• MMA8451 Fluctuation

    Hi ,   We are using mma8451 in our imx6 custom board.We tried following the instruction given in the below link for the register settings How to use 2G, 4G, 8G modes in MMA8451Q Accelerometer?  But doing ...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • how to use Pressure Measurement Characteristic to calculate Pressure

    hi, I'm working in a project with TPMS. using the example program i get de array gu16UUAA, looking at the formula i dont know how to calculate de pressure using that table. please any guide will be appreciated
    javier pernia
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  • MPR121 can not communction

     I try to use mcu communcate the MPR121 ,raed all registers ,get 0xff.if somewhere wrong ? Have anyoneelse met this problem? My configration follow : void mpr121QuickConfig(void) { I2C_Write(0x80, 0x63); I2C...
    xuebin zhang
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  • MMA9555LR MOTION SENSOR ... Not reading

    Dear All, We have developed our customized board based on MMA9555LR for Motion sensing, but MMA9555LR is communicating / reading any data. Kindly let me know how to resolve this issue.   1. Any Hardware check p...
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  • MAG3110 output values

    Hello,   I try to use MAG3110 sensor with an arduino due board. I have a question about the output values and the link with RAW bit in crtl_reg2.   My configuration :      crtl_reg1 = 0x...
    Nicolas DECROZE
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  • MPXV7002 warm-up drift

    Hello,   We are using pressure sensor MPXV7002 in our application where it needs to sample at 100Hz (also averaging multiple samples to reduce the noise). The device needs to start sampling as soon as it is turn...
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  • MPR121 capacitive buttons sensitivity overlay

    Hi,     I'm working with this IC (MPR121) and I have developed it with PIC32. Problem is I can't get the enough sensitivity I need. I tried to modify:      - Threshold  ...
    Jonathan Lopez
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  • MPR121 SET / CLEAR register bytes problems

    Hi, I bought a MPR121 breakout sensor. I have set the 4 touch sensors an 8 LEDs Outs on GPIO 4 to 11. GPIO 4 is bit b0 and GPIO 11 is b7, All works fine, I sent 0x0F to SET register (0x78) and 0xF0 to Clear Register (...
    Jose Luis Caresani
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  • I'm looking for the right processor for a MMA865...

    Dear members, i'm a newbie in this chat. But i hope you can help me. Our company is looking for the right processor for using an MMA865 accelerometer. We want to detect the deceleration and the tilt of a vehicle. It ...
    Christopher Gaudes
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  • mpl115a1

    9 months ago I was told mpl115a1 was EoL and no plans for replacement. This is not shown on site is it confusion between brother part with I2C xxxA2?
    Richard Armitage
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  • MMA8653FC stencil openings — datasheet error?

    I think there might be an error in the MMA8653FC datasheet. It says:   "Stencil opening = PCB land pad – 0.05 mm smaller all around = 0.55 mm x 0.175 mm"   The pads are 0.600mm x 0.225mm, so 0.05mm s...
    Jan Rychter
    created by Jan Rychter
  • MPL115A1 reflow environment

    We are using the MPL115A1.  The data sheet recommends reflow in an inert environment.  Is that to minimize corrosion of the part leads and board pads during reflow or is there a possibility of damaging the s...
    Randy Waite
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  • What is the expected variance of MPL3115?

    What is the expected variance of MPL3115?  Specifically, what is the distribution of sample readings in a controlled chamber?  For example, if a part was placed in a chamber and the pressure value was read m...
    Abbey Blade
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  • ZStar Project help needed

    I'm trying to develop a new product utilizing the ZStar wireless 3-axis accelerometer as a component. I love the device, but I'm primarily a hardware guy. So, to simplfy some of the programming necessary, I'm using Vi...
    Robert Hamilton
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  • MPL115A2 temperature measurement?

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know if it is possible to get accurate temperature form data delivered by the sensor. I tried to use following equation: Temp_comp = (605.75 - Temp_ADC) / 5.35 but calculated temperature was sm...
    Robert Wolgajew
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  • MPR031 HELP!!!

    Please help me! I use MPR031, and I can not start-up. When I send 0x4A address, line is tied to ground and I cannot send command address. When I send address from all range of possible, MPR031 does not respond. MPR03...
    Alexandr Kerb
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  • Help me pick an accelerometer

    I've been playing with an MMA7660FC, but I think it's not the part I'm looking for. If it is, please correct me   I'm interested in detecting linear motion, and not so much rotational. The main thing I want to ...
    Tom Ruby
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  • Pressure sensor!!

    Has anyone used any of Freescale pressure sensors before? I got a sample of (MPXV5050GP) that is used in the application note (AN1571). I am having a difficulty dealing with these sensors and I believe it is because o...
    Ehab Saleh
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