• MPX2202 A or D for vaccum application

    Hello everyone,   I currently have a sensor MPX2202A for vaccum application. In the date sheet it's said that the range of mesure is 20 to 200 kPa. I noticed that the sensor MPX2202D is able to read a pressure b...
    Bijan BADRI
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  • an efficient way to count tire turns with FXTH87

    Hi, I'm developing a TPMS application and I need to count the tire turns (around the axis). My client want to know the distance traveled by the tire. I'm trying to read the value of the Z-axis in main loop with the...
    Luis Felipe Kunzler
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  • MPXV7002: -2 to 2kPa, Vacuum Pressure Sensor

    Hello, I have a question about the error in the datasheet. Data Sheet Freescale: MPXV7002 Rev 2, 1/2009, Page 2 Pressure Offset(3) (10 to 60°C) @ VS = 5.0 Volts  Voff 2.25 2.5 2.75 Vdc and Data Shee...
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  • Replacement product for KMI15

    Dear Sir,   We are using the KMI15 sensor in our applications. I saw that the device is end of life. Is there a device foreseen to replace this device? Can you send the datasheet of this device?
    Raphael Vanstraelen
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  • Getting odd jumps in output values

    I'm processing 9DOF data from a Bosch BMX055 at 40 Hz, and for the moment I'm focusing on yaw because that seems to be the most stable output value.  It's giving me some weird jumps, though.  Here's an examp...
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  • Current measure is noisy

    Dear support / community,   I have tested the MM9Z_638 over a wide range of current, and after quite some debugging, it turned out that some noise on ISENSE is created by switching back and forth the TSENSE from...
    Jean Viaene
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  • Purpose of Stainless Steel cover on MPX5999D

    I assume the stainless steel cover on the MPX5999D is to protect the internal component of the pressure transducer.  I also assume it has no structural purpose when the transducer is under pressure, is that corre...
  • MPX5100DP problem with slope

    Hi!   I want to measure water level (+/- 2 m) in my tank using a pressure sensor MPX5100DP. I use the schematic of AN1516 (figure 3) with a (air) pipe in water. The pressure in the air pipe is measured by the p...
    Dan Ponpon
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    This error coming when i am running freedom sensor toolbox after plug in RDKL25AGMP01 board.I have also updated the bootloader version and other essential softwares required for windows 10.System is detecting the devi...
    Niraj Kumar
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  • RF Transmiter FXTH87 Power consumption and reset issues

    Hello everyone! and thanks in advance for reading!   I have been working on the FXTH87 Tire pressure sensor but I have a problem first of all about Reset sources, because I am counting with the Z axis accelerome...
    Juan Sebastian Quijano
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  • Can I use the "VSENSE0~3" pin of MM9Z1_638 to connect to the external resistance voltage divider network to measure higher voltages, such as 1000V?

    I want to use MM9Z1_638 to measure the higher voltage. Can the voltage sampling pins of MM9Z1_638 connect directly to the resistance voltage divider network to measure the high voltage? wheather need an operational am...
    he blue
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  • RDKL25AGMP01,software does not exist?

    Hello A producer of alarm systems bought the  RDKL25AGMP01  evaluation board,with the aim to check, quickly and easly as supposed, the performance of the electronic compass mounted on it. I suggested t...
    Diego Colombo
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  • Problem with FXOS8700CQ and FXAS21002 operating together

    Hello All,   I have managed to get both sensors generate data ready interrupts, routed at INT2 pin of each sensor, with active low polarity.   I am using a TM4C123 processor, with I2C3 connected to the gyr...
    Can Altineller
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  • FXTH87xx minimum power consumption

    Hello everyone!       I am debugging the power consumption of the FXTH870911.    The current minimum current is 98-115μA.    After calculation, the curren...
    zh z
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  • Seat angle sensor question

    Dear NXP engineer.   I'm looking for a device that senses the folded angle of the truck's seat back.   NXP has products from 2/3-axis sensor and angle sensor and wants to know which one is advantageous to ...
    HY Jung
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  • RDKL25AGMP01

    I am not getting Generic Data Logger for Sensor Data Analytics software bundle at freescale/rdkl25agmp01.Please tell where to find.
    Niraj Kumar
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    #RDKL25AGMP01 BOARD-10 axis_sensor I have RDKL25AGMP01 BOARD. Firstly the Tri-color LED was working but after 1 min it stopped illuminating.What to do.
    Niraj Kumar
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  • Linux driver for MPL3115A2

    I am not able to find out Linux driver for MPL3115A2 sensor. We are using IMAX8MQ-EVK board and want to integrate MPL3115A2 sensor.    I appreciate your help. 
    Girija Virupaxi chougala
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  • PN7462AU Secondary bootloader UART

    Hi , I was working with PN7462AU OTA referring the document "AN10995 LPC1100 secondary bootloader" application note.I tried porting the secondary bootloader code. I am able to jumb from seconday bootloader to applicat...
    Midhun V R
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  • Easy to Use Evaluation Kit for Pressure Sensors

    I'm looking for an evaluation board (tool kit) for MPXv72015 series of pressure sensors (for vacuum measurement).   Something as close to how Sensirion does their evaluation kits. Straight forward and easy as I'...
    Soody Tronson
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