• S32_SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_4.0.0.exe is installed, how to deploy in S32DS?

    I am currently using S32DS for arm V2.0. After installing S32_SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_4.0.0.exe, I cannot find the S32_SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_4.0.0 example in the creation example. how to deploy in S32DS?
    Kun Liu
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  • Rebulid VSDK kernel modules error

    Hi, I want to rebulid kernel like csi.o, and while reading VisionSDK_S32V2_RTM_1_3_0 user guide. Some questions occurred at 3.3.1 and 3.3.2.    3.3.1General Preparation o export LINUX_S32V234_DIR=/linux/so...
    Martin MA
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  • Disable SPLL and FIRC

    Hello,   Where can I find Disable SPLL or FIRC API in SDK?  Should I generate one more clock configuration in order to disable SPLL and FIRC before entering VLPS mode?  I also can't find DeInit ...
    Kate Lee
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  • A probably error in S32K SDK

    Hello:     I have found a error in the power_smc_hw_access.c in S32_SDK_DFP1.2.0 that in line 363 the register to juge is SMC->PMPROT but the mask bit is PMCTRL, is this a error? ( The Appendix...
    dan Li
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  • S32K144 CAN extended format frames'  SRR bit = 1 or 0?

    About S32K144 CAN extended format frames'  SRR bit setting 1 or 0?     1. Describe  In the S32K1xx Series Reference Manual:     SRR — Substitute Remote Request Fixed recessiv...
    guangwen li
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    I am debugging the example csec_keyconfig_s32k116 to understand how CSEc and AES 128 encryption works. But I am seeing that CSEC_DRV_LoadPlainKey() function always returns STATUS_ERROR. Regardless of whether it is cal...
    Juan Manuel
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  • SPLL_CLK can not selected as SCS_CLK

    S32 Design Studio for ARM  Cpu:S32K116_48 S32_SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_3.0.0 use clock_manager my problem is: as in the following picture,I can't select SPLL_CLK as SCS_CLK. who can help me,think you!
    li shaoyong
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  • lwip_s32k148

    I would like to ask if you only need to connect the Ethernet transceiver with the enet interface of S32K to use the routine based on lwip_s32k148 in SDK. What I need now is to realize UDP communication based on freert...
    王强 王
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  • Regarding Restart a process

    Hello,    When I use SDK examples with debug_ram, the error occurred and the code didn't implement normally after RESTART as below, could you explain about this symptom? Is it normal behavior?   ...
    Kate Lee
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  • RTM SDK QSPI watermark functions/QSPI example.

    S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 with Update 11.   Example project qspi_external_flash_s32k148 from "S32K1xx RTM SDK v3.0.0" (can't find a 3.0.2 example but "S32 Design Studio S32K1xx SDK RTM 3.0.2 Patch for SD...
    Magnus Johansson
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  • SDK required although I installed the latest version of SDK

    Hello, I have a problem when I try to install an existing project.
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  • SDK with C++ S32DS project

    Hi, how can I create a C++ S32DS project using S32 SDK?   (i'm trying on S32K144 EVB)   thanks Nicola
    Nicola Bogoni
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  • Integrate CMSIS with FreeRTOS in S32DS

    Hi, Is it possible to integrate CMSIS with FreeRTOS on S32DS using S32K14xx. If possible, please suggest how to develop basic  CAN/LPUART communication using freeRTOS. Only one FreeRTOS sample code available can...
  • Startup Problem: PIN-Reset vs. PWR-ON-Reset

    Hi everybody,   I'm a little bit confused, I try to use a S32K116 with internal Clock. After Flash "Release FLASH" with S32Studio everything runs fine (incl. timer interrupt). After Reset by PIN (connect RESET...
    Bastian Heid
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  • S32K ADC HW averaging issue

    Hello,   MCU: S32K146 SDK: S32SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_3.0.0 RTOS: FreeRTOS   With the next ADC configuration: - Clock: 8 MHz - Number of ticks per sample: 12 - Trigger: by PDB - HW averaging:&...
    Adria Perez
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  • Is there API to get APEX2 consumption?

    When running an image processing on s32v234, I want to know consumption of APEX2 cores; for example, APEX2-0: XXX%, APEX2-1: XXX%. Is there any API or the solution?
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  • How to use apexcv::LKPyramidOpticalFlow

    According to The APEX-CV Library document, apexcv::LKPyramidOpticalFlow::Initialize has following arguments: aSrc0Desc, aSrc1Desc, aCoor0Desc, aCoor1Desc, aCoor1Desc_O. I want to know meaning of aCoor0Desc, aCoor1Desc...
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  • Can't enter VLPS mode inFreeRTOS by using S32SDK_S32K14x_RTM_2.0.0.

    Hello,   I am working on S32K144 in FreeRTOS, using SDK S32SDK_S32K14x_RTM_2.0.0. I try to enter VLPS mode by calling POWER_SYS_SetMode. Before start task scheduler, it works. But during tasks running, callin...
    Wenxing Zhang
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  • Multiple ADC channel in 5746R

    Hi,    The example is adc_pal_mpc5746r. I try to modify example program and use different inputs simultaneously (PB0~PB5 shown in figure) into MCU to get resVolts from variable "adc_...
    Wen Ji Ting
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  • LPI2C bus stuck if NACK received

    Hi, everyone,   I am supporting customer CA on LPI2C, and  found LPI2C will be stuck( SDA and SCL are hold low) with baudrate 100KHz when a NACK is received after writing an incorrect address to sl...
    Han Niu
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