• SDK with C++ S32DS project

    Hi, how can I create a C++ S32DS project using S32 SDK?   (i'm trying on S32K144 EVB)   thanks Nicola
    Nicola Bogoni
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  • FS6503 problem

    Hi,team.   In my hardware design, the 6503 FS1B function is not used. Will this pin affect the chip when it is suspended?When the 6503 does not use the FS1B pin function, what does the software need to do?Or you...
    张 舜毅
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  • How to maintain the data in some SRAM area, not intialized?

    When the system jumps from application program to boot, it needs to read the data in SRAM in boot, so it is hoped that the data in SRAM in this part will not be initialized. I have tried to disable BIST,but in va...
    群 张
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  • PCA2129 with S32G

    Hi,   We use pca2129 rtc on s32g board. Can I know which kernel driver I should use to drive this component? Then I can config my device tree file. I am using bsp24.0 release.   Thanks, Xiaodong
    Xiaodong Hu
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  • a problem about the s32k144 ftm3_int-pdb-adc in the 3 phase pmsm

    dear all, when I debug  the 3 phase pmsm program named  "MTRDEVKSPNK144_DualShunt"  downloaded from the  nxp official website   on  the thes32k144EVB-Q100  board. it alway...
    zhang hang
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  • SPI slave mode Receiving issue

    Dear all: Enable interrupt mode, is it normal for interrupt to enter here? Only after multiple runs can the data sent by the host be received completely correctly. The main machine adopts lpc1769. What's the reaso...
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  • LSPI Transfer fail with Assert for non 32 bit multiples

    Trying to upgrade a previous MC33664 driver up to the latest ARMV2.2 S32DS tools and the latest RTM 3.03 SDK.   So far I have found that the older BCC library relies on 5,10 or 15 byte packets etc - all multiple...
    Mike Newton
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  • BSP24.0 Yocto u-boot compilation error

    Hello,   I am using bsp24.0 and trying to build u-boot with my own patch, this patch is only reconfig some ddr pins due to hardwar pins swapping, when I applied this patch, "bitbake -c compile -f u-boot" is...
    Xiaodong Hu
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  • About  Ethernet communication

    I can use netassist to send and receive message between mpc5748g and my pc by using the example gived by S32ds examples.What software is used to test the real-time, rate, reliability and packet loss rate of Ethernet c...
    Wu Mingzhe
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  • The startup time in S32R274 is too long

    The startup time is too long for me, and I found the process of initializing SRAM ECC costs about 80ms. If I delete this process, It cannot start normally. So, How can I reduce the time in startup.s?  
    群 张
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  • S32K Lin Slave Autobaud Error Question 

    Deall All:    I have a lin slave demo problem with my S32K116 EVB,I use S32DS expert atuo generate code.The RX input interrupt capture config is right ,When I run the project the result of function is ...
    成梁 钟
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  • Integrate CMSIS with FreeRTOS in S32DS

    Hi, Is it possible to integrate CMSIS with FreeRTOS on S32DS using S32K14xx. If possible, please suggest how to develop basic  CAN/LPUART communication using freeRTOS. Only one FreeRTOS sample code available can...
  • SDK for configuring eDMA in a multicore app

    SDK Guys,   my question is about using SDK (on MPC5777C, but general) for configuring eDMA in a multicore application. There are many DMA channels configured which move data from peripherals to RAM within Core ...
    Milan Brejl
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  • Startup Problem: PIN-Reset vs. PWR-ON-Reset

    Hi everybody,   I'm a little bit confused, I try to use a S32K116 with internal Clock. After Flash "Release FLASH" with S32Studio everything runs fine (incl. timer interrupt). After Reset by PIN (connect RESET...
    Bastian Heid
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  • APU Compiler License Expired

    Hi, Guys         My APU Compiler License has expired, so how do I get a new license ?    Thank you
    Weilly Li
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  • S32 Design Studio SDK for USB Power Delivery

    Does anyone know if the S32 Design Studio has an SDK for USB Power Delivery?
    Bill Smith
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  • S32K ADC HW averaging issue

    Hello,   MCU: S32K146 SDK: S32SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_3.0.0 RTOS: FreeRTOS   With the next ADC configuration: - Clock: 8 MHz - Number of ticks per sample: 12 - Trigger: by PDB - HW averaging:&...
    Adria Perez
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  • Connect 6 cameras on Bluebox

    Hi, I learned from this that NXP bluebox can connect 8 cameras. Then I click into the description of S32V2 Vision MPUs and it mentions the supported camera options is as below I would like to connec...
    Chiaueng Chiu
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  • SDK problem in S32 Design Studio for ARM 2.2

    Hello,   As to the problem I met: Errors in official example  I reinstall the S32DS.  This time I use the latest version "S32DS_ARM_Win32_v2.2.exe". After installation, I have not installed any ...
    haifeng lu
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  • S32K144 Watchdog

    Hello,         In my project, wdg_pal component configuration as follow. I use OSIF_TimeDelay function for a 2s dealy, before this function is called,  i feed watchdo...
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