• Docker-ized Build Environment for MPC5744P w/GitHub Actions

    As "enjoyable" as as Eclipse is to use, for those that would like something a bit more modern I have containerized the MPC5744P build process. Here is a minimal, single Dockerfile, example based on the LINFlexD_UART...
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  • Re: Using SD-ADC in S32R274 EVB

    Hello,   SDADC is part of AFE: Chapter 48 RADAR Analog Front-End (AFE). Here is the application example attached.   regards, Peter
    Peter Vlna
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  • Bug: Processor Expert fails on startup if no configuration is enabled

    Hi, I  removed two configurations on processor expert (i had duplicate debug ram and debug flash configurations). I closed and restarted S32DS and i noticed that my Components view was not visible.  After cl...
    Jani Jarvenpaa
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  • WeChat Public Account of Way to Automotive Expert(微信公众号--汽车电子成长之路) for Chinese customers/engineers

    Hello, everyone!   I have setup a dedicated WeChat Pulblic Account --Way to Automotive Expert(微信公众号--汽车电子成长之路) to introduce our NXP AMP products/solution as well as CodeWarrior and S32DS IDE use tips in Chi...
    E.w. Hu
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  • write-once registers

    The below registers in S32K1xx chip are write-once :    1. LPOCLKS   2. EWM_CTRL (S32k11x no it) EWM_CMPL (S32k11x no it) EWM_CMPH (S32k11x no it)   3. WDOG_CS WDOG_TOVAL WDOG_W...
    王 从伟
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  • SDK for S32DS ARM.2018.r1

    Hi, i have a problem with the SDK updates throught S32 design studio for ARM. if i try to install " S32 Desgin Studio S32K1xx RTM SDK 3.0.0"  trought: "help -> install new software -> S32DesignStudio - h...
    francesco mattioli
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  • Problem of the EmbSys Registers of S32D when debug the FlexPWM

    Question asked by Max Lee on Mar 21, 2018 Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Pierre Theron LikedUnlike • Show 1 Like1 Comment • 2   Hi,   I'm trying to debug the FlexPWM of MPC5744P with S32D ...
    Pierre Theron
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  • Bug in GCC 4.9.4 eabi VLE PowerPC

    Dear NXP Team,   Starting some investigations of the multi-core MPC5748G I ran into a compiler bug. I'm using the S32 Design Studio 2017 R1, the compiler is GCC 4.9.4 as packaged with the S32DS.   Here are...
    Peter Vranken
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  • green hills multi toolchain for S32V234

    Dear eingineer: I try to use the S32V234 AUTOSAR 4.2 Operating System (QM)(REV 1.0.x). but it need the following tools: I am not sure, does the gcc toolchain and Green Hills Multi Toolchain is integrited with the...
    燕琳 赵
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  • Has somebody try to Install ROS on S32V234 board

    hi all   I have a S32V234 sbc board, i try to install ROS on this board and make some applications based on ROS system, can someone give me advice or guild for this part, thanks.
    junbok he
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  • Implementing XCP Basic Driver with S32 SDK

    Vector Informatik offers a free implementation of XCP for MCUs that allows for DAQ (data acquisition) and STIM (data stimulation) here. My understanding from the technical reference manual is: The main driver functio...
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  • Printf in FreeRTOS

    Hi Jiri, Thanks for your reply, I check the LPUART1 config, I think it is correct, I uploaded my project, can you help to check why I cannot print the serial port?   Thanks  
    zhang jie
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  • ID is inactive in Flexera when downloading S32 studio

    Hi there, I think I have a similar problem met by others, when downloading S32 studio for Power:   You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to p...
    Boqian Jiang
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  • Remain 'func', 'Const' and 'var' in your project

    This will help you to remain function, const and var in your project even they are NOT used.    General steps are as the follows.    1. Used wizard of S32DS to generate your project. 2. Added sec...
    Oliver Tian
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  • How to configure CAN Loop-back for S32R274

    Hello,        I'm developing on S32R274,when I try to configure CAN0' Loop-back mode ,I set a breakpoint in the interupt handle function but it dosn't hit.        Here is...
    fuqin wei
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  • Use ST Link V2 with S32DS

    Can I use the ST-Link V2 with the S32DS ?
    Lutz Köhler
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  • u-boot 'md' command memory Error

    After flashing the kernel image, memory values from certain locations are not as per the kernel image. we are trying to read the memory by using u-boot "md" command.   is it because of 'md' or is the related to...
    prashant sathe
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  • Using TPM for basic capture

    I recently got through an issue using the TPM for period capture on my S32, and figured I would share the resolution in case people need it later:   Problem 1: The program won't initialize and gets caught by the...
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