• Hi, I am working on S32V234 EVB board, I want to connect the LTL106HL01, Microsoft Surface LVDS (LCD) to S32V234 Board. Please tell me what type of FPC connector is used the connect the board with LCD.

    Akash Gaikwad
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  • Interfacing with S32V234 Sony Camera

    What are the steps to importing video from the Sony camera provided with the S32V234 EVB?   I am at the point where I can execute C++ code on the EVB.   I believe it has something to do with CSI MIPI inter...
    Benedict Sim
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  • SDK for S32V234-evb

    Hello, I'm interested in the new S32V234 processor. so I'm considering purchasing the S32V234-evb-D package. but I just found that the package is consist of hardware only like below. http://www.nxp.com/webapp/webap...
    Hannoh Yoon
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  • "Getting started" documentation for S32V234-EVB-D?

    I just received the S32V234-EVB-D. It didn't come with any documentation. I would like to know if you have any documentation online that is similar to "Getting Started"?
    Kris Gibson
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  • How To Setup The CSE In The Boot Memory Map

    Hello Folks,   I have received a file cse_fl_fw.c  from Dave Kemble, which I believe to be the CSE code for the S32V.  However, the section on Secure Callback for the IVT Boot Up in the reference manua...
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  • SPI driver for S32v234

    Hi,   I am currently working on S32v234 custom board. I have to implement SPI driver code and application to test it. In Latest BSP8 source code the "dspi" driver is compiled, but in root file system it shows o...
    Swathi Reddy
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  • PIN configuration according to Custom BOARD(S32V2XX)

    Hi,   I have modified I2C pins according to our custom board. While kernel booting it getting failed message but it is successfully configured.   [    0.891190] s32v234-siul2 4006c000.siul:...
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  • .srec file creation.

    Hi,   Can anyone help in creating .srec file in S32 design studio..   Thank you 
    dileep balgi
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  • prebuilt Linux images to boot the S32V234-EVB board?

    My company received two S32V234-EVB boards from NXP but they don't appear to have any linux OS or even uboot on them.  The best I could do is get partial serial communication working over the micro USB conne...
    Michael Sawyer
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  • 32V234 EVB (for $2500): does any additional Software/Hardware/Debug tools are included for this price or its only for single Evaluation Board.

    S32V234 EVB (for $2500): does any additional Software/Hardware/Debug tools are included for this price or its only for single Evaluation Board? Additional Software/Hardware/Debug tools (IDE/compilers/simulation/on boa...
    Anton Voloshchuk
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  • FTF-ACC-F1272 The Dawn of Automated Vehicles A Long Time Dream Becoming RealityV1.pptx

    The coming of Automated vehicle is not a question of   “if” but of “when” and how to prepare for it. This session will introduce the audience to the state of the art in this fascinati...
    Davide Santo
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