• Reset safe scratch registers

    Hi , I would like to implement a boot counter in u-boot, therefore I would need some register where i can keep the boot counter value. This value shall not be reseted after a HW reset.   Usecase: System cold bo...
    Andreas Eipeldauer
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  • I want to connect FPGA and Vybrid with 32bit data bus

    Hello,   I want to connect FPGA and Vybrid with 32bit data bus and over 10bit address (acting like SRAM).   Vybrid series have 32-bit flexbus but must use multiplexing address and data.   If ddr...
    Jinseok Kim
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  • How to setup Ethernet hardware on the VF61 Vybrid Phytec Cosmic+ Board under Timesys Linux ?

    Respected Colleagues, Timesys Support, Karina Valencia Aguilar,   the Ethernet connection is now on the table.   I can connect VF61 Vybrid Phytec Cosmic+ Board to the Windows PC only trough USB RNDIS. ...
    Dragan Kujovic
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  • Qt 4.8 embedded - multitouch

    We are currently developing a graphical Qt application for an embedded system with Vybrid vf610 and we have a hard time trying to get Qt multitouch working. Our setup is: Qt (embedded) 4.8.5 with QWS server Linux -...
    David W.
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  • Query on V4L2 driver for VIU3 subsystem on Vybrid VF61

    I have a VF61 with me and wanted to use it's parallel camera interface provided by the VIU3 subsystem.   http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/media/video/fsl-viu.c?v=3.0   I ported the driver on th...
    Sanchayan Maity
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  • Vybrid Nand boot: FCB fail

    hi ,     I have a custom Vybrid VF6 board ,nand is 2k+64page  8bit width(MT29F8g08abaeh4) I am using u-boot 2013 .07 from timesys , I downloaded the u-boot image successfully using MFG tool , ye...
    yibin jin
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  • Can somebody provide a working Vybrid DSPI sample code for any SPI chip under Timesys Linux ?

    Respected Colleagues and Bruno Castelucci   I have made modifications for Phytec Vybrid Cosmic+ Board to the board-pcl052.c file in the way that Bruno Castelucci did in the board-pcm052.c file (Discussion SPI Dr...
    Dragan Kujovic
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  • Enabling the L2 switch with device tree

    Hi,   I'm trying to enable the L2 switch (in switch mode) on my PHYTEC phyCORE Vybrid Development Kit (uses the VF610). I've downloaded the 3.13 Kernel from Timesys and applied the patch linux-3.13.9-vybrid-ts2....
    Dustin D
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  • LAN Trouble (probably concerned with Vybrid errata e6358 )

    Dear forum members,     We are facing LAN trouble now. We are using Vybrid VF5 chip and Timesys Linux(3.0) on our prototype.We think the trouble relates to Vybrid errata e6358. The symptom is as follows: &...
    Makoto Katsukura
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  • CAN support on Linux

    Hi,   Currently I try to use the Flexcan driver on our Vybrid VF61xx based Colibri VF61 module. I added the relevant platform data to our Timesys based 3.0 Kernel but I do run into IRQ storm on first communicati...
    Stefan Agner
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  • Polytouch touchscreen driver issue: no irq domain found

    Hello, I'm trying to use a LCD display witch touchscreen using EDT Polytouch FocalTech FT5x06 driver. The system is using 3.13 kernel from Timesys with device tree, running on dual-core Vybrid MVF61NN151CMK50 process...
    David W.
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  • how to add gfxRAM to linker file ?

    I'm developing under IAR's IDE.  The attached linker file works well but only includes sysRAM0 and sysRAM1 (512KB).  I need to extend the linker file to include the 512KB in gfxRAM.  I've done some link...
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  • [MQX LOWPOWER] Issue with CAN wakeup source on STOP mode

    Issue Description:   I configured CAN module as wakeup source from STOP mode as following: 1- Init Flexcan 1 Module in Core A5 & config clock gate for CAN1 is on during all modes, even STOP mode. (...
    Toan Le Ngoc
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  • Configuring u-boot for USB download

    Hi,   I have a Tower evaluation board, and I would like to program the QSPI flash over USB. I have downloaded the MFG Tool for Vybrid, which comes packaged with u-boot. I want to re-compile u-boot after I make s...
    Faizan Bhatti
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  • ICF File multiple memory regions

    We are trying to get the ICF file configured so that the IAR C/C++ compiler will use multiple memory regions at link time.   We are currently using the Vybrid's OCRAM region from 0x3f00_0000 to 0x3F07_FFFF. We a...
    Jack Blather
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  • Vybrid / Vivante GPU displays gradient too dark

    Hi,   it seems that I found a problem concerning the Vivante GPU or driver stack when using OpenVG radial gradient.   The attached example code (based on the tiger example of the 0.5.0 OpenVG driver and MQ...
    Dirk Doerr
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  • Vybrid and HAB authentication

    Hello,   I am having trouble getting HAB authentication to work on the TWR-VF65GS10 and am wondering what I am missing or what I can try to do to get it to work. The compiler I am using is IAR Embedded Workbench...
    Thomas Wong
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  • VF61 Linux SPI DMA support

    spi-fsl-dspi driver does not supports DMA. I made some driver modification for DMA support. After code test I got next result. DMA transmit is ok. DMA receives about 50% of lost packets (some parts of buffer content...
    Oleg Petrakivskyi
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  • No Bootloader activity after saving NAND Env

    Hello I have some problem where the bootloader no longer works after saving the setenv in nand. Below is my procedure:     Board: PCM052   1 Erase NAND Flash     =>nand erase.chip...
    carlo val gocela
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  • MQX application is not booting from QuadSPI_NAND flash

    I have developed an mqx based audio application using vybrid tower system.I am using DS5 for my development. I have flashed hello_world application to QuadSPI serial nand flash using quadspi_load application available...
    Abdul Nihad
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