• S32DS HEX File

    Hi, everyone I am trying to learn to understand HEX file. The ultimate goal is the production of bootloader.   But I encountered two problems while reading HEX File.   1. microchip .hex VS S32DS...
    Carter Johns
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  • There is no Executable File and the OSIF_TimeDelay(200) can not be compiler in my S32DS with GHS Compiler?

    Hi: hardware: S32K144EVN-Q100 Board IDE: S32 Design Studio for ARM Version:2018.R1  Compiler: GHS I create a new project,there are two  problems:          1. In my pr...
    lin li
    created by lin li
  • How can I find and install S32G (S32G274A) SDK

    I want to create a S32G274A application project in S32DS. But I can`t find S32G274A  SDK in S32DS ( Project wizard  or Extensions & Updates). How can I find and install S32G SDK ?   &#...
    tian cy
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  • Not able to complete S32  Power 2.1 installation, as installer, never pops up licence activation window request..

    I am facing issue while istalling the S32 Power 2.1, I have downloaded the installer and also the license key. My Java Version is  openjdk version "1.8.0_202" OpenJDK Runtime Environment Corretto- (bui...
    Deepa BK
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  • S32 DS for PA v2.1 installation rolls back after entering activation code

    S32 DS for PA v2.1 installation rolls back after entering activation code EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) Failed to write core dump. Minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of Windows &#...
    Nitin Jyoti
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  • Cannot run program "": Launching failed

    My S32 version is as below:  S32 Design Studio for ARM Version: 2018.R1 Build id: 180326 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
    Qinfeng Li
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  • S32K144 How to startup with LIN ?

    Just like the title. I want use lin model in s32k144 and via S32DS . In S32DS, there is linstack model , but without manual document .how could startup with it ? And is there any document to introduce LIN function s...
    Victor Song
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  • I can't find the PE micro debugging in run configuration in S32DS for ARM 2.2 version

    the picture below is my PC's run configurations interface and the other one is my clerk's.     I hope you can help me solve this problem, thanks a lot.
    Li Peng Fei
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  • I want to download my program into my board in the  S32 Design Studio for ARM Version: 2018.R1,but I can not Debug and Run with my board of NXP S32K144EVB-Q100?

    I have Integrated GHS Compiler into  S32 Design Studio for ARM Version: 2018.R1.My board is NXP S32K144EVB-Q100, My program can be build sucessful.I want to download my program into my board in the  S32...
    lin li
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  • Can we install S32DS 3.2 in Ubuntu 18.04?

    Hello, all   Is S32DS 3.2 supported in Ubuntu 18.04? Guide manual only mentions Ubuntu16.04. Do we need additional patch for installation?   Thank you BR Justin
    Justin Kim
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  • S32 DS for Arm Chinese encoding error

    How to set the chinese encoding in S32DS for Arm , I open a project with chinese comment, but the context are garbled,Is there anyone has met the same problem before, thanks. In addition, I have set the encoding UTF-...
    simon chen
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  • Does the S32DS Real Time Expressions tool support JLINK

     am using Multilink and OpenSDA to check the value of the variable through the Real Time Expressions tool. It is not successful to use JLINK here. Please help to confirm whether the plug-in function supports the ...
    changyu gong
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  • In S32DS DEBUG "hello_world" C Example,

    HI    i want to create  a hello C project simple ,but i had some difficult   thinks pi
    kaqi pi
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  • flashing two elf files problem

    Hi, when  i  debug S32K146,i have  a problem in flashing  process:   i have two elf :bootloader.elf  &App.elf  when i flashing  either  elf , i could erase and flash...
    Weapon Wei
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  • I don't understand how to use the function printf in S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2.2

    Hi, I have some problems with the function Printf. I include the library <stdio.h> in my file main.c. The idea of my code is to turn on and off a green led. When I debug my code, I want to see on comsole the wo...
    Paola De Cesare
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  • Procedure import peripheral configuration files from Project 1(FreeRTOS)-> Project 2 (Bare-metal)

    HI Experts,   We created a project using S32D Design Studio. Project 1 : ECU with S32K116 Micro & FreeRTOS. Project 2 : same ECU but Bare-metal (No FreeRTOS).   Could you please help anyway...
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  • S32K144:SPI Transfer

    Hello all,   I tried to use SPI transfer with CS as GPIO. I'm performing following steps.   1. Making the CS LOW 2. Pushing to data in the FIFO 3. Making the CS HIGH   I'm able to transfer the data...
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  • S32DS for ARM v2018.R1 After installing the IAR Eclipse Plugin, configure the output, output the IAR linker, output converter (Output Converter) to generate S19/HEX/BIN file, and compile error

    Hi, this is how I can close the problem after installing the IAR Eclipse Plugin, recreating a project, and then compiling the problem.       ilinkCommandLine_S32K146OFBMU_iar.xcl
    张 舜毅
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  • Macros to access filename

    Hello all,   I'm using S32DS for my device S32K144.   I would like to access the project name from the current code.    Kindly suggest if any macros available or pragmas for acces...
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  • S32DS command-line interface mode

    Hello folks,   Does S32DS support the command-line interface in Linux?       Thanks, Kayas Ahmed
    kayas ahmed
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