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I have been trying to connect 5V from an external source to the primary elevator board and when I move the switch from OFF to TB it doesn't turn on. The current goes high and the voltage goes low (it measures 160 ohms without power connected when I move the switch to the TB selection too). There is no issue when i connect via USB and have it on… (Show more)
sruthy uk
Dear friends,   I have been trying to test the can_ loop back_ node in file by using flexcan1 in TWR-K60F120M module.I have used A47 & A48 primary elevator connections for flexcan1 as shown in freescale user guide. But i dont know how to test the CAN transmission by enabling loop back node .Could you please help to find… (Show more)
sunil kumar
I am trying to build android 5 in imx6, I have got all the source code from freescale website and followed the instructs of "Android_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf". i downloaded all images into sd card using "". but it is not working properly showing errors as follows.please suggest solution,,,,,,,,, i am attaching my… (Show more)
Kensuke TAKITA
Hi,  I would like to know where I can buy the chassis included in old Freescale Cup Kit. I am using the old kit for the class, and I need a couple of chassis to maintain the class in this year. I have several spare parts of KL25Z, TFC-Sheild and Futaba servo, so I need only the mechanical parts such as a chassis.   The chassis looks very like… (Show more)