• S32K148 Secured?

    Hi together   We have prototype board, where we use a S32K148. I tried the flash partitioning example and made my own out of this (see attachment). This worked fined a few times, always with changing the code ...
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  • sk14x Filling unused memory

    Hi all. I am using s32ds for projects development. For safety reasons, the unused/remaining ROM must be filled. From other threats I've learned that the remaininngs will be flashed with 0xFF by default.  Question...
    Jiabin WU
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  • HOWTO: Debug multiple elf files in S32 Design Studio with GDB

    There are situations that require debugging multiple executable files within one debug session. Typical example is debugging the bootloader + application together where each one is a separate executable elf file or S3...
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  • I can not program S32K144 EVB

     Dear:        When I use the board S32K144 EVB, the reset light is always on after connecting the USB cable. The program cannot be written into the board by "S32 Design Studio".  I want ...
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  • modify can_pal example (nxp s32144)

    Hello, everybody, I'm new to using the NXP s32k144 and I'm having some difficulties, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. The goal I need to achieve is actually very simple: with an Arduino I send some messages via ...
    Pierpaolo Dini
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  • S32DS 3.2 debug probe support for S32K2TV/K3

    Hi:   I want to confirm that whether i can use S32 Debug Probe for S32K2TV debug. In sample project, i see S32 debug probe option, tried but always failed. Please see below. Thanks. ' gta is listening on port...
    Box Li
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  • Issues about S32R274RRUEVB's reset escalation problem

    Hi there:   I bought a S32R274RRUEVB daughter board and MPC57XXXMB mother board and tried to debug them with a PEMicro debugger.It is the first time I use them. But when I plugged the daughter board to the...
    君喆 俞
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  • s32 debug probe with S32DS 3.2 latest update

    Hello,   I updated S32DS with latest S32G SDK EAR 0.9 SDK, s32 debug probe is not working any more. Target PCB is S32G-PROCEVB.   Till S32G SDK EAR 0.8 SDK, I could debug S32G EVB diag sw package wit...
    Js Ha
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  • Having trouble running s32k116 standalone

    Hello,   I'm having difficulty running S32k116 in Standalone mode   It's a simple LED controlled by GPIO application. I've tried comparing Debug configurations line by line, but it did not work at all in t...
    Revan Ahn
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  • NullPointerException with GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging

    Hello All, I am getting an exception after the following steps: 1. After creating and building your project, navigate to Run -> Debug Configurations from the menu bar. 2. Select “GDB PEMicro Interface Debug...
  • MAC57D5xxEVB Flashx Example

    -. Target Board : MAC57DxxEVB -. Using IDE : S32DS -. Debugging Tool : PE micro multilink-fx -. External Flash : Micron Nor Flash (with QSPI1)    Question : I want to write and read image data in ex...
    Yongdeok Bae
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  • S32DS V2018.R1 Breakpoints Stopped Working

    Hello. I was using S32DS for ARM Version 2018.R1 Build 180815 with processor S32K116. I installed S32DS Version 2.2 and saw a message that it was updating my pemicro FX debugger. Did that actually update the firmware ...
    Larry Leviton
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  • how to program S32K144 P_Flash only ?

    Hi, I am using the program algorithm 'freescale_s32k144f512m_pflash_dflash_eeprom.arp' to re-flash a S32K144 with OpenSDA in the S32DS, but I just want to program the P_Flash, I don't want to touch the D_Falsh and EE...
    Snaku Lee
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  • Problem multi-core debugging project

    Hello, I would like to debug your sema42_multicore project (NXP example) but when I launch the debug, a problem appear: " the following elf file does not exists.." with the link of the file of the second core. I hav...
    baptiste mendiondo
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  • How to set S32DS debug to flash?

    Dear all,   There is a question that needs to be consulted. I am debugging mpc5744p, but I found that when using S32DS, the code can only be downloaded to RAM, but not flash. That is to say, I can run the progra...
    Vern Wong
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  • s32ds+pemicro调试s32r27的spi程序无法获得时钟信号

    我将s32r274rruevb连接pemicro下载器,再接pc,然后在s32ds上运行一个s32ds自带的s32r27的spi master example,debug以后,无报错,且s32r274rruevb总电流发生变化。但是进入debug界面之后,resume程序代码,再用示波器测s32r274rruevb上的f15引脚,即quick start guide中标注的spi时钟信号引脚,却无法测得spi时钟信号,请问我是缺少...
    君喆 俞
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  • MPC5748G Bootloader Configuration (DEVKIT-MPC5748G)

    Hi,    I am working on creating a bootloader application for the MPC5748G devkit board, and I am using the S32 IDE. The requirements are as below: The bootloader, on bootup will check a flash location for ...
    Navinar Savad
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  • HOWTO: Create a Blinking LED Project (MPC5748G)

    Perhaps you are just using the S32DS for Power for the first time, and maybe you've seen the provided examples and want to learn a bit more about how they were created. Here are the steps to create a simple applicatio...
    Mike Doidge
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  • S32K144 EVB Flash Programming Error

    Hi, Now, I'm working on S32 Design Studio for the S32K144 EVB and when I tried to flash my SW to the board, I got this issue. And this is my debug configuration: Could you pls help me resolve this issue?
    Nhuan Huynh Duc
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  • How to flash the NXP S32G274A

    Hello,   I'm a software engineer, in our team we want to develop autosar project on S32G27A Plattform. I downloaded the S32DS for Plattform and additional Packages for S32G. And Try to debug the example project...
    YIhan CHENG
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