• DAC PDB DMA Vybrid

    The attached project shows a configuration for the DAC and its functionality is explained in the below points:   The PDB triggers the next DAC conversion. The DAC features an internal buffer (DAC_DATx) that cont...
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  • DS-5 Vybrid Tower DRAM init Script

    The VYBRID_SAMPLE_CODE from the website includes an DRAM init Script for the DS-5 Debugger.   However it seems it doesn't correctly initialize the Vybrid Tower Samsung Memory.   I modified some register s...
    Hans-Peter Rosinger
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  • QuadSPI XIP and NON-XIP boot

    This document explains the booting process of Vybrid using the QuadSPI module. The document is focused in how to generate a bootable image for the QuadSPI memory, explanation of the corresponding changes in the link...
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  • MQX QSPI Bootloader

    The QuadSPI bootloader found in the MQX installation folder needs an SD card that contains the images to load in iRAM or DDR. This means that the bootloader does not flash the application in QSPI memory, and using thi...
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  • DDRv_results_revG_x_revH_TVR-VF65.xlsx

    Valid ranges of tuning parameters for different setting of CR132, PHYs ... /Jiri
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  • ddrv_setting_change_in_folder_gdb_cwtap.zip

    Changed of DDRv configuration. Note: when changed you need to restart DDRv Change cannot be seen in DDRv directly Look at JLink terminal window. Directory is somewhere like c:\Freescale\PExDrv v10.4\eclipse\Optimi...
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  • DCU_layer_transfer_issue_3.pdf

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  • Vybrid for Altia GUIs: Key Features for Embedded Graphics

    Freescale Vybrid offers key benefits for production GUIs, including low power consumption and layered architecture. This brief presentation offers details about how Altia's GUI development software leverages the uniqu...
    Cheryl Falk
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  • Timesys Linux BSP for Vybrid.pptx

    Host Requirements and Setup BSP Download Target Requirements SD Card boot-up
    Carl Chien
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  • Vybrid FAQ

    This document will cover some of the most commonly asked questions we've gotten about Vybrid. Anything requiring more in-depth discussion/explanation will be put in a separate thread. All new questions should go into...
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  • u-boot on the Vybrid tower board in a few commands

    Here is a quick summary at booting u-boot on the  TWR-VF65GS10 Vybrid tower board. This is an adaptation of u-boot on the i.MX6 sabre sd platform in a few commands for Vybrid, now that mainline u-boot has proper ...
    Vincent Stehle
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  • Unofficial User Manual for Rev.G Vybrid Tower board.

    Unofficial User Manual for Rev.G Vybrid Tower board. (Skip page 1 if not loading properly - only title there.)
    Naoum Gitnik
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  • Microcontrollers news: Freescale now shipping Vybrid controller solutions with customized ARM® Development Studio 5

    New development environment supports heterogeneous ARM cores in a single package to accelerate software development and the debug process     AUSTIN, Texas – July 9, 2013 – Freescale Semiconducto...
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