• I can not program S32K144 EVB

     Dear:        When I use the board S32K144 EVB, the reset light is always on after connecting the USB cable. The program cannot be written into the board by "S32 Design Studio".  I want ...
    wang zhe wang zhe
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  • Greenhills plug in

    Hello,    Some errors occurred when I try to install GHS plug-in as below in S32DS 2018 R1 for ARM, could you check about it?  And is there GHS plug-in install guidance material?     ...
    Kate Lee
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  • Compiler benchmarks for S32DS for ARM

    Dear all, are there any compiler benchmarks available which compare codesize and speed of generated code between -   standard GNU compiler in S32DS -   GHS (IEC61508 certified version)...
    created by q1444
  • S32G toolchain

    Hi,  Can we use any other development environment instead of using S32 Design Studio ? can we use "arm bare-metal 32-bit target binary toolchain" for compiling S32G274A SDK/application with any OTHER ...
    vinod bargaje
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  • Code migration

    Dear sir , we are migrating the code from s32 studio to Our Latest IAR compiler but while migrating we have faced issue that after migrating from s32 code runs while debugger is connected and ones I have removed the d...
    deepak chandra
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  • s32v234 chip spi0 pin setting

    Hi, I am using s32v234 chip. There is a question about spi0 pin of s32v234 chip.   In the figure below, SPI0 can use two pin groups. I modified the DT to pin SPI0 to port E. However, no data is output to P...
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  • Single Wire Output (SWO) support within S32 Design Studio, enabled by PEmicro's GDB Server

    PEmicro’s GDB Server can take advantage of four useful SWO debug tools: Power Measurement SWO ITM Console SWO Data capture Real-Time Expressions. This document describes how to enable and use these features...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Does USBDM work with S32 Design Studio

    USBDM works with the no longer supported KDS Design Studio.  Does it work with S32 Design Stuidio for ARM?
    Andrew Meyer
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  • S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116

    Hi team, Can I use IDE S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116 project development?   Thank you.
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  • How to integrate the EB Tresos generated code into S32DS?

    Hello everyone, now I'm using the EB Tresos to generate the configurated code based on the NXP S32K144 MCAL Package. Please see the attachment, these are some file about MCU Driver generated from Tresos. After that, ...
    Vasiliy Wu
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  • Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: Problems resuming from breakpoint in vTaskDelay

    Condition:  I am trying FreeRTOS using S32K118 EVB and run in DEBUG mode. When I set the break point in vTaskDelay and press Resume for the first time, there is a smooth stop at the break point. The second time ...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: PIT and STM modules cannot count when Debug Mode is entered

    Condition: Enable Stopindebug bit for PIT and STM module. Counter could be stop when debug project, but when i set debug mode on, counter not count, project can't be run.   Analysis: In order for PIT timer to...
    Mike Doidge
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  • FreeMASTER

    How is it that ZLG's usbcan-ii device no found keeps appearing in the FreeMASTER
    Ren Lei
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  • S32 Design Studio and Keil Ulink2 support

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to use Keil ULINK2 as programmer/debugger for S32 Design Studio (S32K144)?  If not is it something we consider or this must be considered by Keil?   Thanks and BR Stefano
    Stefano Gattazzo
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  • can't program S32 bootLoader example for mpc5748G

    Hi   this topic has many info in the web yet  nothing help me to overcome this issue. I'm using the DEV-KIT of mpc5748G chip and working on the bootLoader example, My first basic thing to do is to load thi...
    dany amsalem
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  • How to make GHS as the compiler in S32 DS, Does S32 DS support  to debug code programming with  Autosar OS and BSW?

    Hi, Does S32 DS suppport GHS compiler? how to setting? I have one project that compiled by GHS compiler, the project has AUTOSAR OS + BSW,  Can i move this project to S32 studio, and specify the GHS for comiler...
    jianmin zhou
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  • Questions about CAN RX signal reception failure

    hello   I used CANoe to transmit the CAN signal to the EVB board. However, CAN signal was not received in EVB. The example code I used is can_pal_s32k144 of 'S32K1xx RTM SDK v3.0.0 Example Project' And the sampl...
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  • Why S32 Design Studio is only using one CPU core?

    Dear S32 DS developer team,   We have been working with S32 DS ARM 2018 R1 in our last project were we have one S32K144, one S32K146, and a ST MCU. We are running the software in Windows 7 Enterprise.  ...
    Alejandro Méndez
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  • HOWTO: Export S32DS Project to IAR EW (S32K14x/S32K11x)

    S32 Design Studio (S32DS) for ARM supports IAR Plugin, and the user can use IAR specific features in S32DS with IAR toolchain for ARM. This document describes the way to convert S32DS project to IAR EW based project ...
    Byungmin Hwang
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  • S32R274rruevb

    Hi,   I have ordered the part S32R274RRUEVB (daughter board only). I would like to know: (1) Is it possible to load program / run / debug use the daughter board only? (2) If it is, what connection is necessary...
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