• L2 switch problem with LAN

    Hi all, I'm encountering a very strange issue with the L2_swtich on Vybrid, using linux 3.0, and i've the same problem on our custom board, phytec board and freescale twr board. All my board are in static IP.  ...
    Jeremy Esquirol
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  • Inter core communication

    I'm using a Vybrid processor (A5 + M4). I need to pass data from the M4 to the A5 core in DDR memory. I can't simply write to a memory space using the M4 and have the A5 read the same space because the A5 data is cach...
    Ken Green
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  • How to perform ADC Calibration

    I'm having some trouble getting the ADC calibration to work. The description in Rev 4 of the RM refers to an "ADC_TEST" register which is not described in the interface description. Also, the expected effect of the ca...
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  • Manufacturing Tool U-Boot

    The manufacturing tool includes a pre-built binary "u-boot.vybrid" (stored in Profiles/Vybrid Update/OS Firmware). Using this binary, the Mfg Tool works as expected with the VF610 Tower board. However, following the b...
    Martin Bell
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  • Vybrid DCU+TCON

    Hi, We are trying to use DCU+TCON (I mean NOT bypassing TCON). Our goal is to have DE inverted (which is not possible by just using DCU) There is an interesting AN: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/...
    Leonardo Giordano
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  • Vybrid MFG tool issue.

    Hi I am trying to flash vybrid VF6 processor by using mfg tool on a customised board similar tp VF6 tower board through USB. When i connect it to the mfg tool it shows HID compliant vendor defined device the ucl ...
    Mohan Saini
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  • VF6xx QSPI write using eDMA

    Processor : VF6xx   Task : 1. Write external flash chip through QSPI 2. Need to transmit 512 Bytes, for one selecton of LUT sequence, so need to keep loading Tx buffer as and when the data gets pushed out of ...
    Nilesh Gujarathi
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  • VF6xx with a uSD XC 8GB

    Hello,   Is VF6xx able to access a uSD XC? I don't know if it possible to access it.   No problem with microSDHC but what happens with a 8GB microSDXC   Thank you very much
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  • Temperature Delphi Model for MVF61NS151CMK50

    Hello,   Is there a Delphi model or could you please provide a Delphi model for component MVF61NS151CMK50 in order to perform a temperture simulation?   Regards,
    Juan Diaz
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  • vybrid

    My customer is using MVF61NS151CMK50, and need to caliberate DDR. I download PEx from web but have no license. I am apply license as attached but the license did not work. Is there any issue in my applying f...
    ryan shi
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  • License for DDRV on Driver Suite v10.4

    I have some troubles when tuning DDR3 for Vybrid. I install Driver Suite v10.4,I want to use DDRV to slove my problem,but license is needed. I Click"here" below and apply license at “ Figure 2”,...
    zhao zq
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  • MQX Plug-in not compatible with DS-5.18

    Hi all,   The recent DS-5.18 update included an update to the Eclipse version, this unfortunately has caused problems with the MQX plug-in.   The attached is an updated plug-in that is required if you wish...
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • ftm

    I'm trying to generate a PWM signal using FTM0, chan 0 on the Vybrid VF6. I'm basing it on App Note AN5142, section 3.1. The issue is I don't get any output. Here is the setup I'm using:      ftm = FTM...
    Ken Green
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  • Inter-core IRQ collisions on Vybrid

    Having two GPIO inputs on the same PORT (say PTB23 and PTD10, both being on PORT2), how do I properly configure the interrupts, so that one GPIO triggers the ISR on A5 only and the second on M4 only?
    Petr Kubiznak
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  • RESET pin

    Dear Sir   I refer to the VYBRIDFSERIESEC Rev.9. It is described as the follows at P69 NOTE. "RESET pin has a external weak pull UP requirement if LPDDR2 memory is required to support content retention in the...
    Eishi Shibusawa
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  • UART register description missing

    In the Vybrid Reference Manual Rev. 7 (06/2014) the following registers have been part of chapter 49 (UART): UARTx_C5 UARTx_MODEM UARTx_WP7816T0   In Rev. 8 (11/2015) and newer Vybrid Reference Manu...
    Stefan Agner
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  • How to connect TWR-VF65GS10 to DSTREAM with DS-5?

    Hi, I've got a TWR-VF65GS10-KIT recently, and I am trying to connect it to the DSTREAM with DS-5 to do some debugging work. I tried to connect the board to DSTREAM with either the K20 JTAG Header (J2) or the Vybird J...
    Zhenyu Ning
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  • Is there a way to tell the device tree that the codec control via I2C is absent and there is only SAI2/I2S driver?

    I want to use the SIM5320 PCM interface with my twr-vf65gs10 Vybrid board (SAI2/I2S). I want to control the module SIM5320 via UART2 in my application. I want to mark that I set ALSA library in Linux kernel on the twr...
    lyudmila voronina
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  • QSPI booting and MFG tool operation

    I have a VYBRID MVF60NN152CMK50 connected to a single QSPI flash. We would like to download an image using the MFG tool through the USB, power cycle and restart the application from flash. If we need to re-program the...
    Richard Gears
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  • Vybrid GPIO

    I'm using a Vybrid MVF61NN151CMK50 processor (Emcraft SOM) and having some weird issues with the GPIO pins. I'm trying to drive some LEDs. The cathode of the LED goes to the 3.3V supply. The anode goes to a resistor (...
    Ken Green
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