• PCF8883 capacitive touch sensor unreliable in push-button mode

    Hi.  I'm testing the PCF8883 aboard the UM10370 demo board.  I'm finding that if jumpered into Pulse or Toggle mode, it works quite reliably.  However, if jumpered to Push-Button mode, it is u...
    Ted Jackson
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  • TPMS_BtLdr_1 -RealTerm Dispaly"ERR=05"

    recently,i am working on TPMS_BtLdr_1 project ,I used FXTH87 module evaluation boards which NXP provide.       When I debug the project "TPMS_BtLdr_1",the window come out "No source avail...
    wentao hu
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  • MPXV6115V application and placement

    Hi, Can I place MPXV6115V module in the vacuum or does it require a differential pressure? I am wondering how people use MPXV6115V6U, since it does not have a place to mount a tube like MPXV6115VC6U. Thank you
    Edwin Cho
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  • How much current can KV11Z P5V_USB safely output?

    I wanted to connect multiple sensors to the KV11Z board. How much current can it source (I am trying to decide whether to use the P5V_USB pin or a direct connect to battery to power the sensors.
    Jeff Freeman
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  • Speed up SPI KV58

    I'm using a Tower KV58 Demo board trying to talk to a AD5601 SPI 16-bit DAC   I have been able to talk to the DAC fine using the attached program.  It has a 24 Bit transfer with the first 8 bits 0's and the...
    Ken Samuelson
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  • About MPR121 return value!

    When i use a mpr121,and have wrong return value of the register 0x00,0x01. when push ELE0,return 0x0000; when push ELE1,return 0x0001; when push ELE2,return 0x0002; when push ELE3,return 0x0004; when push ELE4,return ...
    Hongliang Pan
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  • MMA8452 sleep current

    Hello. I am working on a development project using MMA8452, but I am facing the problem that the sleep current of MMA8452 doesn't go down. Automatic sleep and wake up of MMA8452 functions are set, and the CPU also t...
    Takuya Kawakami
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  • Are FXTH87 and FXTH87E codes(.s19 file) compatible

    Hello.     Are FXTH87 and FXTH87E codes(.s19 file) compatible?     If I can't use FXTH87 code(.s19 file) directly on FXTH87E, where do I need to change it?           &#...
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  • Help pressure sensor for water MPX5100DP

    Hello I have a sensor MPX5100DP, I'm using it to water pressure but I've noticed that only works for air pressure, I wonder if there is any possibility of using it to water pressure and how to do it. Thanks for your...
  • MMA8451 Buffer

    Hi,         I am using MMA8451 accelerometer with Arduino. I am using the FIFO buffer which can store up to 32 values. In my project, I want to measure the sensor value for only Z-axis. Is it poss...
  • FXTH87xx11 Pressure out of range

    Hello everyone!        I encountered a strange problem when I measured the pressure under normal pressure. It works fine when debugging the sensor. After the sensor is powered ...
    zh z
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  • MPX2450GP Problem

    Dears, Customers use MPX2450GP now,The maximum pressure endurance value nominated in the manual is 250kpa.  Customers want to confirm below part: 1.What is the maximum withstanding voltage of 2450 without dama...
    Lyman Li
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  • MPX5999D leakage issue

    We have an air leakage issue about MPX5999D.  We usually founds a little amount of silicon gel leaked out from some point of the bad parts epoxy case . The gel leakage presumably go first and takes a lot of time....
    Sergey Stain
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  • FXTH870 - Is it an absolute capacitive pressure sensor?

    I just want to find out if this is an absolute capacitive pressure sensor? I currently have one running and with no applied pressure it always says 100 kpa - is this an assumed offset or a true reading? I believe I sa...
    Syd Wilson
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  • MMA8452 sensivity

    Hello, sorry if this is a cross post.  I asked two years ago support for the best configuration of this sensor to detect vehicle motion and you pointed me in the right direction with some application notes....
    Marco Blancato
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  • JN5169 - i2c Communication - Raspberry Pi.

    Hello Community,      I have a PCB Board which  as on it the JN5169 microcontroller (Slave). I have a Sesnor attached to this through an amplifier board . I am reading this through one o...
    Matthew Wood
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  • bp mp3v5050gp

    we are developing the bp device for continuous monitoring . pls. advice if the sensor is capable for transport motion sensing. will the calibration be impacted if a patient is on the move.  also pls. clarify if ...
  • MPX5050DP Differential pressure sensor for Vaccum sensing.

    Hello, I want to measure vacuum pressure from 0 to -50Kpa. Can I use MPX5050DP for this by Port 2 connected to negative pressure (to be measured) and port 1 (positive port) as open to atmosphere. So I can measure mea...
    Salman Khaja
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  • Porting ISSDK Sensor Fusion Library to Other Boards

    Is there a section in the User Guide or another .pdf that gives me pointers on how to port the Sensor Fusion Library to other boards?
    Quy Nguyen
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  • FXPQ3115BV I2C commands

    Is there any info available for the FXPQ3115BV pressure sensor in terms of programming? Are there any examples of commands to use this device?
    Phil dixon
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