• Error downloading to the device

    Hiii   I am using S32 Design Studio version 1.2 IDE and PE-MICRO Debugger(openSDA) for S32K144 Eval board. I am trying to debug but every time I tried to load program, I receive an error as following  ...
    Rahul Khandekar
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  • Not running compile executable in S32V234. Crash APEX_Init()

    I have this development board: SBC-S32V234: S32V Vision and Sensor Fusion Evaluation Board. I have compiled code using the latest IDE available: S32DS_Vision_v2018.R1.   Executing code in the actua...
    Jorge Barrio Gragera
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  • MPC5748G copy vector table from ROM to RAM

    I would like to get confirmation if I'm doing this correctly.  I'm trying to Integrate FNET into my S32 Design Studio project.  For FNET to work it needs  to install vectors.  For this to happen th...
    Paul Candiago
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  • Problem of the EmbSys Registers of S32D when debug the FlexPWM

    Hi,   I'm trying to debug the FlexPWM of MPC5744P with S32D 2017.R1, I want to see the registers about FlexPWM, so I used "EmbSys Registers" to check those registers, but I found something wrong, following pictr...
    Max Lee
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  • Bug Issue in S32 for S32K144_PT2000_EXAMPLE

    Hello, I am new to S32 and to NXP community and I am working with FRDMPKPT2000EVM Evaluation Board (EVB), I am trying to load and debug a sample file "S32K144_PT2000_EXAMPLE" with an error.   Can anyone hel...
    Eitan Shmueli
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  • Will My program be executing or operating at this CFlsah area?

    IC :MPC5604C burning/programing  using JTAG port Burning file:   .S19 burning/programing IDE:S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1 Following is the burning/programing in...
    Ji Rocfly
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  • Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: Problems resuming from breakpoint in vTaskDelay

    Condition:  I am trying FreeRTOS using S32K118 EVB and run in DEBUG mode. When I set the break point in vTaskDelay and press Resume for the first time, there is a smooth stop at the break point. The second time ...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: PIT and STM modules cannot count when Debug Mode is entered

    Condition: Enable Stopindebug bit for PIT and STM module. Counter could be stop when debug project, but when i set debug mode on, counter not count, project can't be run.   Analysis: In order for PIT timer to...
    Mike Doidge
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  • HOWTO: Add a new debugger configuration to an existing project

    When a new application project is created using the New Project Wizard, it is possible to select the debugger to be used. This results in the associated debugger configurations being created within the new projec...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Need Help with S32 Design Studio - Looking for a programmer

    Hello, I am new to S32 design studio, i am looking for a consultant / programmer to help with the project i am working on.   Thanks   Eitan Shmueli
    Eitan Shmueli
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  • FreeMASTER

    How is it that ZLG's usbcan-ii device no found keeps appearing in the FreeMASTER
    Ren Lei
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  • MPC5748G bootloader to application jump issue

    I am developing serial Bootloader for MPC57485G. flow of the the process is simple ,after every power on controller goes to bootloader code waits for 1sec to receive an file over serial uart. If the new file is receiv...
    prasad choramale
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  • A Problem about autosar

    I am currently researching AUTOSAR development, I  found that the NXP provided MCAL files for MPC5744P and  I want to konw if I can use S32DS to compile the example project which provided by NXP.
    zhao hanxin
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  • S32K146 Single Step not stepping correctly

    Can anybody advise as to why Single Step functions step-into and step-over both perform the same step-into function. Am I missing some setting somewhere?
    Allan Crook
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  • How to flash motorola srec binary file to S32K144 with S32 Design Studio?

    Hi,   I develop with S32K144 EVB. Regardless of project, I would like to flash motorola srec binary file to S32K144 EVB. How to flash the binary file to S32K144, using S32 Design Studio?
    Byungju Kim
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  • How to solve below issues in S32 design studio PA V1.2

    Hi, I am using S32ds for power architecture V1.2  for MPC5777c controller.   1.During running i am unable to see the expressions. By halting only(suspend) i can able to. Is this version has that feature? ...
    maddula rajesh
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  • S32 Design Studio and Keil Ulink2 support

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to use Keil ULINK2 as programmer/debugger for S32 Design Studio (S32K144)?  If not is it something we consider or this must be considered by Keil?   Thanks and BR Stefano
    Stefano Gattazzo
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  • Debugging S32K148 with iC5000

    Hello, I'm trying to build an application in S32 Design Studio and debug it with iC5000. I'm using S32K148 evaluation board, so I created new project and selected S32K148 in EmbSys. The iC5000 refuses ...
    Michael Pan
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  • Is there a script available which flashes one or multiple .elf files in the MPC5748G without using the S32 design studio IDE?

    I've been using the S32 design studio IDE for implementing/debugging/flashing the MPC5748G and I'm wondering if there is a script available which flashes one or multiple .elf files in the MPC5748G without us...
    F Merkus
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  • lpuart_echo_s32k144 example not work

    I have a S32K144 EVB. I tried to run "lpuart_echo_s32k144" example but in terminal I can't write message. I tried to run second example "uart_pal_echo_s32k142" and the result is the same   "LPUART_s32k144" examp...
    Tom Tame
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