• Connect S32V-SONYCAM with FPGA Board

    Hi Everyone,   I am developing a board that connects the S32V-SONYCAM to the FPGA board. And, I want to set 1080p 60fps (10 or 12bit) from S32V-SONYCAM and input to FPGA with MIPI-4 Lane. However, I do not kno...
    akiyoshi abei
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  • S32K144 LPSPI clock how to set 40MHZ

    when I use S32KDS set LPSPI clock , and seeting  nterface but logical analyzer always  4Mhz   of course LPSPI Baudrate is 40MHZ   how to set 40MHZ baudrate
    wei qin
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  • S32DS for ARM v2018.R1 After installing the IAR Eclipse Plugin, configure the output, output the IAR linker, output converter (Output Converter) to generate S19/HEX/BIN file, and compile error

    Hi, this is how I can close the problem after installing the IAR Eclipse Plugin, recreating a project, and then compiling the problem.       ilinkCommandLine_S32K146OFBMU_iar.xcl
    张 舜毅
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  • is S32 DS tool chain IEC61508 SIL-2/3 complianced?

    hi there,   we got some inquiry from industrial segment customers asking if they are using S32K with S32 Design Studio tool chain, is the software tool(included IDE, Compiler, Debugger, etc...) IEC61508 complian...
    Albert Sun
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  • How to make a new project and compile it in S32 Design Studio?

    It is the first time I use the S32 Design Studio to compile a project for MPC5744P. Can anyone tell me the procedure to make a new project and compile it? It is so different to the CodeWarrior. Thank you very much!
    nathan 米
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  • S32K144:SPI Transfer

    Hello all,   I tried to use SPI transfer with CS as GPIO. I'm performing following steps.   1. Making the CS LOW 2. Pushing to data in the FIFO 3. Making the CS HIGH   I'm able to transfer the data...
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  • Controller reset while configuring FTM2 combined PWM in S32K144

    In order to generate PWM with different offset, currently i am using FTM2 combined PWM option. Initially i configured CH0 for generating PWM and the build result also success.    After flashing when the pro...
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  • Debug_Flash won't remain working after restart the board

    Dear NXP, We are using S32K118 EV board, following the step, I create a simple DS project just to light up LED, we use the debug_flash option, and it is working after loading is completed, but when I power down and p...
    He Wei
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  • how to see flexray register data via EmbSysReg tab

    Hi, I am using MPC5748G microcontroller and S32 Power architecture V2.1 IDE.   I am writing data to FlexRay registers using base address and offset of that register. Below is the one example.     #defi...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • S32 Design Studio for ARM 2.2 Questions

    Dear Officer, We are using S32K118 for our sunroof project and I just installed S32 DS for ARM and start to try, and got few questions: 1. Just to start a LED blink project, and using PE to generate the relevant cod...
    He Wei
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  • S32 DS for PA v2.1 installation rolls back after entering activation code

    S32 DS for PA v2.1 installation rolls back after entering activation code EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) Failed to write core dump. Minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of Windows &#...
    Nitin Jyoti
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  • S32 Design Studio 3.3 - S32K1xx dev package and S32 SDK for S32K1xx RTM 4.0.0 available!

          Product Release Announcement Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors S32 Design Studio 3.3  S32K1xx dev package and S32 SDK for S32K1xx RTM 4.0.0         ...
    Mike Doidge
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  • ADD libraries in a New Project with McuXpresso

    HI I'm developing an application with PN7462au and its board PNEV7462c. I tooken a look at the examples in PN7462AU-FW_v05.22.01_Full. For example there is the example PN7462AU_ex_phExDoorAccess that use some librari...
    saimon vallio
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  • warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.

    Hello, i am facing one issue for compilation of project.i am using S32 design studio for power architecture IDE. can any one please told me the solution to resolve this compilation error. thanks in advance.
    s n
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  • How to remove c++ compiler in project

    Hello. Support team.   I want to use only C compiler without C++ compiler such as A Case. How to remove C++ compiler in 'B case' ??   A case B case C Compiler C Compiler + C++ Compiler  ...
    MinYeop Na
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  • DO-178B Compliance

    Hello,   Are S32 design studio and S32 SDK qualified to be used for SW development as per DO-178B level A standard? Or is there a way to achieve the compliance?  Thanks. Vinod
    Vinod K J
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  • S32 can not be installed, prompting you do not have enough Windows Permissions

    The two win10 computers can't follow, what compatibility mode, administrator rights have tried many times __________________________________________________________________________ Wed Apr 29 03:23:19 CST 2020 Free...
    xiao fu
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  • S32DS instruction set simulator

    Hi I am using S32DS for development. Does S32DS have an instruction set simulator function, just like Keil? In this way, I can debug my program without external connection. Thanks very much
    bin zhang
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  • Compiling multiple projects in S32DS IDE?

    I'd like to compile two separate S32DS projects into one binary to flash onto my S32 - one to act as a bootloader and one to act as firmware. In Project> Properties> Project References I see that I can make a pr...
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  • What Causes "Starting Jetty Server" Problem?

    I have a problem running the debugger in S32 DS for ARM that just started today.  Whether I try to debug via OpenSDA or with the Multilink tool, I get the "Problem Occurred" window popping up.  Inside the wi...
    Scott Sabin
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