Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? I trying se...
    Leonov Dima
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  • Zigbee IOT gateway with FRDMKW41Z

    Hi Team,   I am working on Openthread Border Router (on linux Host) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. Now I want to implement Zigbee IOT gateway on the same Border Router Host(lets say RPI3B) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. I...
    Sudhamani Bijivemula
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  • How to get the Software development material about JN5189

    Such as  "JN518X Integrated Peripherals API User Guide"  And why can't  I download the "JN5189(T)/JN5188(T) User manual"
    德平 吕
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  • return E_ZCL_FAIL when register endpoint

    My application have 4 endpoint. If I dont import OTA Upgrade, I still can control these 4 endpoint. But, when I import OTA Upgrade, I can not control any Endpoint, but EP 1. In UART log, I see error when register EP ...
    Giau Nguyen
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  • Some questions about routing devices

    Hello, I have three questions to ask for some help.   First: for the routing devices that have already entered the network, is it possible to change the node network state of the device under any circumstances or...
    震 孙
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  • How to use Serial Flash Memory (USB dongle)?

    Hi support team! Now i'm working on JN-AN-1216 ControlBridge.  I'm having a trouble with JN5169 memory. If i define a large struct =>> It make crash program. My understanding is that Zigate is un...
    Tran Minh Tan
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  • JN-AN-1189 - smart Plug don't want to join the network

    Hi. I am trying to run the JN-AN-1189 app note and more specifically the Smart Plug app. I was not able to join my existing zigbee network and here is what I see when i look at the debugging output:   Set Chann...
    Tim Gros
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  • Is project for mc13224 compatible for mc13226?

    I want to get a few extra sets of mc13224, but was being told it has been obsoleted. Only mc13226Pro-DBG is available instead.   Possible to advise if a project that compiled for mc13224 can be loaded to mc1322...
    Isaac Lim
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  • Network restore after reset on 802.15.4

    Hi,   I'm using SDK2.2.0 on MKW41Z. With the 802.15.4 examples in the SDK, a new network is created by the coordinator after every reset. Similarly, an end device always scans for all the networks in range aft...
    Alexandru Stefan
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  • The sleep device cannot receive multicast messages

    Hello, I have a question for you.I added a sleeping device to a group.After being asked to keep the sleeping device awake, the sleeping device was controlled by group control, and no response was found from the sleepi...
    震 孙
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  • Zigbee device lost in zigbee network for no reason

    Hello, we are using JN5169 chip to develop products. Recently, there is a problem in our zigbee system, that is, terminal products occasionally fall out of network.At present, we do not know what causes it to leave th...
    震 孙
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  • JN5169 delay between sending of messages

    Hi everyone, I am using a JN5169 chip and I want to test the maximum data rate of the chip. In the IEEE 802.15.4 standard the maximum data rate is 250 kb/s. When I however test the data rate of the JN5169 chip, I get...
    Lukas Edlboeck
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  • How to increase heartbeat pack

    Hello, I am using JN5169 for product development. I would like to know if there is any way to let the user know that all the devices are connected.Now I want to use the heartbeat pack mechanism, but I don't know how t...
    震 孙
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  • The problem of RAM and Shadow RAM in JN5169 chip

    Hello, I want to know the difference between RAM and Shadow RAM in JN5169 chip data.And how to use it?What is the approximate size of the stack by default?
    震 孙
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  • How to send a multicast ping request from external network to Thread network via border router?

    Now,  I want to send a multicast packet to Thread network from external network. I build the environment through " Running Border Router Application Scenarios" of  " Kinetis Thread Stack Demo Applicatio...
    xin pan
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  • Issue with JN5168 high "Deep Sleep" current - 18mA

    Hi. I am developing an application based on JN5168 module. The application is a battery operated Zigbee touch remote control, something similar to NXP's DR1159 Remote Control.  Actually I am using unchanged "co...
    Ephraim Ben Moshe
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  • vAppApiSetHighPowerMode and eAppApiPlmeSet with Micro Mac on JN5168-001-M05

    Hi   We are using the MicroMac (mmac.h) and our init is this:                   vMMAC_Enable   ();      ...
    David Pilcher
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  • JN5168 - long RX periods before transmission

    Hi,   I run an application based on JN-AN-1220, a motion sensor (End device) on a JN5168 M00 module. I tried to examine the power consumption in a scenario when the device is woken up, sends an attribu...
    Witold Sowa
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  • About JN5169 data wireless transmission

    JN5169 wireless transmission data rate is 250kbps,If I need to transfer 200kbits of data, can I think that it can be transferred within one second? I am a bit confused about it.   Thank you for your answer.
    hs q
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  • ZigBee Issue With FRDM-KW41Z

    Hello,   I just get two FRDM-KW41Z and tried the first examples, a Zc generic and a Zr generic     I run Zc to create nwk and permit join to let the Zc get in the nwk and works good, as packet sni...
    Alejandro Velez
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