• Question about Magnetic Calibration in AN5019

    Hi, I am doing mag calibration according to AN5019 Rev 2.0, Section 5. Seven Parameter Model I cannot really understand the content in page 22.  About |A|=1..it says Can you give me more information about t...
    Youmin Chen
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  • MMA6900KQ

    Hello, I am looking for an accelerometer sensor for measuring the longitudinal and lateral acceleration of the vehicle. One of the key requirements is that the data measured with the accelerometer has no delay or lit...
    Impression Gao
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  • Rotational Position of Automotive Wheel

    Can you use an accelerometer to determine when an rotating automotive wheel is pointed toward the ground ?  I assume you have to use a Gyroscope along with the accelerometer but Gyroscopes are expensive and hard ...
    Mike Holladay
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  • EOL replacement for MAG3110?

    Hello and thank you for your help ahead of time. The MAG3110 sensor has gone end of life. Are there any recommendations on another sensor to move to that is very similar to this one? The FXOS8700CQ is the first o...
    Matthew Sender
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  • Initial configuration code of the MMA6900KQ accelerometer chip

    Hello, Who can share the initial configuration code of the MMA6900KQ accelerometer chip?
    Impression Gao
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  • How to calibrate the MM9Z1-638 sensor

    Please give me the suggestion to calibrate the sensor.If we have any sample code to calibrate the sensor.Please send me the link.I got document says about the calibration procedure.In that they given RUN_IBS_MODULE_CA...
    prathapreddy pacharapalli
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  • zstar tri-axial accelerometer

    I have an older Freescale ZStar tri-axial accelerometer board and USB stick that I have used in the past to do remote vibration sensing.  The number for this kit with the two boards was RD3473MMA7360L.  Comp...
    Larry Gunseor
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  • 连续读取x轴与Z轴导致FXTH870911芯片受损

     问题描述:我每秒唤醒一次读取传感器XZ两轴数据,数据正确(改变倾斜角度值有变化),但唤醒后连续读取两次时数据一直为0x1FE或0,随后 我改回唤醒后只读取一次,发现只读一次也不能读取正确数据,怀疑是;连续读取导致芯片受损,希望高手解答。   如下方代码,我对XZ轴的数据连续获取两次,读出的数据不正确 SetSTOPMode(STOP4); u8StatusAcq|=TPMS_READ_ACCEL_X(gu...
    zh z
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  • MMA8452 sensivity

    Hello, sorry if this is a cross post.  I asked two years ago support for the best configuration of this sensor to detect vehicle motion and you pointed me in the right direction with some application notes....
    Marco Blancato
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  • A great drift of YAW using Sensor fusion library with FRDM-K66F

    Hello, I would like to integrate the NXP Sensor Fusion Library 7.00 to my applicaiton, whre I'm working on an algorithm of IMU/GPS-based positioning of an outdoor mobile robot.  To do so, I use the FRDM-...
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  • Linux Driver for MMA8451QT for 4.9 kernel version

    Hi All,   We are working on NXP MMA8451QT accelerometer sensor. We need to integrate the same with iMx8QM board running the yocto linux kernlel version 4.9.51. We got the driver for the same device for kernel v...
    ratnakar vibhute
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  • FXOS8700CQ on FRDM-K64F-AGM01 board calibration questions.

    All, I hope this was not already asked and answered somewhere else. I am using NXP's FXOS8700CQ magnetic sensor with FRDM-K64F-AGM01 board. I have downloaded from NXP website the Freedom Sensor Toolbox (CE) V2.5....
    Shawn Crossland
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  • 6D Sensor Fusion Algorithm Problem

    Hi all,   I did some tests with NXP Sensor Fusion Library on my custom hardware. The library works pretty well under most conditions. But when I move the board forward and backward in less than 1 sec -...
    iFM Dev
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  • FXAS Gyro Zero Offset

    In a system with only a gyro, what is the best way to compensate for zero offset?  I have tried a number of ways to collect measurements for a number of seconds, and then determine the resting angle rate, and the...
    Andy Voss
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  • MPL3115A2, I2C  pull up

    MPL3115A2,Dose I2C need an external pull up voltage?or it has been pulled up inside by VDDIO?And can you give an advise for pull up resistance?
    polo wan
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  • 9DoF sensor selection and sensor fusion algorithms

    Hi,   We are working for the component selection of the product which would be used for the vehicle. We would like to get the following details with the NXP 9DoF. Vehicle rollover detection for the 9DoF Linear...
    Harshit Shah
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  • read device id of fxos8700,but always return 0

    @all before read device id, microchip set fxos8700 rst pin to low.i cannot found issues where is it. tks.
    david Li
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  • MAG3110 can't be calibrated

    Hi, I'm using the sensor fusion library 7.0 with FRDM-KL25, but the MAG3110 can't be calibrated. And besides, I tested my mag3110 module with sensor fusion library v5.0,  it works well.  In order to make th...
    Zhou Kelin
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  • FXOS8700CQ: How do I get raw magnetometer values?

    Hello. I downloaded @Matt Warner's code <mlw2224@rit.edu> from github.  There is a line to enable the auto-calibration feature, via the 7th bit of the magnetometer control register #1, as follows: // Confi...
    Shawn Crossland
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  • MMA8652FC Rotation, referencial change

    Hello everyone,   Don't know if this is the correct location to ask this, to debate this topic.   I have the accelerometer (MMA8652FC) inside my equipment, such that when the equipment is placed in rest in...
    S&eacute;rgio Neves
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