• MPXV4115VC6U as replacement for MPXV6115VC6U

    Hi,   We are facing difficulty in sourcing MPXV6115VC6U vacuum pressure sensor due to shortage in stock, for one our COVID-19 diagnostics device. We are planning to use MPXV4115VC6U instead of MPXV6115VC6U. Spec...
    Salman Khaja
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  • ADC Calibration Equation

    In AN3949 --ADC16 Calibration Procedure and Programmable Delay Block Synchronization, there are two formulae, one for single-terminal input and the other for differential input. Is this formula the gain scaling for...
    相国 尹
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  • Problem with 10-para Precision Accelerometer Calibration of FXOS8700CQ

     We did buy FRDM_64F freedom board with 3 axis gyro, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer. but USB not being detected on this board due to some problem as per my colleague and i cannot use it right now. ...
    venkat k
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  • MPL3115A2 and MPXA4250A6U reliability data. Where find?

    MPL3115A2 and MPXA4250A6U pressure sensors.  Where can I find reliability data of this sensors? For example, the MTBF parameter. And its calculation.    Usually, large companies publish thi...
    Denis Belikov
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  • Are there demo/eval boards available for MP3H6115AC6T1 or MPXAZ6115AC6T1?

    Are there demo/eval boards available for MP3H6115AC6T1 or MPXAZ6115AC6T1?
    Colton Tasker
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  • 87E RF send demo

    Hello:#         there are two kinds of send RF :1  RF DATA buffer  mode,2 MCU Direct mode.I want to use MCU Direct mode.Is there any demo code ?         I find ...
    晓辉 王
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  • Pressure Sensor MPXHZ6130AC6U - Port Question

    Hello,   Looking to move from MPXHZ6130A6U  to MPXHZ6130AC6U. Based on the review of the datasheets, it seems both are electrically equivalent with the exemption of the dimensions, such as height.   Q...
    Anthony Simbana
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  • MP3V5050VC6U

    I want to know about the relationship between the pressure value and the output voltage value     我想知道关于压力值与输出的电压值对应的关系       Thank you very much.
    peikai liu
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  • Is there any more information (Example code or application manual) about FXLS90322.

    @Tomas Vaverka
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  • How to convert voltage from analog sensor into human readable data?

    Hello,   I am kind of new to the electronics world.   I recently bought two MPXV7002DP. They are working fine.   I supply it with 5 volts and it's output is: At idle, it's 2.42 volts. At maximum...
    Nitish Patil
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  • Does acceleration change the value of the magnet sensor?

    I use fxos8700cq.   Does acceleration change the value of the magnet sensor?    If acceleration changes the value of the magnet sensor, is there a document that can calibrate it?   Thank You
    Lee YuShin
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  • MMA8652FC unexpected Interrupt

    Hello. using MMA8652FC and nrf52832, I wanna FIFO,Trans,Auto Sleep/Wake Function. and i almost done. but i met unexpected Interrupt. First INT1 is Trans INT and Auto Sleep/Wake , INT2 is only FIFO INT. logic is...
    byeonghwan choi
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  • MPXV5010DP   pending order we are waiting for 7months can not delivery

    Part No: MPXV5010DP pending order we are waiting for 7 months now  can not delivery this item so far and have not yet the exact delivery date ,what is the problem for this delivery issues and when can provid...
    David Deng
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  • MMA8653FC Accelerometer 'Stiction' Issue Question

    Hello All,   We are using NXP’s MMA8653FC accelerometer sensor in a vibration sensing product (vehicular).  We developed and tested, both in the lab and in the field, over 40 prototypes without issue...
    Mike Brand
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  • Accelerometer resonance frequency

    Dear All,   My customer is considering using FXLS8471Q. They want the Mechanical Resonance(-3dB) or the Mechanical Signal Bandwidth(-3dB) to compare the performance with other maker's sensor. However, NXP's...
    George Fukutomi
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  • Fusion hard iron

    Hello! Thank you so much for Fusion 7.   I have questions regarding the influence of hard iron. On a developed board without an external case, the algorithm works well, but when installed in the case, har...
    Nikita Dementyev
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  • Where can I get FXTH87 TPMS Evaluation Board?

    Trying to develop TPMS sensors with FXTH87 series. It seems that FXTH870511/870911 module EVB exists according to the document of FXTH87EDRM, but how can I get one? I cannot find anything about it on Freescale website.
    Zhao Wu
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  • MPXV7007GP & MPXV7007GC6U  no stock anywhere till 12/20?

    Anyone know why the MPXV7007GP & MPXV7007GC6U are out of stock at all distributors and listed unavailable until 12/29/20?   Seems strange that all these pressure sensors are allocated?
    Scott Hewelt
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  • KMZ60 Magnetic Sensor, What field strength is needed?

    Hello,   for my Project I use the KMZ60 Magnetic Sensor. From the Datasheet I can read out, that a external magnetic field strength of minimum 25 kA/m is needed for measurement. But it's not described where I ...
    Florian Ragg
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  • MPX2010DP calculate air flow

    Dear Sir, How to calculate air flow (kg/s) by below condition? Please kindly recommend, thank you   1. Pipe diameter:  6mm 2. Orifice diameter: 5mm 3. Pressure difference(get from MPX2010D...
    Jeff Chang
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