• ICF File multiple memory regions

    We are trying to get the ICF file configured so that the IAR C/C++ compiler will use multiple memory regions at link time.   We are currently using the Vybrid's OCRAM region from 0x3f00_0000 to 0x3F07_FFFF. We a...
    Jack Blather
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  • Vybrid / Vivante GPU displays gradient too dark

    Hi,   it seems that I found a problem concerning the Vivante GPU or driver stack when using OpenVG radial gradient.   The attached example code (based on the tiger example of the 0.5.0 OpenVG driver and MQ...
    Dirk Doerr
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  • Vybrid and HAB authentication

    Hello,   I am having trouble getting HAB authentication to work on the TWR-VF65GS10 and am wondering what I am missing or what I can try to do to get it to work. The compiler I am using is IAR Embedded Workbench...
    Thomas Wong
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  • VF61 Linux SPI DMA support

    spi-fsl-dspi driver does not supports DMA. I made some driver modification for DMA support. After code test I got next result. DMA transmit is ok. DMA receives about 50% of lost packets (some parts of buffer content...
    Oleg Petrakivskyi
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  • MQX application is not booting from QuadSPI_NAND flash

    I have developed an mqx based audio application using vybrid tower system.I am using DS5 for my development. I have flashed hello_world application to QuadSPI serial nand flash using quadspi_load application available...
    Abdul Nihad
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  • I/O IRQ conflict

        Hello,   I'm porting  old timesys BSP to the new Yocto Jethro, we use a 7" LCD panel with egalax touch screen device (like i.MX6 sabre design). We use the freescale egalax driver with bi...
    last modified by Nouchi
  • How to test,debug vybrid qspiXIP bootloader project

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hello,   We are developing a VF3x based prototype with MQX, with DS-5. I have added a square wave generation SW on a GPIO pin of VF3x of the MQX I2C project. Tested it with DS-5 debugger, and th...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • DDR3 of ECC/TWR-VF65GS10(rev.G).

    Hi,   I use TWR-VF65GS10(rev.G). And I use ECC option of DDR3.   I tested DDR3 in 'ecc_tests.c' which I attached. And there is no error.   The 'twrvf65gs10_ddr_ecc.mac'file which I attached is macro...
    soichi yamamoto
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  • [Vybrid]  Coremark baremetal porting

    Hello        I'm currently porting Coremark Benchmark to the vybrid VF6 to evaluate the performance of this SoC. I'm using the twr-vf65gs10 board. I first built it on Timesys linux and got a ...
    du Maugouer Brieuc
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  • Vybrid DCD DDR initialization

    Hi Everyone Im trying to get a basic MQX project based on examples/hello booting from QSPI flash on Freescale Vybrid Tower module. I have succeeded booting it from QSPI flash and running the code from internal RAM, h...
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  • Freescale USB Stack and Vybrid

    Hello   There's no dedicated community for this USB stack. There's also no support for Vybrid (yet?). In case anyone wants to try it now (footprint or something else), here's my attempt to port virtual_camera de...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • OOBE demo on TWR-VF65GS10-KIT has issues using Timesys LinuxLink build

    Dear Timesys Support,   I am using the TWR-VF65GS10-KIT (Rev H) setup and have issues with the OOBE demo. The OOBE demo that is preprogrammed on the SD card seems to be operating as expected, but my "OOBE Demo" ...
    Laszlo Oberlander
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  • Quartz Linux UARTs

    Hi everybody,   Recently I started working with a devicesolutions quartz development board and I have some issues with the UART ports. I'm using the factory build system (factory-20150202) and I atached my .conf...
    Ibai Erkiaga
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  • The latency of run code in OCRAM is big

    Hi everybody:   I write test code of 10000 accumulation code like below section, but the implement latency has big differency with theoretical value, the test condition is listed: CA5 run in 400MHz, and platfo...
    Dawei You
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  • Updated CMSIS-DAP application

    Attached is the latest OpenSDA CMSIS-DAP app from ARM.   It's built to run on top of the OpenSDA bootloader, so place your revision G Tower board (earlier versions not supported) in bootloader mode and drag and ...
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • ISO7816 on VF6 SOM, gpio configuration

    Hi, I'm using this module: https://emcraft.com/products/632 on my board. Linux kernel 4.5 I have already implemented ISO7816 communication in some other processors, I'm now trying on VF6. Using a log...
    Leonardo Giordano
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  • MQX 4.1.1 doesn't run on VF61

    Hi everyone,  I have been doing some tests to see if I can run a MQX 4.1.1 application on the M4 core and Toradex's Linux BSP v2.5 stable (kernel 4.1.15) on the A5 core on the Vybrid VF61 platform.   1...
    Julen Arregi
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  • DMA on M4 causing USB and Ethernet to Hang On Linux (A5)

    Hi everyone,   I am facing an issue where the M4 (Running MQX) is running a DMA operation that appears to stop the USB and Ethernet peripherals from working correctly in the Linux environment on the A5.  Wh...
    James Seelbach
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  • twr-vf65gs10: Linux 4.9.21 deadlock (yocto-morty)

    I believe this must be a known issue. Using yocto-morty (community), I built complete Linux image:   MACHINE=twr-vf65gs10 DISTRO=fslc-framebuffer source setup-environment build-vf610-twr-fb bitbake core-image-m...
    Petr Kubiznak
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  • Vybrid PIT DMA Triggers

    Hello All,   I see in the VF6xx data sheet that the PIT is supposed to be able to trigger DMA requests.  However, the documentation for this seems to be lacking.   Does anyone have an example of start...
    Nathan Barrett
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