• I2C Clock Stretching in Vybrid

    Hi ,   I want to know how to enable I2C clock stretching in Vybrid F-series. In reference manual(VYBRIDRM.pdf), I have found the below data(snap shot). But, didn't get information about which register/pin will s...
    Siva Rebbagondla
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  • 32-Bit DMA Transfer Not Correctly Functioning

    Hello All,   I'm currently trying to do a DMA transfer into an eDMA register related to an SPI transfer and it does not seem to be correctly working for some reason.  This is on a Vybrid VF6XX processor. &#...
    Nathan Barrett
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  • Vybrid DMA Request from GPIO Input

    Hello All,   I'm currently trying to trigger a DMA request from an external GPIO input (PORT2[2]).   I can mux the GPIO input, and set the PCR->IRQC to 0xA and I get an interrupt generated no problem. &...
    Nathan Barrett
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  • QuadSPI0 cacheable write-back

    According to page 1158 of Vybrid Reference Manual (F-Series; VYBRIDRM Rev 7, 06/2014), memory range from 0x20000000 to 0x2FFFFFFF is QuadSPI0 and "cacheable write-back".   My question is: "write-back" to what? P...
    Eugene Ryabtsev
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  • Vybrid USB in MQX 4.2

    Why is the standard USB stack not further supported on the Vybrid platform in MQX 4.2? At least there are no project files. Instead, there are makefiles for Vybrid in the usb_v2 (even though not cloned by the cloning ...
    Petr Kubiznak
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  • Bare metal C coding for VF3xx series

    Hello all,   I am looking for a microcontroller with large on-chip SRAM. My application includes 2-3 SPI devices, 25-30 GPIOs, 3 timers and a Ethernet based TCP/IP connection. And I came across Vybrid VF3xx ser...
    Chinmay Admane
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  • VF3x reset, serial bootload

    I am trying to have our VF3x to reset and accept the 0x23454523 command from the serial channel and transmit back to the terminal. I measured:     3.25 Volt on VBAT pin 3.3 Volt on VDD_LDOIN ( about 10...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • Will operating temperature of Automotive Vybrid be updated to 105/125 degree ?

    Dear Sir/Madam,   We plan to use the Automotive Vybrid processors in automotive projects. But in the datasheet, operating temperature is shown between -40 to 85 degree celcius. As far as I know, operating temp...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • VF3xx segmented LCD controller pinout

    Hello,   I'd like to ask what is the pinout of segmented LCD controller used in Vybrid3? Reference manual refers to lcd ports only as LCD0 - LCD43 with no mention of the backplanes pin and frontplane pins. When ...
    Michal Brzezinski
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  • Errata: e8052 “RMII TX hold time too small when processor provides RMII reference clock."

    Hi,   In the document "Hardware Development Guide for Vybrid Family of MCUs" from November 2014 I find references to e8052 “RMII TX hold time too small when processor provides RMII reference clock.". Howe...
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  • EXTAL and XTAL pins voltage

    Hello,   What are the maximum voltages that should be expected on the EXTAL and XTAL, and on the EXTAL32 and XTAL32 pins with external crystal resonators connected. I need these values for a stress analysis repo...
    Andrey Pavlenko
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  • Processor Expert For Vybrid Updates Released

    The latest Processor Expert updates for Vybrid can be found on the Processor Expert web page and on the VF3, VF5 and VF6 summary pages, under updates and patches.   Ross
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • Maximum sink/source current value in Vybrid's datasheet

    What settings of the DSE bits correspond to the GPIO maximum sink/source current value (7 mA) in Vybrid's datasheet?
    Andrey Pavlenko
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  • Is it allowed to keep the input receiver buffer enabled all the time?

    In order to use a pad as an input, the input receiver buffer needs to be enabled with the input buffer enable field (IBE). This is clear so far. My question is whether it is allowed to keep this input buffer enabled a...
    Peter Lischer
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  • Why does the Vybrid retain letter (A-E) port names that don't relate to actual IO ports

    I am puzzled by the existence of Ports A-E when you can't actually do anything with them as ports.  It would be much clearer if the GPIO0 - GPIO4 where presented as the IO ports since they are the entities by whi...
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  • Vybrid .icf linker command files: how to allow IAR debugger to access a port?

    Getting  "Trying to read outside mapped memory at address:" when my code accesses a  port on the m4. I have two apps, one which works properyl, is MQX based, and there under project options linker config,....
    Kenneth Macfarlane
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  • Vybrid Mfg_Tool Released

    Hi all,   Thought this was worth a new separate thread, appreciate over time there have been several threads on this topic, but hopefully this is the last.   The Vybrid GA release of the Mfg_Tool is now av...
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • Polarity of Data Enable (DE) signal from DCU

    Is there a way to configure the polarity of DE signal for external displays? In the DCU documentation I found the DCUx_SYNPOL register (55.5.10 in my version of the reference manual) that contains bits to swap polari...
    Valter Minute
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  • MQX Scatter Loading and GfxRAM

    Hello Folks; I want to use SysRAM0 + SysRam1 for Code and GfxRAM for Data Is it posbile ? I have changed scatter file and It does not work. I can't figure out why ?   And one more thing, Is it posible to u...
    NG Sari
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  • Switching Vybrid Core Power Source

    Hello   We have some identical boards with the Vybrid Processor on it. One of them doesnt work from the beginnings, one stopped work after some days of software testing.   The problem is the initializing/...
    Benno Jung
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