• pressure sensor

    Hi Good morning We are using your part # MPXV5100GP AND MPXV7002DP. it is washable or not after soldering process? Thanks  Riddhi Bhimani
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  • MPXM2010GS Supply Voltage

    MPXM2010GS parametric page 0 - 10kPa Compensated Pressure Sensor | NXP specifies supply voltage min is 1V:   Supply voltage [min] (V) 1.0 Supply voltage [max] (V) 16.0 Supply voltage [typ] (V) ...
    Mark Ackerson
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  • MPR121 Design issue

    I designed a board with the MPR121 Capacitive touch controller. when i connect the board to microcontroller and runs I2C address scan, it shows that no I2C device is connected. I did my connection according to the dat...
    Vincent Zakka
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  • MP3V5004DP -how to make the pressure sensor give correct pressure

    Hi,    I am using this code and setup. But the pressure I get seems to be off when comparing to an other pressure sensor (that I trust to work good).  Can you see any error in the code or setup? I be...
    Martin Tegby
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  • What is the difference between the MPX2102DP and MPX2100DP (respectively MPX2202DP and MPX2200DP) pressure sensors?

    Operating characteristics in the datasheets seem to be identical.
    Christian Leifels
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  • MPX2202GP Pressure transducer maximum gauge pressure

    Hi, I am looking at the specifications of the MPX2202GP pressure transducer and it says that the absolute pressure range is 20 kPa to 200 kPa. Does it mean that for gauge pressure (at atmospheric pressure), the maxim...
    Azim Arshad
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  • Gyroscope: FXAS2100x Breakout Board

    Hi,   The FXAS2100x, is a small, low-power, yaw, pitch, and roll angular rate gyroscope with 16 bit ADC resolution. The full-scale range is adjustable from ±250°/s to ±2000°/s. It features bo...
    Jose Alberto Reyes Morales
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  • FXLS8471 Breakout Board

    The FXLS8471Q Freescale accelerometer is highly versatile for industrial and consumer high-performance low-g applications that offer noise density, board mount offset, temperature performance and sensitivity. Integrat...
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  • MMA845x Breakout Board

    The MMA845xQ is a smart low-power, three-axis capacitive micromachined accelerometer up to 14 bits of resolution. This accelerometer is packed with embedded functions with flexible user-programmable options, configura...
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  • 3D STEP model: Unibody Package with Axial Single Port Case 867F-03

      Unibody Package with Axial Single Port Case 867F-03
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  • PCA9615 / PCA9616 Termination Resistors

    When I use the recommended termination resistors in the datasheet of PCA9616 (R1 = 600 Ohm and R2 = 120 Ohm) with CAT5 cable, the system in the attached picture doesn't work (PIDET and READY lines remain high). Howeve...
    Rasid Pac
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  • Voff change of MPX5999D

    During the use of pressure sensor MPX5999D, Voff will drop from the typical value of 0.2V to 0.13v. What are the factors influencing the change of this value? Can it be avoided? The above phenomena are found in the co...
    Li Sun
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  • FXOS8700CQR1 calibration fails every second time

    Dear Community, I am using the FXOS8700CQR1 sucessfully on Atmel controller. But every second time, the calibration fails: First time I can calibrate it. xmag average= -474 ymag average=-569 zmag average=-626 &#...
    Alain Fuchs
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  • MPR121 Sensors Capacitance Value

    The capacitance value that is read out which is the deviation of the electrode 2nd level filtered output data from the baseline value is in what unit? Pico Farad?
    Vincent Zakka
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  • FRDM-STBC-AGM01 Supposed Calibration Issue

    I am currently testing a FRDM-STBC-AGM01 with FRDM-K22F using NXP sensor fusion toolbox for windows. I have taken the boards outside, calibrated the sensors and tested against a 360 degree baseboard. Here are m...
    Adam Savage
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  • What is the The pressure offset accuracy and temperature accuracy of the FXTH8715xxT1

    Hi Supporter:       What is the The pressure offset accuracy and temperature accuracy of the FXTH8715xx(100-1500 kPa)?
    jooph liu
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  • FXOS8700 sampling at 800Hz magnetic only or acceleration only modes

    I hope someone here can help me... I have the evaluation board FRDM-K64F-AGM01 using "freedom sensor toolbox" software, I am trying to to sample the FXOS8700QC at 800Hz.  The UI seems to be in hybrid mode w...
    daniel bar-ness
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  • MMA6900KQ&SPI

    Hi, I'm using MMA6900KQ accelerometer and can't read acceleration data. Because I use an 8-bit MCU, its SPI data register is also 8-bit. When sending commands, only 8-bits can be sent at a time, while the commands of...
    Liuliu Cai
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  • About Freescale Library Files

    I have a project that is based on the MC1322x development platform and requires two files: Freescale libraries (v1.1.4): libs / LLC.a and libs / MC1322x.a. Where can I find these two files?
    chuang yang
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  • Having Issue with Free Fall Detection in MMA8451Q accelerometer sensor

    Hi, I am using the nRF51822 MCU  and MMA8451Q Accelerometer sensor to detect free fall, I have referred Application note and I am able to detect a free fall if I drop a sensor from a particular height,  als...
    Punit Chotaliya
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