• S32K116 FTM0_CH3 Output doesn't work

    Other than FTM0_CH0, I am unable to get any PWM output to work on the S32K116. Starting from example project ftm_pwm_s32k116 in S32K14x RTM SDK v3.0.0 Example Projects, I have used Processor Expert to change component...
    Larry Leviton
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  • UBUNTU install S32DS issue

    Dear FAE: please help my issue!   BRS grayli
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  • matlab nxp vision toolbox face detection example

    Hello Everyone,   I'm trying to use the face detection demo from matlab nxp vision toolbox on my S32V234EVB board. However, I chose the matlab simulation mode using cameraboard from the EVB, so I still need to c...
    Yue Fang
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  • Pin status when S32K shutdown

    Hi NXP Engineer:       In my design,MCU powers off earlier than power.Before MCU shutdown i will Pull PTC3 high,but if i shutdown the mcu,and then turn off the power the led will...
    Knight Ke
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  • write-once registers

    The below registers in S32K1xx chip are write-once :    1. LPOCLKS   2. EWM_CTRL (S32k11x no it) EWM_CMPL (S32k11x no it) EWM_CMPH (S32k11x no it)   3. WDOG_CS WDOG_TOVAL WDOG_W...
    王 从伟
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  • camera calibration of s32v234 development

    Hi Everyone,   I'm using S32V234-EVB to do lane detection in autonomous car. OV10635 would be used in the final version but right now I'm testing on s32v-sonycam.   Anyway, I have to calibrate the paramete...
    Yue Fang
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  • INT_SYS_InstallHandler

    example "wdg_pal_interrupt_s32k118" , there are two "INT_SYS_InstallHandler": /* Install IRQ handlers for WDOG and SysTick interrupts */ INT_SYS_InstallHandler(WDOG_IRQn, wdg_pal_Handler, (isr_t *)0); INT_SYS_...
    王 从伟
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  • There is nothing initialization are invoked in S32DS

    Run "S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1", create a project, select latest SDK. add components. generate code, compile. but there is no initialization function are invoked. the components can't run without initi...
    王 从伟
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  • S32 Design Studio - Releases & Updates

    S32 Design Studio Versions    S32DS IDE for S32 Platform S32DS IDE for Arm S32DS IDE for Power Architecture S32DS IDE for Vision Devices Supported S32V23x S32K1xx MPC56xx S32V234 S32S247TV KE...
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  • Debug / Run configurations for emulation in s32 IDE (s32r274)

    Hello,          I've created a new example project(freertos_s32r274:Debug_FLASH) in S32 design studio. Could anyone help me in setting the debug / run configurations for ...
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  • Unable to   download programming to MPC5775E

    I use S32 Design Studio to develop on Panther MPC5775E. But I got some troubles to flash executable.   When I start debug mode in NXP S32 Design Studio with USB Multilink Universal, I got message popped up, "Re...
    丁 士高
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  • S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 - Update 7 available!

          Product Release Announcement Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 Update 7          What is new? Inte...
    Mike Doidge
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  • What debug adapters support the MAC57D5xx?

    Hello! I would like to debug my MAC57D5xx microcontroller using the S32 Design Studio for Arm. The debug adapters supported by S32 Design Studio for Arm are listed on the S32 Design Studio for Arm website as SEGGER J-...
    shigeo matsuda
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  • About S32K CAN

    Hi NXP Engineer:       I find a pdf about S32K, but name S32KFS.      Confusing why it description S32K have 6 CAN.   Thanks in advance.
    Knight Ke
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  • powerpc-eabivle-gcc.exe: error: ewl_c9x.specs: No such file or directory

    error:  powerpc-eabivle-gcc.exe: error: ewl_c9x.specs: No such file or directory\     S32DS for powerPC v2.1 MPC5748G-LCEVB_QSP/MPC5748G-LCEVB_Code_Examples_08242016.zip/hello
    HT Guo
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  • How to test the Flexray Driver for MPC5748G

    Hi, I have Mcal Flexray driver for MPC5748G and need to be tested  but i need example code with configuration files and how can i test the driver is working properly or not.
    Dheeraj Rane
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  • BCC_S32K144

    When i am importing BCC(battery cell controller) example in s32 design studio it showing  messege: kinetis  SDK SDK_s32k1xx_15 is not installed. screenshot is attached in attachment.can u help me out to ins...
    Rajesh Sura
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  • Debug issue with SPU5746C MCU 176 pin

    Hello NXP.   I have used a demo board to develop an application in MPU5746C-256 Pin MCU and I can successfuly debug my application. Then I have ported my application project from 256 pin to 176 pin MCU and tryi...
    ke liang
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  • S32 Design Studio and SDK 3.0 for S32K144

    I installed the new S32K IDE: S32 Design Studio Version: 3.2 Build id: 190924 I want to develop code for the S32K144 micro. I downloaded and installed the SDK: S32SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_3.0.0.exe How do I make this...
    Alwin Lutz
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  • Can't find "ISP Dataflow Project"

    Hello everyone,   I have problems encountering the "ISP Dataflow Project" wizard. I'm using the 3.2 Version of S32 Design Studio. In the 3.1 Version it was still possible to select "ISP Dataflow Project":   ...
    Lukas Ungerland
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