• Possible bug in GCC 4.9.4 EABI VLE PowerPC (S32DS)

    Hello,   We have found what seems a bug in the C compiler GCC 4.9.4 included in S32DS for PowerPC. This bug is reproducible with an unmodified SDK project example after setting optimization to "-Og". As a summar...
    Andreu Montiel
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  • s32k144 sCST

    Hi sir, I am using s32k144 controller for that i am getting errors as 1. undefined reference to m4_scst_execute_core_tests 2. undefined reference to m4_scst_accumulated_signature 3. undefined refere...
    Veeraju Hallikeri
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  • How does the “Processor Expert” code generation path change?

    Hello, everybody!         I'd like to know how to set up the code generation path for Processor Expert. And How can the project become a way to link files. The figure below. this is the i...
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  • FreeRTOS-MPU for S32K144

    Hi sir, 1. Does S32K144 support FreeRTOS-MPU? 2. If supported how to configure freeRTOS MPU for s32k144? 3. I got information from freertos.org.in cortex-M4F is not supported for Freertos_MPU is this true?   &...
    Veeraju Hallikeri
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  • I can not program S32K144 EVB

     Dear:        When I use the board S32K144 EVB, the reset light is always on after connecting the USB cable. The program cannot be written into the board by "S32 Design Studio".  I want ...
    wang zhe wang zhe
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  • pic for flash S32DS (S32k144)

    Hello everyone,   In the following example (EXAMPLE S32K144 Position Independent Code) an example of how to generate position independent code for the s32k144 was posted. The example is supposed to be built...
    Sebastiaan Verhoek
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  • HOWTO: Link a binary file(s) into the application project using GNU build tools

    This document describes how to link a binary file(s) with an existing project in S32 Design Studio using GCC build tools.   Let's demonstrate this on S32K144 project in S32DS for ARM. Nevertheless it should...
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  • modify can_pal example (nxp s32144)

    Hello, everybody, I'm new to using the NXP s32k144 and I'm having some difficulties, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. The goal I need to achieve is actually very simple: with an Arduino I send some messages via ...
    Pierpaolo Dini
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  • Program "gcc" not found in PATH

    Hello,   I am trying to migrate a project which was originally made in S32DS for PA Version 2017.R to S32DS for PA Version 2.1.   I corrected all relevant paths accordingly, but when I try to build the pro...
    Kevin Aden
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  • Compiler benchmarks for S32DS for ARM

    Dear all, are there any compiler benchmarks available which compare codesize and speed of generated code between -   standard GNU compiler in S32DS -   GHS (IEC61508 certified version)...
    created by q1444
  • SDK ver.3.0.0RTM Issue while compiling code make: CCARM: Comand not found

    I am using S32K146 SDK ver 3.0.0 RTM Facing issue while compiling code in SDK IDE Waiting for your prompt reply
    Shudhamati Narhare
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  • How to generate bin, hex output files

    Hello,    How can I generate both of the bin and hex files at the same time after building? I'm using S32DS for ARM v2.2.   Best regards, Kate Lee
    Kate Lee
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  • How to use AddressSanitizer in S32 Design studio

    As s32 design studio use gcc, I've tried to use the -fsanitize=address compiler flag in the project settings without success: The program just won't compile.  Is it possible to use AddressSanitizer on...
    Gabriel Berthiaume
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  • MPC5748G Bootloader Configuration (DEVKIT-MPC5748G)

    Hi,    I am working on creating a bootloader application for the MPC5748G devkit board, and I am using the S32 IDE. The requirements are as below: The bootloader, on bootup will check a flash location for ...
    Navinar Savad
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  • HOWTO: Create a Blinking LED Project (MPC5748G)

    Perhaps you are just using the S32DS for Power for the first time, and maybe you've seen the provided examples and want to learn a bit more about how they were created. Here are the steps to create a simple applicatio...
    Mike Doidge
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  • How to share SDK drivers between bootloader and application?

    Using S32DS, with S32K116.   How would someone share SDK Drivers, or functions in general between boot-loader code and application code?    Background for question: Working on a LIN Bootloader u...
    Christopher Long
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  • s32k116

    Hello, How to solve fatal error Lo004 while Building the project?   Thanks,  &regards, Shinde Umesh
    umesh shinde
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  • S32G toolchain

    Hi,  Can we use any other development environment instead of using S32 Design Studio ? can we use "arm bare-metal 32-bit target binary toolchain" for compiling S32G274A SDK/application with any OTHER ...
    vinod bargaje
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  • How to make position independent code with S32DS ?

    My question is How to make position independent code with S32DS? The compliler is arm-none-eabi-gcc. I tried to add the compilation parameters "-fpie" , But the program that complied with "-fpie" always jmp to defaul...
    乃为 董
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  • Code migration

    Dear sir , we are migrating the code from s32 studio to Our Latest IAR compiler but while migrating we have faced issue that after migrating from s32 code runs while debugger is connected and ones I have removed the d...
    deepak chandra
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