• MPC5748G copy vector table from ROM to RAM

    I would like to get confirmation if I'm doing this correctly.  I'm trying to Integrate FNET into my S32 Design Studio project.  For FNET to work it needs  to install vectors.  For this to happen th...
    Paul Candiago
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  • Get source files in S32 eclipse project

    Hi,   I have a problem with getting the filenames in a specific project and configuration. In S32 studio (Version: 2017.R1, Build id: 171018) I did it rather awkwardly by looking in the file .cproject for this s...
    Mathias Edman
    created by Mathias Edman
  • what's the default login name and password of pre-build sd-card image based on debian rootfs?

    I'v booted sucessfully from sd-card on s32v234 evb board,but i can't login the system.
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  • S32DS v2018.R1 update problem

    Hi, I  want to upade the S32DS v2018.R1, and has encountered a problem, as follow: please help me to solve it.
    Albert You
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  • How to integrate the EB Tresos generated code into S32DS?

    Hello everyone, now I'm using the EB Tresos to generate the configurated code based on the NXP S32K144 MCAL Package. Please see the attachment, these are some file about MCU Driver generated from Tresos. After that, ...
    Vasiliy Wu
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  • Will FreeRTOS viewer work with S32 Design Studio

    My current IDE is S32 Design Studio for ARM   Version: 2018.R1 Build id: 180815   The FreeRTOS version I use is 10.2.1   I can't get FreeRTOS plugin to work properly. I have also applied update 10 ...
    Adam Hamilton
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  • S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116

    Hi team, Can I use IDE S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116 project development?   Thank you.
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  • Redirect printf()

    Hi NXP,   I am trying to redirect the printf() to Uart. I am using S32 studio (Version: 2017.R1 Build id: 171018)  with gnu toolchain and MPC5777C and I have tried with pretty much every possible combinatio...
    Mathias Edman
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  • Error downloading to the device

    Hiii   I am using S32 Design Studio version 1.2 IDE and PE-MICRO Debugger(openSDA) for S32K144 Eval board. I am trying to debug but every time I tried to load program, I receive an error as following  ...
    Rahul Khandekar
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  • About Project from Example —— ADC_s32k144

    Hi NXP Engineer:       I have a problem with Project from Example —— ADC_s32k144. In the code i see the function which (Convert chan 29, Vrefsh) at the end. I...
    Knight Ke
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  • How to add gpio node in devicetree on S32V platform

    How to add gpio node in devicetree on S32V platform? I want to use the GPIO to generate PWM,not in the upper application,but as a driver module,So I want to know that in order to control the GPIO in the devicetree,wh...
    CunJin Feng
    created by CunJin Feng
  • How can I configure the S32K146 to use the LPUART at 921600

    Hello,   I'm using a development board S32K146 and working with the LPUART, i did the configuration using the SDK 8.5. The configuration is: Baud rate: settled as 256000 (no option to set it as 921600) Parit...
    Raul Castanon
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  • QNX BSP for SBC-S32V234

    SBC-S32V234, does anyone have a QNX BSP for this board ?    I know there is one for the  S32V234-EVB2, but I am specifically interested in the SBC-S32V234.
    Andrew Skinner
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  • Problem of the EmbSys Registers of S32D when debug the FlexPWM

    Hi,   I'm trying to debug the FlexPWM of MPC5744P with S32D 2017.R1, I want to see the registers about FlexPWM, so I used "EmbSys Registers" to check those registers, but I found something wrong, following pictr...
    Max Lee
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  • Adding existing source file to a project

    i am using S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 and have created an application project.  I want to add some existing source files to the project but can't figure out how to do it.  How is it done?  Thanks
    Daniel Kageff
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  • Relocatable label expressions not usable in standalone assembler of powerpc-eabivle-gcc 4.9.4 when configured for automatic Book E to VLE instruction translation

    I am trying to reuse multiple assembler source files that have been written originally for the CodeWarrior toolchain. By passing the command line options "-vle" and "-ppc_asm_to_vle" it is possible to let the CodeWarr...
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  • Are there instructions for "runtime options" in the "startup" tab of debugger?

    I can't tell what "ram application" means and the breakpoint is getting passed when I run with the "ram application" unchecked. Where do I get instructions for the whole "startup" tab?
    richard clouse
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  • Secure Boot with Strict Sequential Boot Mode

    Hi,   I was working on secure boot function recently. I run my device in "Sequential Boot Mode", but I find this mode is not what I need. Because, whether the boot check is fail or not, it will run Flash code. I...
    Shannon Chu
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  • S32K Design Studio - Multilink Universal FX not found

    Hello,   I am working with: S32 Design Studio Version: 3.2 Build id: 190924   I have Multilink Universal  FX debugger for S32K148. It gets found on my Linux Ubuntu host. When I try to use the same d...
    Jakub Mielczarek
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  • New Project Wizard Has No Processors to select from.

    Hello:  I am trying to follow HOWTO: Add a new debugger configuration to an existing project . The first issue is in "b.  New Project Wizard, processor and toolchain page.  I have no sel...
    Brian Flinn
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