• S32V

    Hi    I would like to check with you on the S32V product. What is the Max camera signal interface is able to connect up to and process at the same time. How many algorithm can i run at the same time du...
    Willson Toh
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  • Read CAN-FD Using S32V234 Transceivers

    Hello,   I am trying to read in CAN FD data using S32V234 CAN transceivers on BlueBox via SocketCAN.   So far, I have been able to: Read and write non-FD CAN data using both CAN0 and CAN1 transceivers. U...
    Chris Tharp
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  • Why FCCU is not disable the Output PINs by cleared SIUL2[SMC]?

      Hi,     I want to use FCCU in test mode 0 (FCCU_F0 = Intput and FCCU_F0 = Output) in order to deactivate some output PINs. Used state transition: Normal -> Fault. Used controller: S32V234 &#...
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  • Port IRQ on S32V234

    Hi,   I wan't to generate a PORT IRQ. I configured the desired PIN and IRQ settings in SIUL2. After triggering the PIN from outside, the corresponding flag in SIUL2.DISR0 is set but the ISR function is not calle...
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  • Interface Camera 8 MP

    Hello, Is it possible to interface a 8 MP-Camara with 30 FpS to the S32V? Thank you!
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  • EEPROM device connecting via SPI interface

    We would like to use the EEPROM device (P/N S25A080A) via SPI interface of S32V234. Can S32V234 support device which using more than 32bits CMD? Because, S25A080A is using 8, 16, 32 and more than 32bits CMD. ther...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • Linux BSP for SBC-S32V234 EVB

    anyone can point to me the right direction for getting the Linux BSP for  SBC-S32V234? thanks!
    David Nomiddlename Wu
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  • S32V234 + UB964 + UB913 +OV10635

    H/W: S32V234-EVB2 + UB964 + UB913 (SerDes) + OV10635 (Camera) S/W: S32V BSP 15.0 + S32 Design Studio 2.0   Hi Experts,   There is a customer requirement of porting S32V234 + UB964 + UB913 + OV10635 for sur...
    Wayne Kuo
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  • Apex core timeout

    When I using two apex core to work together. The apex core will do not trigger a interrupt to the cpu side until getting the semphore timeout.   How to debug this problem? Do you have ever had this problem ? Wh...
    mark wang
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  • sja1105 driver package build into Kernel image

    H / W: S32V234-EVB2 S/W: BSP 15.0 Yocto project   Hi Experts,   We are trying to use NFS to flash on-board eMMC, but facing a issue of mounting NFS on S32V234-EVB2. We obtained the UART Boot Tool from NXP'...
    Wayne Kuo
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  • SUPPORT NEWS:  NXP will soon remove this S32V Community webpage, so if anyone has any support request or issues please visit www.nxp.com/support and register service request so NXP can follow-up directly to your request.  Thanks, NXP S32V Marketing

    Phil Pesses
    created by Phil Pesses
  • I met a problem in compiling demo examples tutorial

       Hi , I followed the tutorials in Quick-Start-Packages and I had create BSP with VSDK support, but when I was tring to compile demo examples I got some error messages, I had shot the screen .Would any...
    heyi tan
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  • Compatibility of Linux BSP provided by NXP with SBC-S32V234 board

    Hello,   I would like to know Linux BSP provided by NXP is compatible with SBC-S32V234 board or not?   Best Regards, Somnath
    Somnath Holkar
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  • SBC-S32V234 board, HDMI not working

    1、Is there anyone using SBC-S32V234 board? the following attached pic 1.   2、I want to display output to displayer via HDMI, but it does not work.  Does anyone can  give some tips?   There are th...
    zhiwei.zhang zhang
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  • h.264 specifications in S32V234

    Hello..? I have some doubt while reading the datasheet of s32v234 ( https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/S32V234.pdf ). The document (page 7) says that s32v234 support H.264 video decoder (8/10/12-b...
    Mach Lee
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  • I met problem in S32V Ethernet

    Hi all, I can't launch Ethernet service in S32V234EVB,it is shown below:   Stopping network...Starting network... [ 230.805376] fec 40032000.ethernet eth0: Freescale FEC PHY driver [Generic PHY] (mii_bus:phy_ad...
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  • Physical parameters of FC-BGA

    Hi. What are the physical parameters of FC-BGA 621? This is packege for S32v234, i read two datasheets and can't understand how to draw a physical model S32v234 in Altium Designer. In 1st file says -"21x21 mm" , 2 - "...
    Eugene Shatlov
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  • What's the exact part number of the IC used in the S32V234-EVB2?

    Hi All, I'd like to buy the  S32V234-EVB2, but I can't find the exact part number of S32V234 used in that board? And can I buy that IC? What's more, in my shopping cart the S32V234-EVB2 shows pending ...
    alan huang
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  • APECV gftt corner detector error

    Hello,   I am currently trying to use good feature to track corner detector from apexcv in one of my project. I was able to call Initilize() and Process() function without error code return (these functions alwa...
    Xue Wong
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  • S32V234-EVB2 user manual

    We have S32V234-EVB2 on hand but can't find user manual or get started doc. Any way that we can find thru weblink or ?   Thanks, Nelson
    nelson yang
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