• How to choose the substitute of Magnetic field sensor(KMZ10A)

    If the Magnetic field sensor(such as KMZ10A)has stopped production. How can I choose other magnetic field sensor to replace it. Are there have some Selection parameters to choose sensor,such as Hy、Hx or sensitiv...
    JIn Fan
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  • High-resolution radar sensor

    Dear NXP-Community, I am looking for a high-resolution radar sensor for one robot application; in particular, I need a sensor able to provide a quite dense point cloud (2-dimensional, no elevation required) as output....
    Giacomo Pirinoli
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  • MMA8652 Clearing Interrupts

    I have been having great success so far using this MMA8652 part in my project.   My remaining issue is the following ... all works well and interrupts fire as expected.  However when I move my device in...
    Scott Harsany
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  • Choosing pressure sensor to meet accuracy requirements for Blood Pressure Measurement

    Hello, I'm working on the design of a Non-Invasive Blood Pressure monitor. I'm choosing a pressure sensor to meet the specifications needed to comply with standard IEC 60601-2-30, which applies to this kind of device...
    Gustavo Roitman
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  • Can I get an NDA for TPMS customers?

    Dear NXP, I am a member of ZLG, an agent of NXP. Anjia is currently developing the Bus TPMS and needs more information (FXTH871511DT1  REG #: R691261). Can you help apply for an NDA? Anjia's information is as fo...
    天泉 成
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  • Which set of pin names to use for MPXV5010DP?

    Hi,   For part number MPXV5010DP, please advise on which set of pin names / pin functions to use.   https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/MPX5010.pdf   Page 14 of the datasheet (per link above) show...
    Fei Leong
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  • Barometric pressure readings are inconsistent.  MPL115A1

    Why am I seeing the barometric readings fluctuate when accessing the barometric pressure registers of the MPL115A1?
    Frederick Eady
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  • RD9Z1-638-4Li-SW Current measurement

    Hi all I’m working with the demo software provided by Freescale for RD9Z1-638-4Li-SW. I’m finding it when I reading the current measurement register (ACQ_CURR) there always something wrong (I think).Becau...
    主 竹
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  • FXLSA0322 output data rate

    I want to know what is the data rate of FXLSA0322?The customer needs a minimum data rate of 500HZ, but I don't know if FXLSA0322 is compatible.And what does LSB 4P 800HZ stand for?
    Ren Lei
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    Hi Team   I'm looking for NXP part for the following product    Product INFO: SENSOR PRES 100PSI GAUG 3.3V SMT Description : Pressure Sensor 100PSI (689.48kPa) Vented Gauge Male - 0.19" (4.93mm) Tube...
    David O Reardon
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  • MMA8652FC - Bare metal example project

    Hi Everyone,   I would like to share here another simple bare-metal example code/demo for the Xtrinsic MMA8652FC digital accelerometer that I have created while working with the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z development ...
    Tomas Vaverka
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  • TSON8 marking

    Hi, What is the meaning of the unit marking on TSON8 package (MPL115A2 device)?     Thank you!
    Junnifer Doclosen
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  • Leakage issue about the MPXV5050GP

    Hi, we are using the MPXV5050GP, and find that there is the leakage issue about the sensor. we did the test as following: we use the syringe and give the sensor a pressure of 20kpa, then we keep the pressure and find ...
    alan he
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  • how to use MMA8653FC to implement tilt protection

    Hello, I have an application of compressor fridge on the vehicle, there should be a tilt protection function for the compressor. for example, if the angle is more 30 degree vs horizontal direction, to switch off compr...
    Hardy xiang
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  • MMA8652FC - Auto-WAKE/SLEEP mode

    Hello Community,   One of the main features of the NXP accelerometers is the Auto-WAKE/SLEEP mode.   I would like to share this project in order to demonstrate the feasibility of using the Low-power and auto...
    David Diaz Marin
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  • Set the RF to a fixed transmission frequency

    Is there any software to set the fixed frequency of RF transmission on NXP website? Or a test software that sets a fixed RF transmission frequency. I'm currently developing a project for TPMS, The chip used is ...
    0125 lg
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  • MMA8452Q Linux Driver

    Hi,Sir: When we use "Linux kernel modules for MMA845xQ accelerometers" to driver MMA8452Q, but after complie and text. But always got wrong data, pls check the pic information of log and I2C in attached for detial. ...
    George Li
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  • Differences between MPX5700 series

    What is the difference between MPX5700GS and MPX5700GP and MPX5700GP1? Since the MPX5700GS has been discontinued, can either of MPX5700GP or MPX5700GP1 directly replace MPX5700GS?
    Yuna Kim
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  • 3D STEP model:MPL3115A2 LGA 8 Package

      LGA 8 PACKAGE 5.0 mm x 3.0 mm x 1.1 mm  
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  • 3D STEP model: Unibody Package with Side Port Case 867B-04

    Unibody Packge with Side Port_867B-04  
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