• Reading from Quadspi using eDMA returns wrong data

    I am trying to add eDMA support to my Quadspi using code on VybridVF3xx. I have a problem when receiving from flash more data than I want to copy with eDMA. I got wrong data.   For example I am receiving 21 byte...
    Katarzyna Baranowska
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  • Linux imx_usb_loader

    Has anyone tried using the Linux imx_usb_loader to program the Vybrid? I am looking to some direction as to how to add support for the Vybrid. Even direction to some documentation would help.   I have compiled t...
    Bob Simning
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  • Vybrid FlexCAN and Timesys linux

    Hello   Did anyone succeed to use Timesys linux FlexCAN driver? Any guidance available?   Looks like it is not possible to use existing FlexCAN driver with SocketCAN without mods to kernel sources. A piece...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • Unable to Write ZMK

    We are currently developing a secure device and I like to use ZMK. Even all the security violations, locks are disabled and SSM is "Non-Secure" state, still I can't write to ZMK. All read attempts return zero. Only t...
    NG Sari
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  • VF3xx LQFP176 exposed pad connection?

    Hi   According to the LQFP package drawing 98ASA00452D, there is an exposed copper pad underneath the package. Described as exposed flag in the package drawing document. http://cache.freescale.com/files/shared/...
    Erik Lidgren
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  • How to set up the Low Power Timer LPTMR

    Hello   Im trying to set up the LPTMR module since days, but it doesnt work. I set it up by processor expert. But it seems is not that easy...   I've done the following: - Enabled the LPTMR clock in the ...
    Benno Jung
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  • PDB & FTM, synchronization of ADC and pulse outputs

    Hello!   We have some questions about the FTM and PDB module. I'm working with the Vybrid VF5xx/VF6xx. The documents I've found (VybridRM, VybridSeries, AN4822) are good but not very clear in every point. We n...
    Benno Jung
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  • Are ISD2FA, ISD3FA, ISD2FB and ISD3FB implemented in the QSPI peripheral?

    I see the flags ISD2FA, ISD3FA, ISD2FB and ISD3FB mentioned in VYBRIDRM v5, but the fields are not documented in the MCR register details.  These are also mentioned in app note AN4512.  Is this feature actua...
    Russ Bielawski
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  • Vybrid Non Xip Qspi Boot

    Hello Folks; MQX QSPI Non-Xip boot works just fine. However I would like place some MQX librarys in the QSPI FLash. I don't want load them in to the Internal SRAM.   What should I do with Scatter file ? (MQX BSP...
    NG Sari
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  • UBI not mountable after changing ECC and NFC Driver

    Hello,   we're trying to change the nfc driver for the vybrid processor. Drivers for NFC in Uboot are already changed. This works already and I'm able to write my own ECC where I want it to be. In linux kernel ...
    Andreas Zeiler
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  • NAND flash read performance?

    Does anyone have any figures for the read performance of the NAND flash controller, when used with 32 bit error correction? I am interested in the added latency of the error correction, including any software overhead...
    Zoltan Janosy
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  • Cryptographic Acceleration and Assurance Module

    I like to use CAAM Register interface (IP bus). But there is almost no information in the SECURITY documentation. (The document is full of how to use those modules but lack of details.) How can I access those register...
    NG Sari
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  • DDR3 CR154 Setting

    Dear Forum members,   I would like to know about DDRMC_CR154 Register.   A discussions here about DDRMC_CR154 Register exists as follows; Bring up DDR3 Memory on Vybrid (No.383998) DDR3 Intermittent Prob...
    Tomoki Okuno
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  • how can I set the phy_KSZ8041.c and phy_KSZ8041.h for RMII interface?

    Dear community,   I have a custom Vybrid VF3x prototype board, which has a Micrel KSZ8081 ethernet PHY chip. I have added the phy_KSZ8041 .c and .h files to my projects' BSP in order to add the ethernet interfac...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • What are the steps to bring up Ethernet phy for MQX?

    Dear all,   I have a prototype of VF3x, which has KSZ8081 RMII Ethernet PHY chip. I need the PHY chip to be initialized to start and answer PING commands. KSZ8081 is generating 50 MHz clock; it is generating al...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • 176LQFP symbol

    Hello,   Is there vf3xx (176LQFP) symbol and footprint for Allegro/OrCAD ?   thanks!
    Ruslan Bukin
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  • Is Vybrid tower kit's PCB Allegro ascii .alg file available?

    Dear all,   I need the Allegro ascii extraction .alg file  of Vybrid tower kit's PCB for Altium. If available, could anybody send it to me?   Thanks and best wishes.   Mehmet Ali Ipin
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • How  to define UART 4 and UART 5 for MQX

    Dear community,   When I want to use UART5 of Vybrid VF3, I could not see its definitions   SCI_FLX5_IPP_IND_SCI_TX_SELECT_INPUT IOMUXC_SCI_FLX5_IPP_IND_SCI_TX_SELECT_INPUT   in MVF50GS10Mk50.h, lik...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • Do I need two USB connection for MFGToolkit?

    Dear community,   We have VF3x prototype, which we could program the on board QSPI chips with last MFGtoolkit SW. I noticed that I if I connect only VF3x USB(0), MFGtoolkit gives "no device connected message". I...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • Vybrid USB printf

    Dear All,   We have a prototype with VF3x, and debugging our codes with DS-5 debugger, using MQX. But since, it is too time consuming to stop DS-5 with breakpoint and see the variables/register and re-start it, ...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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