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CSMG Sarma
When you start a board bring up activity from scratch, there are many challenges. The first of these challenges is the choice of the development environment. Is there any commercial agreement with an IDE Vendor? How flexible is debugging on the IDE and build time, code footprint after optimization etc are related concerns. If the choice is a… (Show more)
CSMG Sarma
I was surprised to learn MQX(Ver 4.2) does not support SPI Slave configuration. Reference There are many workarounds in the community but the information is in bits and pieces. So i decided to write this note. I wanted to configure SPI0 Channel on MK64FX512VLQ12 board as Slave driven by interrupt in which can call MQX APIs. I have MQX Ver 4.2… (Show more)
ramya sri
managed security servicesThe headlines are full of it, and more so every day. Security is everyone's concern, because a breach risks everything. For all its function and capacity, the Internet has in some ways become a less secure and reliable medium. Inadequate security can cost you customers, profits, your business and your… (Show more)
Devin Goldstein
I am a student taking Senior Design and I am writing about various microcontrollers. I was wondering what your policy on the use of images in such documentation and if I could receive permission to use images such as MCU images, pinouts, block diagrams, etc.
Christopher Corley
Hello, My name is Christopher Corley and I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. I would like to use this screenshot in my senior design document with your permission:   This is a image from your PCF8574 data sheet: I am using this to reference the… (Show more)