• Vybrid TWR-VF65 debug

    Dear Vybrid users,   TWR-VF65 rev. H can be debugged by: on-board OpenSDA. CMSIS-DAP application needed. Default Virtual serial port application loaded. CMSIS-DAP + Virtual serial port application attached for ...
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  • How to test,debug vybrid qspiXIP bootloader project

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hello,   We are developing a VF3x based prototype with MQX, with DS-5. I have added a square wave generation SW on a GPIO pin of VF3x of the MQX I2C project. Tested it with DS-5 debugger, and th...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • Updated CMSIS-DAP application

    Attached is the latest OpenSDA CMSIS-DAP app from ARM.   It's built to run on top of the OpenSDA bootloader, so place your revision G Tower board (earlier versions not supported) in bootloader mode and drag and ...
    Ross Mcluckie
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  • Peripheral Software Libraries for Vybrid Processors - using TWR-VF65GS10

    Hi All,   I have just started using Vybrid controller and quit new to Asymmetric Multiprocessor environment. I am looking for some sample examples or some sample code from which I can have basic idea about how s...
    Harshad Lele
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  • Trace on Vybrid with DS-5

    I am now using TWR-VF65SG10 Tower Board , and I can boot from SD card, by the way I am on windows host   I'm trying to use DS-5 to trace on this board, and I follow the step as follow link   https://www.goog...
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  • IS there an Android build for Vybrid available - BSP, doc, etc - similar to what was done for iMX processors?

    Thanks Larry
    larry ciummo
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  • Unable to see LEDs change on TWR-VF65GS10

    Took TWR-VF65GS10 board out of box. Plugged USB cable into J3, in standalone mode, no tower. Power LED is on.   As per instructions, step 5 'Tilt the Board', I don't see the LEDs change.   Try to setup a t...
    Keith Smith
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  • Use Open-SDA embedded on board of VF65GS10 with Segger J-Link

    On the development board (vybrid) of tower system,I tried to upload firmware of the OPENSDA with segger firmware SEGGER - The Embedded Experts - OpenSDA / OpenSDA V2 ,to use Atollic or Crossworks debugger Segger J-Lin...
    Alessandro Urbano
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  • Cannot connect to target via CMSIS-DAP - Vybrid

    I'm getting a bunch of errors when trying to connect my DS-5 session to the Vybrid target over the USB CMSIS-DAP connection:   Sep 16 16:41:59 ubuntu32 kernel: [ 1593.352279] usb 2-2.3: usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL f...
    Jack Blather
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  • Vybrid TWR-VF65GS10 using Timesys Linux  I2C0 port not enabled.

    Dear Timesys support,   Hi, I'm currently working with Vybrid TWR-VF65GS10 and using Timesys Linux. I want to use I2C0 to configure TDA7706 tuner.Since I2C0 is already configured for SGTL5000 audio codec module, ...
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  • Do I need two USB connection for MFGToolkit?

    Dear community,   We have VF3x prototype, which we could program the on board QSPI chips with last MFGtoolkit SW. I noticed that I if I connect only VF3x USB(0), MFGtoolkit gives "no device connected message". I...
    Mehmet Ali Ipin
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  • Initialization to route ETM/ITM trace to external pins

    Is there an init script or code sample that will show the complete steps for exporting ETM/ITM trace data to the package pins? Using ARM DS-5 with Vybrid Tower system and CMSIS-DAP connection, running 'hello_world' e...
    nc puthuff
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  • Vybrid tower board, can't download >128KB code into SRAM via CMSIS-DAP (DS-5)

    Using DS-5 / CMSIS-DAP to download more than about 128KB of code into SRAM of the Vybrid tower board (TWR-VF65GS10) fails with the following error message:   ERROR(CMD16-TAD11-NAL22): ! Failed to load "my_proj...
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  • DS5 Starter Kit for Vybrid TowerBoard Free, and for a custom platform with Vybrid?

    With a new hardware that includes a Vybrid processor,we are working with the standard and officially supported software package(Timesys Linux/Mqx/DS5 Starter Kit for Vybrid). Now the price that we are paying is 0 for...
    Alessandro Urbano
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  • Unofficial User Manual for Rev.G Vybrid Tower board.

    Unofficial User Manual for Rev.G Vybrid Tower board. (Skip page 1 if not loading properly - only title there.)
    Naoum Gitnik
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  • New Vybrid module and Development Kit

    We (Device Solutions) are very pleased to announce Quartz, our newest module based on Vybrid.   Quartz is all about getting products to market fast – minimizing engineering risk and cost along the way. This...
    created by MARTIN WELFORD
  • TWR-VF65GS10 OpenSDA serial error in uboot

    Hello !   Has anyone come across uboot serial errors over OpenSDA (at 115200bps) ?   The error does not exist at lower baud rates, in Linux, or if the TWR-SER interface is used for Cortex-A5 console output...
    Michael Leung
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  • TWR-VF65GS10 / give me OpenSDA MSD and CMSIS-DAP Firmware

    Hello, Sorry, it is not URL of "Jump Start Your Design" for Quick Start Guide.   Please give me OpenSDA MSD and CMSIS-DAP Firmware file for TWR-VF65GS10   Best Regards, soichi.yamamoto
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