• Leakage issue about the MPXV5050GP

    Hi, we are using the MPXV5050GP, and find that there is the leakage issue about the sensor. we did the test as following: we use the syringe and give the sensor a pressure of 20kpa, then we keep the pressure and find ...
    alan he
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  • how to use MMA8653FC to implement tilt protection

    Hello, I have an application of compressor fridge on the vehicle, there should be a tilt protection function for the compressor. for example, if the angle is more 30 degree vs horizontal direction, to switch off compr...
    Hardy xiang
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  • Set the RF to a fixed transmission frequency

    Is there any software to set the fixed frequency of RF transmission on NXP website? Or a test software that sets a fixed RF transmission frequency. I'm currently developing a project for TPMS, The chip used is ...
    0125 lg
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  • MMA8452Q Linux Driver

    Hi,Sir: When we use "Linux kernel modules for MMA845xQ accelerometers" to driver MMA8452Q, but after complie and text. But always got wrong data, pls check the pic information of log and I2C in attached for detial. ...
    George Li
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  • Differences between MPX5700 series

    What is the difference between MPX5700GS and MPX5700GP and MPX5700GP1? Since the MPX5700GS has been discontinued, can either of MPX5700GP or MPX5700GP1 directly replace MPX5700GS?
    Yuna Kim
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  • How can I extrct data obtained in the board FRDM-K66F

       I'm using sensors in the board FRDM-K66F to obtain some data such as acceleration, and view these data through the software PuTTY. I wonder how I can extrct and save these data so that I could analys...
    Yue Zeng
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  • FXLS8471Q—SPI Communication Question

    Hello ! I have some troubles to configure the SPI communication between FXLS8471Q and MPC5644A. I need to confirm that the SPI Mode is waked up successfully by reading WHO_I_AM register(0x0D) , but I've got this ...
    崧林 高
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  • Sensor Fusion FXOS8700CQ and FXAS21002 IC axis mis-alignment.

    Hi, We are using FXOS8700CQ(6-axis sensor with integrated linear accelerometer and magnetometer) and FXAS21002(3-Axis Digital Angular RateGyroscope) for getting the roll pitch and yaw. Is it mandatory to align the x...
    Ankit Chudasama
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  • MPXV5100GP Long term accuracy

    Hello,   Our client has been using a MPXV5100GP in a product for several years with good success. We are wondering if NXP collects any long term accuracy data? We have read the NXP docs concerning reliability te...
    Bartley Johnson
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  • MPXV5010 Accuracy over a Reduced Temperature Range

    Hello,   The datasheet for the MPXV5010 pressure sensor only states the accuracy over a temperature range of 0-85oC. Can you provide any data about the accuracy of the MPXV5010 pressure sensor over a narrower te...
    Simon Calcutt
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  • Help with proximity sensor

    Looking for some advice. I want to use tags (preferably without any anchors) to build a proximity detector. Such that, each tag vibrates or sends a GPIO output when it gets within a certain range of any other tag. ...
    Mike Jopson
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  • How can FXOS8700CQ measure negative acceleration?

          Hello, I'm trying to use the sensor FXOS8700CQ in a development board FRDM-K66F to measure acceleration. Now I activate accelerometers in x-axis and y-axis, but the output of t...
    Yue Zeng
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  • how can i use MPX5700DP?

    mpx5700dp output can use 5Voltage in datasheet but i diagnose pin1(OUT) to only max 1Voltage  when i use pin3(5V),pin2(GND) without pin4,5,6  attact the circuit i used. is it wrong method?
    kim gunam
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  • MPXV5004DP to sense Negative pressure

    Hi.   I am designing an application, particularly for HVAC, where the need is to measure both Positive (+ve) and Negative (-ve) differential pressures.    My need is to select a Differential Pressure ...
    Muhammad Zeeshan Ashraf
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  • FXOS8700CQ / How can we choose debounce period?

    Hi,   I am using fxos8700cq and try to get magnetic vector-magnitude interrupt. I have to configure M_VECM_CNT (0x6C). However, I couldn't understand how I can do that. Now, sensor operates at 100 Hz and the per...
    veli yildirim
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  • Can the MP3V5050GC6U Sensor be used in the P2>P1 Configuration?

    The specifications for the device show characteristics for the P1>P2 configuration only.  I was hoping to utilize the device in the P2>P1 configuration as that would suit our implementation better.  Is...
    Justin Gillespie
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  • wakeup and sleep mode of fxls8962

    Hi, I am using fxls8962 through freedom sensor Toolbox . I want to activate the sleep mode. what I do just as the following: 0X17, SENS-CONFIG3 = 0X80, 12,5HZ WAKEUP,  3200HZ  SLEEP (default in F...
    yanpo li
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  • nhs3152 simulate a IC card 

    i have bought a NHS3152 demo board (E985063)& LPC- LINK2.can I use a IC card reader(14443A support NTAG21x) get the measure datas of nhs3152?
    yys 3210
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  • I2C and SPI over CAT-6 LAN cable?

    I have a situation where I need to have an I2C master drive multiple I2C slaves over distances of 1 foot to 50 feet. Specifically I want to use CAT-6 shielded cable to run the following: Power: 12v, GND I2C: SDA, SC...
    Mark Stevens
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  • Can NXP provide dual-frequency ——315/434 MHZ hardware circuit design?

    Customer wants to develop 315/434 dual frequency tire pressure sensor with FXTH87EH116T1. Can NXP provide dual-frequency hardware circuit design?
    Mingsong YANG
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