• How to read gpio value in s32v234 uboot

    hi NXP,           s32v234 uboot  stage, we want to use Port PB5 and PB6 as GPIO function, we want to simulate i2c. Now we can set PB5 and PB6 to output high and low, set as bel...
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  • S23V234 platform:the max current per power supply

    1.do you have the detail list that the max current per power supply about the s23v234 platfrom?because many customers request the detail table for deigning the product's power domain.    the name of per pow...
    Yuanming Shu
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  • NXP product composition list investigation and compliance with standards!

    whether the NXP’s Product(All automative IC) contains the asbestos? Whether the NXP products(All automative IC) meet the standards that is BT/Sgmwj0849-2015 standard? If need the prove the asbestos compos...
    Yuanming Shu
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  • Why FCCU is not disable the Output PINs by cleared SIUL2[SMC]?

      Hi,     I want to use FCCU in test mode 0 (FCCU_F0 = Intput and FCCU_F0 = Output) in order to deactivate some output PINs. Used state transition: Normal -> Fault. Used controller: S32V234 &#...
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  • SUPPORT NEWS:  NXP will soon remove this S32V Community webpage, so if anyone has any support request or issues please visit www.nxp.com/support and register service request so NXP can follow-up directly to your request.  Thanks, NXP S32V Marketing

    Phil Pesses
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  • What's the exact part number of the IC used in the S32V234-EVB2?

    Hi All, I'd like to buy the  S32V234-EVB2, but I can't find the exact part number of S32V234 used in that board? And can I buy that IC? What's more, in my shopping cart the S32V234-EVB2 shows pending ...
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  • S32V: SRC_GPR Registers: Write failures?

    Hi,   I'm trying to configure the PCIE related registers on the S32v EVB board and I keep encountering strange behaviour. For example, once QNX is up and running on the S32V EVB board, I tried reading the SRC_G...
    Ekta Sachdev
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  • Yocto S32V Kernel Panic

    We are currently building the BSP 15 for the S32V. The Yocto build is successfull and we can boot from the generated image. However during boot, we get a kernel panic, the init script simply fails with an error (-2). ...
    Hennadiy Yatskov
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  • How to get the script from the alb-tools used to create .hyperflash image

    I am working on S32V234EVB28899 these days. When booting from hyperflash, we need a .hyperflash image.  The following is from Linux_BSP_15.0_User_Manual.pdf : A .hyperflash image can be created using this scrip...
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    hello  Can I use OPENCV function, libraries to write programs based on S32v234EVB: Best Regards
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  • S32V234 Processor Temperature Sensor

    Hi,   We are using S32V234 Processor from NXP and are trying to read the temperature Sensor Values. It will be helpful if any one can provide any input on how to read Temperature Sensor Values for S32V234 on chi...
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  • Why Machine Learning is impacting several industries?

    Machine Learning (ML) is the science of how computers can improve their perception, cognition, and action with experience; in other words, ML teaches computers to learn from experience by using adaptive algorithms com...
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  • S32DS_ARM_Linux_v1.3.bin Install: No Java VM could be found from PATH.

     Hi,when I install S32DS_ARM_Linux_v1.3.bin in ubuntu 14.04, I got messege in shell: Preparing to install... Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive... Configuring the installer for th...
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  • Vision systems are the core of ADAS

    Vehicles are no longer mechanical modes of transportation; nowadays, they have a lot of technology that is turning them into advanced uber-connected information and entertainment centers. We are currently experiencing...
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  • Computer Vision might be the largest part of AI

    Computer Vision (CV) is an interdisciplinary science that enables machines to see, identify, and process images —similar to the way human vision does, but also to provide an appropriate output: interpret, a...
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  • Fundamentally, Neural Networks allows machines to learn

    Artificial Neural Network (ANN) consists of connections made from thousands interconnected artificial neurons sequentially stacked in layers. The layered ANN is one of the key features to have Machine Learning (ML): t...
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  • Neural Networks are useful in several industrial applications

    Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are algorithmic constructs that enable machines to learn (without task-specific programming) to do things by analyzing hand-labeled training examples. ANN are parallel computational mo...
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  • How AI is driving the automotive industry

    The Electronic Highway, an IEEE Spectrum article written in the early 1970s by engineers Robert Fenton and Karl Olson, hypothesized that the future of automated vehicles would be dependent on a smart infrastructure th...
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  • Artificial Intelligence is essentially transforming our reality

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of imitating cognitive functions to create intelligent machines —by using smart computer programs, that react and carry out tasks normally done by peop...
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  • How can I implement the CSI 4 data lanes in the S32V234?

    Hi,I am working on the customizing board referring to S32V234 evb board. We use the 2 csi lanes with ov10640 sensor. It seems to be same configuration with S32V234 evb board. we use customizing S32 design studio s/...
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