• VF6xx with a uSD XC 8GB

    Hello,   Is VF6xx able to access a uSD XC? I don't know if it possible to access it.   No problem with microSDHC but what happens with a 8GB microSDXC   Thank you very much
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  • Vybrid / Vivante GPU displays gradient too dark

    Hi,   it seems that I found a problem concerning the Vivante GPU or driver stack when using OpenVG radial gradient.   The attached example code (based on the tiger example of the 0.5.0 OpenVG driver and MQ...
    Dirk Doerr
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  • About vybrid Nand driver

    Hello,   I'm looking for a tricky solution, here is my problem: I want to make devices field update linux kernel 3.0.15-ts-armv7l to a newer version using nand tools. But, u-boot is 2013.07 from timesys and us...
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  • IS there an Android build for Vybrid available - BSP, doc, etc - similar to what was done for iMX processors?

    Thanks Larry
    larry ciummo
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  • Configuring CKO1 output PLL5

    Hello,   I started with Yocto Jethro, and I successfully built a system image with the new 4.1 kernel. I customized it with device tree, but I'm stuck with network. Our design use LAN8720 like Auto EVB, but RMI...
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  • LTIB and UBOOT for Vybrid VF65GS10

    Does Freescale have a UBOOT and LTIB source & binaries that can be used for a demo / demos? Any issues known using CentOS Linux as host Linux? I am looking for a non TImeSYS based version of UBOOT AND LT...
    Terry Shultz
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  • Strange crashes on MQX

    Hello,   we are experiencing strange crashes when running our software on Vybrid MQX.   The same executable is causing an abort exception at different places i. e. different call stacks at different times ...
    Dirk Doerr
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  • Stuck with SPI0

    Hello,   I'm trying to use SPI0 on M4 side with MQX 4.0.2. Here is the simple code : void My_Task(uint32_t data) { MQX_FILE_PTR  spi0fd; LWTIMER_PERIOD_STRUCT timerPeriodQueue; LWTIMER_STRUCT tim...
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  • Flexcan with Vybrid VF6x and MQX4.1

    I am trying to use the Flexcan for the BSP_VYBRID_AUTOEVB_A5. I am using the the MQX 4.1 fsl_flexcan_driver, fsl_flexcan_hal and fsl_flexcan_int files. The example code does not install the interrupt for the BSP_VYB...
    Adrian Verity
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  • Is there a new version of the OpenVG driver stack available

    Hello,   we are currently using the 0.5.0 version of the OpenVG driver stack for MQX (manually patched to fix a problem with gradients). Is there a new version available?   Kind regards     ...
    Dirk Doerr
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  • TWR board LCD display to Auto board DVI migration

    I'm using the graphics libraries to draw to the LCD (480x272) display in a TWR board. I need more pixels, so I want to use the auto board and a DVI display (800x480) instead. How can I tackle this?
  • "USB1 not working in MQX 4.0.1 (Tower) and 4.0.2 (Auto)?"

    Some people report that USB1 is not working in the current MQX releases for Vybrid.   We found that this may be caused by the Bypass bit in the USB1 PLL (PLL7) not being cleared during initialization. The issue...
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