• S32 Activation Error FNP error 0

    getting server error when trying to activate S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2.1 Got through most of installation and entered code that was provided via email and license activation failed. ...
    Thomas Bricknell
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  • Can we install S32DS 3.2 in Ubuntu 18.04?

    Hello, all   Is S32DS 3.2 supported in Ubuntu 18.04? Guide manual only mentions Ubuntu16.04. Do we need additional patch for installation?   Thank you BR Justin
    Justin Kim
    created by Justin Kim
  • How to solve the problem that example project can't be compiled?

    Hi everyone, After I install S32DS.ARM.2018.R1, I install RTM SDK 3.0.0 online. And then download and install "S32 Design Studio for ARM v2018.R1 Update 11 with S32 SDK S32K1xx SR 3.0.2". Create the ex...
    柏瑄 邱
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  • S32DS HEX File

    Hi, everyone I am trying to learn to understand HEX file. The ultimate goal is the production of bootloader.   But I encountered two problems while reading HEX File.   1. microchip .hex VS S32DS...
    Carter Johns
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  • Errors during debugging on S32K146 - mdata_2 overflow and Default ISR

    Errors during debugging on S32K146 - mdata_2 overflow and Default ISR I have been trying to debug a project in S32DS for Arm. I am using S32K146 MCU. But I keep getting the following error: arm-none-eabi-gcc -o "mes...
    Ravitheja Dasika
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  • How to use time related routine in ewl library

    Hi: I'm using MPC5748G SDK3.0.0. I have: 1. Selected ewl_c9x library in project property 2. Added the following macro in project property. 3. Added "#include <ctime>" in the code   The usage of varia...
    William Wang
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  • S32 DS v2.2 processor expert error messages

    when I start opening a project in S32 DS V2.2, the following messages showed up.  Does any one know why?? and how can  I get rid of these error messages?.  Thanks.
    Cuong Tran
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  • How can I use wolfssl library for MCP5748G development in S32DS for power architecture?

    I'm new to this so I wonder how to use wolfssl for this dev board. I found that wolfssl supports freertos and MCP5748G also has a freertos component. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set up the development environ...
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  • Set up udp communication between board (echo server) and pc (client) based on lwip example

    Hi I'm using lwip_example for mpc5748g in s32ds for power architecture. Based on that example, I wanna build an echo server on the board, so I add the following codes in main.c and call udp_echo_init in the main ...
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  • Adding a Release configuration

    If I make a new project from a design example, I notice some different behavior depending on whether I am using the standard example or the SDK example.   Standard example hello world I get four configurations, ...
    Matthew Mishrikey
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  • Possible bug in GCC 4.9.4 EABI VLE PowerPC (S32DS)

    Hello,   We have found what seems a bug in the C compiler GCC 4.9.4 included in S32DS for PowerPC. This bug is reproducible with an unmodified SDK project example after setting optimization to "-Og". As a summar...
    Andreu Montiel
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  • Activation code for S32 design studio on ubuntu

    Hi,  I have downloaded S32 Design studio on Ubuntu virtual machine which is on Windows 7. I did not get any activation code in the email. But while installation, it asks for the activation code. I see from the...
    Chandraprabha Hegde
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  • SJA1110 ping external PHY destination host unreachable

    Hi, I'm using the S32 Design Studio 2018.R1 with S32SDK_SJA1110_EAR_0.8.0 to develop SJA1110 as L2 switch. we have an external Marvell 88Q 1G PHY connect to SJA1110, so I try to modify generic PHY driver to run ...
    Johnny Lin
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  • Activation failed with FNP error

    Online/Offline activation failed with error message FNP ERROR 5003,71000,10107 as following.  
    William Yang
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  • Breakpoints fail after NMI

    I have a board with an FS45 SBC that generates an NMI on a problem to an S32K144, in a similar arrangement to the NewTec BMS reference design. As I apply power to 5V peripherals, it causes a momentary power dip, which...
    Mike Newton
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  • S32K144  FlexRAM as Emulated EEPROM  lifetime issue

    HI ,i have a question abut S32K144  FlexRAM as Emulated EEPROM lifetime    - firsrt, i read S31Kxx Data Sheet(REV 7)   on page 37     it says  FlexRAM as Emulat...
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  • S32K148 QSPI

    Hello, I am using the QSPI module, I found the erase and read is OK. But the writing is not OK. I used the D32DS demo.
    wang lijun
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  • "edma_transfer_s32k144" example project Confusion

    Hello, I am trying to understand "edma_transfer_s32k144" example project for S32K144 EVB in S32 Design Studio. In the edmaTransfer.c file there are 3 functions:-   void triggerSingleBlock(uint8_t channel, uint8_...
    Shivam Gupta
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  • KEA SDK in S32DS

    Hello,    In CW v11, it can be created project with PEx(processor expert) for KEA but it can't be in S32DS. I created a project with KEAZN64 sdk, but it can't be used PEx. Could you guide about how to use P...
    Kate Lee
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  • What to do if S32DS does not start up?

    I'm using NXP S32 DS for Arm (S32DS_ARM_Win32_v2018.R1_b180326). I installed it on my computer, and I've been using it for about a mounth without any problem. But currently I experienced, that when I try to launch it,...
    Ferenc Kallo
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