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wjandsq wjandsq
/* * SPI_FLASH_WRITE_READ * SPI FLASH : MX25L16xx * Author : * Date : 2020/06/28 */ void SPI_FLASH_WRITE_READ(uint8_t *txdata_p, uint8_t * rxdata_p, uint8_t size) { uint32_t lpspi_tmp; uint16_t i,j; uint32_t words; uint32_t remain_words; uint32_t remain_bytes; lpspi_tmp = size * 8; words = lpspi_tmp / 32; if (lpspi_tmp… (Show more)
Andrew Meyer
Click to view contentThe internal clock frequency of Kinetis chips varies due to manufacturing tolerances. A trim value is programmed into the chips to compensate for this variance and make the slow bus frequency uniform between chips.   For some inexplicable reason, this trim value is not active during debug mode. This makes developing serial and CAN applications… (Show more)
Ashok Ra
Click to view contentHi All, This is Mini Drum Pad build in with IMXRT1015. Also it has AFE shield board which is used for capsense buttons. IMX RT is, using SAI to play the audio file at 16KHZ. I have created 12 samples (.wav file) and the raw data is stored in the music file. Based on the capsense button press triggering the sound effect. Speaker I used is from… (Show more)