• S32K146 How to Tristate UART TxD Pin

    I'm trying to work on a serial bus with more then one member connected to the same Tx output line. Regarding to the reference manual of the S32K the TXD pin is tristated after the transmitter has completed his activi...
    Daniel Reinwald
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  • MCU sleep mode

    Hello, I'm developing a baremetal application and I'm thinking to put the mcu in sleep mode when idle using the WFI instruction. As far as I understand, when calling WFI with mcu in RUN mode and DEEPSLEEP register s...
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  • S32K116 LIN stack Init question

    after pin set PTC2-rxd,PTC3-txd,and lin stack --LIn_cfg set, and code blow: l_sys_init(); l_ifc_init(LI0); lin_trcv_init(); l_ifc_wake_up(LI0); l_sys_irq_restore(LI0); ld_init(LI0);   the question is I ...
    Katrinal wang
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  • S32K144: GPIO input voltage thresholds for logical HIGH and LOW?

    I am a little confused about the GPIO input voltage thresholds for logical HIGH and LOW. In S32K-DS datasheet, Section 5.3 DC electrical specifications at 3.3 V Range, it suggests:   After resolving...
    Kedar Patil
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  • Processor expert application is not working in AN12323SW firmware update

    Hello, I am using AN12323SW as a baseline for a project that I am working on. Using the software provided with the application note, I am able to transfer the provided firmware successfully. Also, I was able to get my...
    Eric G
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  • S32K LPUART hardware flow control

    I write a doc and a demo about LPUART hardware flow control, runs on s32k144 evb board with RTM 3.0.0, the flow control function work normally. If you have any question please contact me. 
    Haibing Zeng
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  • LPUART - eDMA configuration

    Hi, I'm working with the S32K144 evaluation board but I'm having some trouble using LPUART and eDMA modules. I want to implement something like that: LPUART receives a message eDMA transfers this message from LPUART...
    Igol Logi
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  • S32K144 I2C pins are don't work

    I was going to take a [Example_S32K144_I2C_Master_MPL3115A2_S32DSR1_v3] file and test the I2C communication with this project. Both the SDA and SCL should be high (5 V) in IDLE state, but pins PORTA2, PORTA3, were mea...
    Minsik Choi
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  • S32k142 EVB schematic

    Hi,    where can i find the schematic for s32k142 evb?       Regards Baoyuan Gong 
    Baoyuan Gong
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  • Bootloader|| Device Jump to application

    Hi, IDE: IAR Controller s32k144 bootloader interface: UART As mentioned in AN12218 I have made changes in bootloader it is also working one time(I am able to update application code one time) But whenever I am tr...
    Shubhendu Shukla
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  • S32K144 LPSPI Continuous Transfer problem

    hi, I want to using "Continuous Transfer" function, but  no data received after first writing tx fifo.    LPSPI1->CR = 0x0302; /* Reset Module */ LPSPI1->CR = 0x0008; /* Enable debug mode */ L...
    Steven Hu
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  • S32K MPU Documentation

    Hello, I'm trying to understand the purpose of the MPU in the S32K micro.  Is there any reference manual or documentation that describes why and how I use the MPU?   Thanks in advance, Scott
    Scott Kerstein
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  • S32K146 SPI Master - clock irregularities

    We have a S32K146 running as an SPI master, at 4Mbps, DMA and transferring around 500 bytes per frame.   Often, at each 32nd bit multiple of data transfer, the bit is sometimes incorrect.   Looking on a 's...
    Gary Partis
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  • S32k144+freertos about Systick question

    I developed s32k144 on S32DS environment with freerots .But when I used systick time ,the code run away. And when I did not use systick ,the code was normal .The systick config is follow:
    玉敏111 田
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  • S32DS creating position independent code for AN12323 problem.

    Dear NXP and community,   For our application we are trying to build a CAN bootloader and are taking inspiration from the application notes: AN12323. An implementation of the application notes is provided an...
    Sebastiaan Verhoek
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    I am looking for a very simple GPIO example, one that does not use the SDK, for S32K142. example PORT B5 rising should generate interrupt etc. Thanks Brian
    Brian Flinn
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  • S32K146 UART Rx interrupt

    Hello,   I was trying to implement an RX interrupt but I can't make it work, I am able to send data through TX, I enable the interrupt just for RX and baudrate 115200. can you help if I am missing something pleas...
    Hugo Moran
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  • S32K14x ECC function

    I am using S32K144 chip, Why does cache ram not have ecc function
    bin zhang
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  • S32K146xx EEPROM (Cycling endurance) cycles

    Hi,    i have a question to ask as below,    now i am planing to use the MCU of S32K146xx series,i have a question about the EEPROM。    As the statement in the datasheet...
    Jay Liu
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  • multi_channel pdb pretrigger ADC s32k144

    hello,I want to finish 17channel adc.  the sample rate is 2KHz. I want to use PDB back to back mode ,using PDB pretrigger ADC. When I completed it ,I find adc1 work correct, but adc0 work incorrect .After  A...
    peihua zhuang
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