• camera calibration of s32v234 development

    Hi Everyone,   I'm using S32V234-EVB to do lane detection in autonomous car. OV10635 would be used in the final version but right now I'm testing on s32v-sonycam.   Anyway, I have to calibrate the paramete...
    Yue Fang
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  • Incomplete compilation of a graph. Missing files

    I have installed S32DS Vision 2018 R1 for linux on Ubuntu 18.04 host. I have some issues when I emit my graph into an S32DS application project, therefore when it compiles the code is missing some files (header file...
    Jorge Barrio Gragera
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  • S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116

    Hi team, Can I use IDE S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116 project development?   Thank you.
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  • VSDK demo link opencv version error

    Hello everyone,   I build the demo in s32v234_sdk/demos/apps/pedestrian_detaction_aggcf, but when I run the pedeatrian_detection_aggcf.elf in the s32v234 board, it shows the opencv shared libraries not exit: ...
    wq y
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  • How to integrate the EB Tresos generated code into S32DS?

    Hello everyone, now I'm using the EB Tresos to generate the configurated code based on the NXP S32K144 MCAL Package. Please see the attachment, these are some file about MCU Driver generated from Tresos. After that, ...
    Vasiliy Wu
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  • Create and add my libs to my project

    Hello,   I'm new with NXP and S32 Design Studio. My main goal is create one project where I can import my libs. That is, I want to create 2 lib (for example for CAN communication and ADC, for S32K118) wit...
    Ricardo Velho
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  • S32DS Application Project Compiling Problem

    Hi,   When I'm compiling S32DS Application Project,there was a mistake.Who can help me solve it?   G:/S32 IDE/utils/msys32/mingw32/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/6.2.0/ld.exe: cannot find G:/S32: No such ...
    li lei
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  • Questions about CAN RX signal reception failure

    hello   I used CANoe to transmit the CAN signal to the EVB board. However, CAN signal was not received in EVB. The example code I used is can_pal_s32k144 of 'S32K1xx RTM SDK v3.0.0 Example Project' And the sampl...
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  • Undefined reference to `__fabs

    Hi:     My project has below error info when use fabs() function:    S32DS/e200_ewl2/EWL_C/src/math/fabsf.c undefined reference to `__fabs' Demo line 22 C/C++ Problem    Plat...
    jiajian qiu
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  • Program "-E" not found in PATH

    I uninstalled and then installed a newer version of S32DS, and I am not able to debug the project.   I also have this message: Orphaned configuration. No base extension cfg exists for com.freescale.s32ds.cross....
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  • Pin configuration in S32Ds.power

    I am using S32Ds.Power.2017.R1 to program MPC5604P. I have run the default program which was in the file of MTRCKTSPS5604P named MTRCKTSPS5604P_S32DS. But i am facing great difficulty to find the declarations of micro...
    Aparna Suresh
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  • lwIP_S32k148 example: IPv6 multicast not supported

    Hello,  I am using lwIP_s32k148 example given in the s32 design studio. The lwIP version 2.0.2 which you guys are using gives support related to IPv6 but unfortunately it doesn't give any support related to...
    saad saeed
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  • S32DS library

    Hello, If we create a lib project, whether we could add another lib in this file? For example, we have our own algorithm library, and we need to call nxp Motor library, we want to merge these two library into only o...
    Hanson He
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  • How to enable ethernet peripheral in MPC5748G

    Hi,    I am using s32 design studio for development of MPC5748G controller based development board.    I am using freertos based lwip stack example and able to ping the board.    I wan...
    Rajani Sureja
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  • HOWTO: Execute a library function from RAM memory using GNU build tools

    The document describes the steps that need to be done in order to place and execute a library function from a custom memory section - typically RAM using GNU Build tools. The instructions are applicable to any GNU too...
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  • How to download program automatically

    I'm developing the MPC5741P. I want to download the elf/hex file to the hardware ECU automatically. For example, i do not want to select Debug Configuration dialog, all these configurations can be runned automaticall...
    晶 周
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  • Does mcp-5748g support Execution in place?

    Execution in place (XIP) feature is supported by mcp-5748g or not?
    Niket Shah
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  • How to write and compile the *.rbf file by ourselves?

    Hello, everyone, I bought Devkit-MPC5744P recently. And I have use the RappId Bootloader with rbf file successfully. However, we do not know the source code of rbf file, so it is not convenient to debug the software ...
    Leo Lyu
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  • How to use printf function in S32DS for Power Architecture for MPC5748G

    Hello,   I want to enable std printf stdio function with argument for linflex uart2 then how to enable it for s32 design studio mpc5748g controller.   Here example code "uart_pal_lpc5748g" provided withou...
    Rajani Sureja
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  • LWIP Stack porting on top of SafeRTOS 

    Hi Team,   I am using S32 design studio for development of MPC5748G and using latest sdk of RTM 1.0.0.   Here, example code of LWIP(v2.0.2) has a FreeRTOS based porting and I want to use SafeRTOS instead ...
    Rajani Sureja
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