JN-AN-1216 of JN5169,the Console of Beyondstudio display "Error loading Python DLL". But it has been produced .bin,I don't know what effect this error will cause.
    德平 吕
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  • Porting Guideline Application from JN5169 to K32W041/61 and JN5189

    Hi NXP Team,   In the company i work on we use a JN5169 module on several products. We are currently interested on introducing a multi protocol functionality into our products.  I would like to ask if you ...
    Kostas Papouis
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  • Smart Energy support to JN5179

    We are using JN5179 ZigBee MCU and Using ZigBee 3.0 stack. Now, we want to support the Smart Energy profile on JN5179. But ZigBee 3.0 is not supporting all clusters of Smart Energy Profile.   NXP's Smart Energy ...
    Ravi Ramani
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  • Zigbee protocol information

    Hello, I would like to ask for some information to study.I am doing zigbee protocol communication now.I'd like to find some information between the levels.For example, physical layer, MAC layer, network layer, APS lay...
    震 孙
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    Hello, I have a problem.I used JN5169 and the SDK was 4170. After I woke up today with the sleep device, I used ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq() to unicast a piece of data to the coordinator.The result failed to be sent ...
    震 孙
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  • Zigbee IOT gateway with FRDMKW41Z

    Hi Team,   I am working on Openthread Border Router (on linux Host) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. Now I want to implement Zigbee IOT gateway on the same Border Router Host(lets say RPI3B) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. I...
    Sudhamani Bijivemula
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  • How to get the Software development material about JN5189

    Such as  "JN518X Integrated Peripherals API User Guide"  And why can't  I download the "JN5189(T)/JN5188(T) User manual"
    德平 吕
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  • return E_ZCL_FAIL when register endpoint

    My application have 4 endpoint. If I dont import OTA Upgrade, I still can control these 4 endpoint. But, when I import OTA Upgrade, I can not control any Endpoint, but EP 1. In UART log, I see error when register EP ...
    Giau Nguyen
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    Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? I trying se...
    Leonov Dima
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  • Some questions about routing devices

    Hello, I have three questions to ask for some help.   First: for the routing devices that have already entered the network, is it possible to change the node network state of the device under any circumstances or...
    震 孙
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