• How to read gpio value in s32v234 uboot

    hi NXP,           s32v234 uboot  stage, we want to use Port PB5 and PB6 as GPIO function, we want to simulate i2c. Now we can set PB5 and PB6 to output high and low, set as bel...
    zhao cuiqin
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  • Synchronous Abort Issue S32V

    Hello Experts!   I am receiving this error message here when trying to boot an S32V234 from an SD card.   U-Boot 2016.01+g4627170 (May 22 2019 - 12:48:54 -0700) CPU: NXP S32V234 V2.0 at 1000 MHz Rese...
    Hussein Fahema
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  • Calibration and measuring for S32V234

    The chip used by our controller is S32V234, which uses the Linux operating system. We want to calibrate and modify the parameters of the application running in the hardware. We also want to be able to monitor and meas...
    Logan Zhang
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  • Documentation about resolution vs frame rate for s32v234

    s32v324 board. The datasheet specifies this chip works with 1080p, 30fps inputs. Is other frame rates with different resolution supported? For example: Can I work with 640x512 format at 60 fps? or 2048x1536 at 15fps?
    Yi Sun
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  • Information for substrate diameter between S32V BGA ball and IC package

    Hello team,   My customer wants to know the information of substrate diameter between S32V234 BGA ball and IC package. Even though I have tried to find out the information but I could not find it. So, could yo...
    David Lee
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  • 利用S32VSBC开发一款摄像头

    利用S32DS的Example,isp_csi_dcu。提示Failed to pop ISP output frame,请问各路大神有没有类似调试经验,求指点
    国栋 范
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  • S23V234 platform:the max current per power supply

    1.do you have the detail list that the max current per power supply about the s23v234 platfrom?because many customers request the detail table for deigning the product's power domain.    the name of per pow...
    Yuanming Shu
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  • NXP product composition list investigation and compliance with standards!

    whether the NXP’s Product(All automative IC) contains the asbestos? Whether the NXP products(All automative IC) meet the standards that is BT/Sgmwj0849-2015 standard? If need the prove the asbestos compos...
    Yuanming Shu
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  • emmc can't be formatted

    Hi, We have developed a platform using S32V234 as the main controller, and have made many boards,among them there are some emmc can't be formatted. There is a 32G emmc(MTFC32GAKAEEF-AIT) per board. the process is, fi...
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  • s32v234sbc minipcie not work

    Hi:    I used the s32v234sbc development board to connect a pcie to usb module of renesas (uPD720202). This module has spi communication firmware attached externally, so there is no need to burn the fi...
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  • s32v234-evb sd-card image

    Good morning. I'm trying to create a bootable SD card for the S32V234 Evaluation Board. But somehow I get the following error in Matlab: "C: \ Users \ waclab \ Documents \ MATLAB \ Add-Ons \ Toolboxes \ NXP_Vision_T...
    Willian Campo
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  • S32V234 bare metal M4 interrupts

    HI, I've been working with S32K14x parts for a while and am migrating code onto S32V234. I am trying to get some bare metal programs working and fire some timer interrupts. I have the PLL set up and have seen the the ...
    Matt Ripley
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  • uPD720202 xHCI Host Controller

    Hi       I have a module with uPD720202 Soc,Connected to the s32v234sbc development board, I have asked in the s32 section, but did not reply, this question belongs to the general questi...
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  • not found ramsmp-3.5.0.tar.gz for Building the Linux BSP using Yocto

    hi.   I tried to builing the Linux BSP using YOCTO about s32v234sbc.   I followed step in Auto_linux_bsp_18.0_User Manual Linux BSP (Rev. 1. 12. 08/2018)   When I followed 2.1.1 Building default YOCT...
    kyeonghwa Jeong
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  • on s32v234 freescale board, what is procedure  porting of ready algorithm using linux bsp and vision sdk?

    hi, i am working on s32v234 evb and i have ready algorithm for vision and sensor fusion for ADAS. But i am stuck with steps to follow to port those algorithms on to the same board using  Linux OS and Linux BSP's...
    shivaraj moger
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  • s32v234 sbc

    Can you transplant Ubuntu to s32v234 development board, do you have any documents about it?
    caihang cai
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  • Boot fail on S32V234 EVB

    Hello experts,   (Sorry for putting in this space; the S32V space is disabled for some reason!)   I am having issues booting Linux on an S32V234-EVM (28899 Rev D). I am using the pre-built images (I tried...
    Erez Steinberg
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  • NXP S32v平台如何配置四路视频进行H264编码

    大家好!     我目前在开发H264硬件编解码工作,我遇到的问题是不知道如何配置把输出四路视频转换为YUV420P然后进行编码。 配置文件已上传附件,谢谢!   问题如下: CAM0 | out(RGB/YUV) in h264(hw) |------>BUF1 CAM1|------------------------------------------ |------>BUF...
    Jim Robert
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  • How to configure four-way camera for H264 hardware encoding?

    Hi, I use s32v board to develop an encoder and an H264 UDP streamer. But encountered some problems. how to configure the path without documents, The goal is : - capture 4 video stream(OV10635) - encode and gene...
    Jim Robert
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  • About the Consumption about S32V Reference Design

    For the reference design SCH-29288,  we have a consumption emulation sheet as below :  For the 1.35V , One customer ask how to calculate the current, I need help on this case.   Th...
    Jinyu Zhang
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