• S32K144EVB gerber file

    Hello everyone,   at the moment Iam trying to design a board with the S32K144. I tried to find a link of the gerber of the S32K144EVB for Altium but could not find any link to download the data. Is it possible...
    Tobias Rummel
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  • LPSPI -Transfer Complete Interrupt

    Good afternoon, I am newbie in ARM world and I would like to kindly ask for help. I am using S32K148EVB-Q176. I would like to use LPSPI0 interrupt for complete transfer. I found  that I have to set TCIE bit in ...
    Daniel Petra-Kajnak
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  • Unable to use the strftime function defined in time file

    Hi, Iam working on s32k144 board using s32 design studio for ARM version 2018.R1. I was trying to use the function strftime defined in time.c file for getting the current time and date. But while using strftime in pr...
    Anoop R Nair
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  • S32K148 SAI - clock edge to data out

    Hello,   In my application I am using S32K148's SAI0 as transmitter and bitclock and framesync slave. I noticed that there is about 15-20ns delay between the external bit clock edge and data being output (please...
    Jakub Mielczarek
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  • S32K148-Q176 LPSPI communication

    Hello, guys!   Now i 'm trying to do lpspi communication on s32k148q176 EVB. I meet some problems. I want to use one lpspi as Master,and two lpspi as Slave. so I find one example project "lpspi_dma_s32k148". Th...
    Caroline Liu
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  • s32k148 package change

    Hello,everyone! I'm using S32K148EVB-Q176 ,finding the package in s32ds is S32K148_144. then I change its package to S32K148_176. but it shows some errors. I don't know how to solve it.
    Caroline Liu
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  • how to use CYCLONE FX to unlock offline

    After offline programming of FS32K144 (program encryption  FSEC=11b) with CYCLONE FX, it cannot be programmed after power off and restart. Any good suggestions? Or how to use CYCLONE FX to unlock offline?
    Chengjiang Jia
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  • S32K VLPS mode entry and exit

    Hello all,         I have followed the Power management AN5425 pdf provided by Nxp for Power mode and exit  s32k116.      I have done for RUN to VLPS mode ...
    umesh shinde
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  • ADC SW Triggering not working

    Hi together   In a project I use a S32K148. There I want to use the ADC0 to measure different signals. For this i configured the different channels:   Now I have the problem, that only the first channe...
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  • S32K146 and SBCFS6503

    When I power on the FS6503 ,It only lasts 1.3s then shuts down . Our team can only use it's debug mode now.   /* Determine if it is necessary to re-initialize main register set. */ status = FS65_GetMode(&...
    张 舜毅
    created by 张 舜毅
  • S32k144-Problem about PWM output of FTM

    I want to output one PWM signal with 4000hz,50% duty cycle. I modify on the official  demo "ftm_pwm" ,the SDK is RTM3.0.0. I change the PE  configuration of PWM to "Edge-Aligned PWM" . ...
    qh c
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  • S32K146  IIC+freeRTos  return BUSY

    Firstly, the hardware is guaranteed to be normal, because IIC can be used to read the device when there is no RTos to get the device ID.   but,add freeRTos ,read IIC return BUSY.   Please analyse the follo...
    created by WANG LI
  • Bootloader of S32K118

    Bootloader can download the program to Flash, but the program is not started.What's the problem?Who can help me?Thank you very much.Bootloader is migrated from the S32 SDK demo. App link file is   m_interrupts&...
    zh ew
    created by zh ew

    Hi,   I have some doubts regarding S32K146/LQFP 144 microcontroller. If somebody will know,please answer it.   1. In the refernce manual of S32K146/LQFP 144, for I2C clock setting they mentioned one e...
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  • S32K148 - switching between RUN and VLPS

    Hello,   I'm trying to switch the S32K148 to VLPS mode to conserve power and wake it back up to RUN mode when the button is pressed. The SCG module is configured to run in Normal RUN mode with SOSC and SPLL...
    Tomas Frcek
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  • s32k148-lpspi-multi slave device

    lpspi Multi slave device   Hello guys! now I 'm using s32k148evb-q176 kit board, doing a project with lpspi. I find this chip has three lpspi namely lpspi0,lpspi1,lpspi2. and one lpspi has four CHIP SELECT....
    Caroline Liu
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  • S32K 146 lpspi rx overflow

    I use the spi for getting a data like upper picture. I sent two tx bytes, and get a data.   in this case first loop, I can get a right data in variable receive, but second loop i can't get a right data. ...
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  • S32K144 The number of CAN send/receive at once

    Hello,   I'm developing High-CAN/CAN-FD application with S32k144. The app sends and receives 22 can/can-fd data with different ID at once. Meanwhile, two CAN-FD data has to send but it hasn't while other high-ca...
    Soonhwan Jung
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  • how to write/read into FlexNVM in S32K144

    i want to perform simple write/read operation into FlexNVM after memory partition (allotted the whole 64KB for EEPROM). what are the linker file modifications for that? what is the way to write/read? is there any code...
    shivam chudasama
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  • Powering S32K144 EVB

    I am planning to use 12v 1.5Amp Adapter? Can you please suggest power rating limits of S32K144 EVB
    jay k
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