• WM8974 codec setup

    Hi, I have a custom board using Vybrid processor. We are trying to add audio support using WM8974 codec, using i2c + i2c IC codec seems to be working (i2cdetect shows is at 0x1A) However, Im not sure about changes...
    Leonardo Giordano
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  • Changing attributes for different memory regions

    Hi Experts,   Is it possible to change the memory attributes for different memory regions for Cortex-M4 core in HALO processor MAC57d5xx? As mentioned in the reference manual, the default attributes for different...
    Zubair Mohiuddin
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  • Device tree creation for the vybrid vf6xx processor and mv88E3019 (Marvell).

    Hello   I rebuilt Linux kernel 3.13 with Marvell drivers and created booting SD card for our device with vybrid vf6xx on board. Now it is necessary to start network. I created device tree for FEC ( I took TWR-...
    lyudmila voronina
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  • MQX Plug-in not compatible with DS-5.18

    Hi all,   The recent DS-5.18 update included an update to the Eclipse version, this unfortunately has caused problems with the MQX plug-in.   The attached is an updated plug-in that is required if you wish...
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • PCM052: u-boot splash screen support

    I have managed to get the u-boot splash screen on my PMC052 working. I just wanted to share in case anybody else would like to use it.   You will need the 2015.04 u-boot from Toradex: u-boot-toradex.git - U-Boo...
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  • Vybrid TWR-VF65 debug

    Dear Vybrid users,   TWR-VF65 rev. H can be debugged by: on-board OpenSDA. CMSIS-DAP application needed. Default Virtual serial port application loaded. CMSIS-DAP + Virtual serial port application attached for ...
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  • Vybrid Coverflow Demo

    OpenVG let's you do some stunning graphics, check out this article: Introduction to OpenVG for embedded 2D graphics applications | Embedded   The great thing is you can do it in any platform and port it to diff...
    Ioseph Martinez Pelayo
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  • MQX OpenVG 0.5.0 disabling fbws

    Hello,   To disable 0.5.0 and keep compatiblity with EGL Pbuffers I did the following:   - patched hal/os/mqx/user/gc_hal_user_fbws.c to disable fbws - built all four required libraries:   ...
    Ioseph Martinez Pelayo
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  • Latest (Rev.H) Vybrid Tower Module (TWR-VF65GS10) - final schematic and layout + unofficial (practically final) User Manual (now published officially on Freescale 'Vybrid Tower Module (TWR-VF65GS10)' web page as well.)

    Board revision has been validated successfully. Boards will soon be available for purchasing. Presented files currently are in formal process of being published on official company web site. (Materials attached...
    Naoum Gitnik
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  • Parallel QuadSPI

    We've been helping one of our alpha customers with using QuadSPI in parallel mode on Vybrid, so I wanted to create a thread about some helpful tips when trying to do the same. There will be a parallel mode booting exa...
    Anthony Huereca
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  • The latency of run code in OCRAM is big

    Hi everybody:   I write test code of 10000 accumulation code like below section, but the implement latency has big differency with theoretical value, the test condition is listed: CA5 run in 400MHz, and platfo...
    Dawei You
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  • Updated CMSIS-DAP application

    Attached is the latest OpenSDA CMSIS-DAP app from ARM.   It's built to run on top of the OpenSDA bootloader, so place your revision G Tower board (earlier versions not supported) in bootloader mode and drag and ...
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • Direct access to L2 cache on vybrid vf61

    Hello!   RM says, that L2 cache mapped at address 0x3f48_0000. Can I access directly using this address? Using md in uboot is no luck    Uboot # md 0x3f480000 3f480000:data abort pc : [<8ff7e9f2&g...
    sharshov vladimir
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  • Vybrid L2 cache latency too optimistic in Toradex device tree

    I'm using a Phytec PCM052 with Toradex kernel 4.0. The product is close to release, so I did tests at higher temperatures. At about 80°C CPU temperature I got a kernel panic because of unresolved memory access, a...
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  • Has anyone booted the Vybrid uP from NAND with 4096k page size?

    I have a custom board using a micron MT2916G08ABABAWP NAND FLASH and am having trouble getting the settings right in the u-boots fsl_nfc.c driver file.  Has anyone else used a 4k nand and successfully used u-boot...
    James Herrera
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  • A gem from the MQX TWR-VF65GS10_a5 BSP

    Following is a gem from the MQX TWR-VF65GS10_a5 BSP (ver. 4.1.2). I am unsure whether this has been fixed in later versions, but on the off chance it is still there:       // clock   ...
  • OpenSDA on Vybrid

    OpenSDA is a low‐cost debug/programming interface embedded in certain Freescale evaluation boards. It handles debug communications between the PC and target via USB. It uses a Kinetis K20 50Mhz chip on the bottom of V...
    Anthony Huereca
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  • M4 Primary Emulation

    A question that comes up every once in a while is how to do an M4 boot on the tower system, which has an A5 primary part on it.   There is not a way to make the tower board chip into an M4 primary part as that i...
    Anthony Huereca
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  • Vybrid-Linux-MQX Getting Started Guide Document

    Hi All-   The following document details how to get setup with a Linux virtual environment, setup the Timesys BSP/SDK, boot the board (SD card and over NFS) and shows how to debug your dual core Linux-MQX applic...
    David Connelly
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  • Timesys Linux Roadmap for Vybrid 2015

    An updated Timesys Linux roadmap for Vybrid boards is available - please see the attached PDF (last updated January 25, 2015).   (minor update January 27, 2015: NFC is supported in the Jan 26th Beta release of t...
    Timesys Support
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