• S32K148 hangs up during wake up from VLPS

    Hi, MCAL is used. Go  to VLPS mode from Run mode and waked up by GPIO D & E interrupt. Both GPIO and NVIC interrupt are enabled and other interrupts are disabled. The wake up source interrupt is not the hig...
    pengcheng wang
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  • S32K146 SLOW_CLK

    HI, i use the s32k146MCU,the IDE is S32DS for ARM 2018 R1 i find something :                                       &#...
    ocean sea
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  • how to handle nested interrupt (interrupt within an interrupt) in S32K144

    for my project i'm reading I2C data with I2C_master_interrupt. i am also having port interrupt configured. i've also taken care of the priorities of both the interrupts. still whenever the execution is in port interru...
    shivam chudasama
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  • S32K148  lwip+freertos+phy

    Hello, I found that the phy used in the Lwip_S32K148 routine of SDK is TJA1011, but I want to use another PHY such as KSZ8041,. Which parts of the program should I modify to communicate, such as ping??
    王强 王
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  • S32K Flexio_Uart freertos

    Hello:   I use FLEXIO to simulate UART serial port,  NXP support demo is ok, But I cann’t send and receive anything in free_rtos system , Specify system is dead when runing FLEXIO_UART_DRV_SendDataBlo...
    liyun liyun
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  • No source available for "0x410"

    hi,i use the S32DS for ARM 2018.R1  develop  S32K146 MCU; Yesterday, the project is  ok ,i can debug my software. Because yesterday i backup and delete it,  today i import  this prj to S32DS...
    ocean sea
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  • How to trigger ADC back to back conversion periodically?

    Hi,   I am new to the S32K Environment. I have bought an S32K116 Evaluation Board on which i am trying to sample 6 ADC Channels at a sample rate of 20ksps. In the end i'd like to pass thoose raw values to anothe...
    Maximilian Weber
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  • How to get the interrupt  function name about the LPIT0 in the S32K116?

    How to get the interrupt  function name about the LPIT0 in the S32K116?  for example  the can interrupt name is "CAN0_ORed_0_31_MB_IRQHandler",the LPTMR0 interrupt name is "LPTMR0_IRQHandler",what ...
    an an
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  • In the S32K14x, why start stack in SRAM_U?

    In the S32K14x series, SRAM is divided into two regions: SRAM_L and SRAM_U. Documentation explicitly mentions that SRAM_L extends downwards. Depending on the SRAM size, SRAM_L start address is lower to facilitate larg...
    Joey van Hummel
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  • What's the suggested value for FOPT of S32K1XX

    Hi Support:   I have saw some questions and discussion about FOPT value in S32K1XX, but really when 0x7F is set in FOPT, the 0x400-0x40F couldn't be read back for verification. Since old version 0N77P ...
    Dawei You
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  • OpenSDA s32k144evb Linux Ubuntu 20.04 port not found

    S32 IDE for ARM can't detect Open SDA port in settings. I've installed libusb driver from PEMicro, but nothing was changed. DMESG output: [  489.635911] FAT-fs (sdc1): unable to read boot sector to mark fs as d...
    Alex Alexandrov
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  • placing data in an absolute address in flash(ROM)

    Hi, I'm trying to place a variable called my_checksum in an absolute flash location. Target is S32K144EVB and I'm using design studio 1.3. Here is what I did: In the linker file used for this project which is attach...
    Koorosh Hajiani
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  • set the system clock from program

    Hello, everybody, I am using the can_pal example for nxp s32k144 and would like to know how to change the system clock explicitly. I saw that in flex_Can you can use a Normal_Model_80 (or similar) function, but I don'...
    Pierpaolo Dini
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  • S32K144 Assumption for safety

    Hi   About the assumption of S32K144, I'm confused about how to implement it. Assumption: [SM_084] The application software must check the status registers of the RCM for error flags.   In my unders...
    liting zhao
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  • MTRDEVKSPNK144-Debug error, please help

    Hi there, I bought a S32K144 development kit  MTRDEVKSPNK144, and I tried to operate the kit to rotate the PMSM motor, I followed every instruction in the document Quick Start Guide MTRDEVKSPNK144 S32K144 Develo...
    Yanchao Fu
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  • S32K46 CAN 2.0 Sample point

    I have not found the classical CAN (not FD CAN) sample point in S32K-RM. So which method should be used to calculate classical CAN sample point below? 1).(1+TSEG1)/(1+TSEG1+TSEG2) 2. (1+TSEG1+PROP_SEG)/(1+TSEG...
    玉敏111 田
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  • What should be the value of seed and generator polynomial?

    Hi, I am using CRC module of S32K142, But I am not able to understand what should be the value of seed and generator polynomial for real CRC calculation on data. 
    Mr Alpha
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  • [S32K144EVB] Flash programming error occurring

    Dear all, I got a problem about the flash programming. I made a test project referred from a FLASH_Example of EAR SDK 0.8.2 and then I  executed debug mode on step by step procedure to verify an operation ...
    youngsam kim
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  • S32K14x HardFault

    Hello all,   Currently, I'm using the S32K142 device on the S32DS platform.   I'm facing the hard fault handler because of the memory allocation issue. the screenshot is shown below.     ...
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  • MCU can't exit VLPS mode

        We came across a problem that very much like the description of ERR011063 in the Mask Set Errata for Mask 0N57U, the platform we are using are S32K144 and TJA1169.   ERR011063: SMC: An as...
    罗 文
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