• How to flash the NXP S32G274A

    Hello,   I'm a software engineer, in our team we want to develop autosar project on S32G27A Plattform. I downloaded the S32DS for Plattform and additional Packages for S32G. And Try to debug the example project...
    YIhan CHENG
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  • Pe Micro, preserve memory bug.

    Hi!   Is this "preserve memory range PE Micro" bug solved yet?   Or is there any other working solution?   Just installed S32DS 2.2, and fully updated (also all PE Micro up to date) but no luck!...
    Chris J
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  • Unable to monitor the variables

    Hello, guys! I just got the S32K148EVB-Q176 board. I have successfully programmed the test program, but I cannot monitor the variables. I tried many ways:Follow this post to open PEmicro's Real Time Expressions:How...
    haifeng lu
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  • Some breakpoints don't work in debugger on S32 with MPC5748G

    I have some code inside an if condition and I'm trying to set a breakpoint inside that if condition:   thisFxn(int a) {   ...   if (a > 4) {     //do things     CallFxn(); ...
    Kaveh Vaghefi
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  • Code migration

    Dear sir , we are migrating the code from s32 studio to Our Latest IAR compiler but while migrating we have faced issue that after migrating from s32 code runs while debugger is connected and ones I have removed the d...
    deepak chandra
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  • No port select available in setting a debugger connection.

    hello  i have face an error at time of debugging like  can anyone please give me solution to resolve this error
    snehal pawar
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  • Unable to Flash in release, but OK in debug

    Hello all,   I'm trying to use S32DS Power 2.1 for my MPC5602P device.   As mentioned, I wrote an application code where it flashes a particular address which I can able to see in debug window, b...
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  • Problem with import exist project into S32DS For ARM

    Hello all, I have problems with import exist project into s32ds for arm 2018.R1  I imported exist project EEPROM_usage (I downloaded from a threat on this forum), but it doesn't include Debug_FLASH PE...
    Võ Liêm
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  • S32 Design Studio & Flash Mass erase

    How do I perform a FLASH mass erase operation with s32k144 and s32 design studio? Can you describe me the precise steps to do that, without risking to brick my board as happened for other people, like here?   Th...
    Igol Logi
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  • Flashing multiply elf files with J-Link

    Hello!   I want to flash multiply elf files in S32 Design Studio using SEGGER J-Link Ultra+ debugger and that is why I want to ask if there is possible to do that with this debugger. Previously I was using Multi...
    Sebastian Wozniak
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  • How attach to running program?

    OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS IDE:  S32DS Power 2017.R1, Build id: 171018. Board: Custom equipped with PowerPC MPC5748G Debugger: P&E Multilink Universal   Sometimes I want to... Reset a program from the I...
    Daniel Näslund
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  • DEVKIT MPC5748G S32DS download problem,blocking at Verifying object file CRC-16 to device ranges

    It is worked before. but now it has some problem and blocking here when debug every time.  CMD>VCVerifying object file CRC-16 to device ranges ... block 00FA0000-00FA0003 ...   Here is the all co...
    He Xiaotao
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  • Unable to start debug session on MPC5748G board. download stops at 98%

    Hello, I am using the MPC5748G board and I am facing an issue while debugging the code. I have compiled the linflex example provided on the website and earlier it was running fine. Currentlywhile starting a debug ses...
    veeresh ambe
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  • What debug adapters support the MAC57D5xx?

    Hello! I would like to debug my MAC57D5xx microcontroller using the S32 Design Studio for Arm. The debug adapters supported by S32 Design Studio for Arm are listed on the S32 Design Studio for Arm website as SEGGER J-...
    shigeo matsuda
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  • I can not find my .elf & .map

    Hello everyone, I used S32 DS to development the MPC5744P EV kit, when i created a new project from sample code(Hello world),then I  build the project is normal, but I wanted to debug the project, it seems like a...
    TIm Wu
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  • Trace32 and S32DS issue

    Hi,   By following this explanation : S32K144 EVB and Lauterbach , on how to start Trace32 with S32DS. It works well with the S32k142 evaluation board, however when I use directly our PCB with the S32k142 MC...
    Mohamed Benazzouz
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  • Error downloading to the device

    Hiii   I am using S32 Design Studio version 1.2 IDE and PE-MICRO Debugger(openSDA) for S32K144 Eval board. I am trying to debug but every time I tried to load program, I receive an error as following  ...
    Rahul Khandekar
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  • Not running compile executable in S32V234. Crash APEX_Init()

    I have this development board: SBC-S32V234: S32V Vision and Sensor Fusion Evaluation Board. I have compiled code using the latest IDE available: S32DS_Vision_v2018.R1.   Executing code in the actua...
    Jorge Barrio Gragera
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  • MPC5748G copy vector table from ROM to RAM

    I would like to get confirmation if I'm doing this correctly.  I'm trying to Integrate FNET into my S32 Design Studio project.  For FNET to work it needs  to install vectors.  For this to happen th...
    Paul Candiago
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  • Problem of the EmbSys Registers of S32D when debug the FlexPWM

    Hi,   I'm trying to debug the FlexPWM of MPC5744P with S32D 2017.R1, I want to see the registers about FlexPWM, so I used "EmbSys Registers" to check those registers, but I found something wrong, following pictr...
    Max Lee
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