• [MPC5748G] FIR filter design question

    Hi, Does S32 Design studio have the ready-to-use library or function for the FIR filter? Like the command in Matlab "b = firpm(n,f,a)"https://www.mathworks.com/help/signal/ref/firpm.html#d120e59899 I want to de...
    Junyi Zhang
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  • Question regarding ADC Example project in MPC5748G

    I've been running the ADC example code in S32DS, which converts the ADC result to illuminate the LED light on the MPC7548G board. The example code contains ADC1_Calibration(), ADC_Init(), ADC1_Read_Chan() and update_L...
    Junyi Zhang
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  • Beginner questions on MPC and ETPU

     I'm totaly new on etpu, never used MCP before, only HC08,HCS08 and HCS12, or Coldfire v1. I'm a bit confusing about the tool to use: in some AN I read that for MCU code is needed CW for MPC55xx/56xx 2.10, and if...
    damien darhk
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  • Initially the DCF Records are works? - MPC5746R

    Hi im programmed the DCF Records and i have this. Factory: StartRecord[0x400300]: 0x5aa55af00000000 OPT_EN0[0x400308]: 0x1000000200020 I added: IVPR1_1[0x400310]: 0xfd1000010000e4 IVPR1_2[0x400318]: 0x2efff01000...
    Demian Espina
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  • BAM CAN MP5634

    Hi,    Recently, i tried to update the user application by BAM via CAN During this period, I encountered some difficulties.I hope you can help me.    1. I followed  th...
    于晏 彭
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  • [MPC5777M] Flexray Startup Trouble

    Hello,   We are trying to setup FlexRay communication on the MPC5777M using the EVB. We are having some trouble with the startup procedure on the FlexRay module. It seems that the protocol does not go beyond th...
    Uma Balakrishnan
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  • flexcan demo in SDK2.0

    Hi basing on flexcan demo in sdk2.0,I change a little for the main function,that's: in while() function,send some message directly in CAN0 channel. the ECU is only connected to CANOE, first,run CANOE for trace meas...
    David YU
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  • DCF Clients - Program - MPC5746R

    Hi is possible to program the UTEST sector, in my case, starts from 0x400310, program with code for each 8 bytes of DCF Client without problems with the OTP. i understand that once you program a byte, is for ever...
    Demian Espina
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  • Request a CAN FD Demo for MPC5748G

    Hi,    Request a CAN FD Demo for MPC5748G. Thanks.
    yuan mengmeng
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  • How to receive ethernet multicast address on mpc5746c

    Hi,    mcu type: MPC5746C    how to receive the multicast mac address of ethernet, for example: the multicast address is 0x01-00-5E-xx-xx-xx    I use S32 SDK to  co...
    teng jianhui
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  • Flash erase and program error

    I have some questions, please help me to solve them and tell me why, thanks. 1,Use MPC5746C and run in flash address 0x1140000 to program flash address 0x1000000, but erase failed and return status is busy(0x3). 2,d...
  • Demo FreeRTOS on MPC5744P

    Hello ,  when I use the S32SDK  of  S32_PA RTM 3.0.0.  And the S32DS version is power2.1. I have some problems. The PBRIDGEx clock is 100MHz, that is bigger than 50MHz which is support for it !
    meng qiu
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  • FlexRay

    Hello, where can I find an example of initialization code for the FlexRay MPC5744P? Or instructions on how to do it? Thank you. YAOZHEN
    耀真 卢
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  • .s file document for MPC57XXX

    hello ,  do you have the reference manualabout the .s file like bellow.  Assembly pseudoinstruction.  
    meng qiu
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  • MPC574xP module's memory can not be accessed

    Hello,   When I debug MPC574xP (MPC5743P), I find some module's memory are full of 'question marks' ????. For example, the FlexRay module, according to Memmory Map, the address is 0xFFE50000-0xFFE53FF: but i...
    sijia hao
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  • Automotive instrument cluster using MPC5606S

    Hi All,We are developing an automotive instrument cluster using MPC5606S controller. We need some clarification regarding the same. 1. Which is the Operating system used in this controller?2. From where we can downlo...
    Sreedevi Mohan
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  • Can not loading the Tresos(v24) WorkSpace.

    My PC's OS is windows 10.  I installed tresos v24.0.0 tool.but it can't be loading when i open the tresos_gui.exe , with always stay in loading view.    And the window task manager sho...
    guoqiang zhu
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  • Some global data in .data Section can't be found in C source

    hi When i use the map file for  Mpc5606B, there are some global big data  in the .data section of map ,which  i can't find  in the source file?    just like 00000010 000050 40000010 00...
    永杨 尚
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  • overlay RAM

    Hello! I use the function of MPC5744P :this Flash read operation use mirror small Flash memory logical ddress(0x08F9_8000) with overlay.   //57xx_flasah.ld MEMORY { flash_rchw : org = 0x01000000, len = 0x4 c...
    俊鹏 邱
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  • SPC5675KFF0MMS2:The RESET always keep low level in up-down power test

    Hello, The MCU will not operate normally during the up-down power test. Our circuit is shown in the following figure PS:RESETn is Y2 Pin   Info: The RESETn and JCOMP  pins of MCU are pulled up to ...
    Tom Gao
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