• MPC5746C-Problem of LinFlexUART with DMA

    hi, I need UART to transmit data with DMA , but there is a source bus error after DMA_SERQ = 0x00010000 is executed. DMA TCD is set as follows: DMA_TCD16_SADDR = (uint32)TxDataBufPtr; DMA_TCD16_DADDR = (uinit...
    zhang lijuan
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  • Machine check exception when writing to internal flash

    Hi,   I am encountering a machine check exception when programming the internal flash on a MPC5745R using Core0 and I don't know why this happens.   The software is located in a section between 0x00FA0000-...
    Andre Heinemans
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  • Restrictions for decorated storage instructions

    The safety manuals for several MPC57xx microcontrollers contain an assumption regarding decorated storage transactions:     Assumption:[SM_280] Decorated storage transactions on the SRAM are limited to read...
    Jeroen van der Wulp
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  • CRANK with no CAM function usage in 2-stroke engine

    Hi, I want to use the standard ETPU engine control library (AN4907SW or NXP etpu function generator site) to decode a 35-1 teeth with no CAM function and therefore engine cycle is 36 teeth (1 revolution) because ...
    Turgay Kale
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  • MPC5643L, STCU_LBMISREL/H and STCU_LBIST_NMISRRL/H Registers Description

    Hi,   On MPC5643L Reference Manual (Rev. 10) No reported errors In the case of no reported errors, the Integrity SW should confirm the following: • The signature registers of each of the L...
    Hornby Xu
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  • What are interrupt vectors for MCAN in MPC5775B?

    Hi, I am implementing MCAN interrupts using MPC5777C_MCAL4_0_RTM_HF4_1_0_1 in MPC5775B. However, I find the vectors for MCAN module range from 688 to 695, which is beyond the INTC range(vector0~vector511). ...
    Lambert Yang
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  • How to design MPC5777C compatibly with MPC5775E

       Hello !    Now We are using MPC5777C design some control device. I find MPC5777C's footprint is the same as MPC5777E on the Datesheet. But the information of MPC5775E is too litt...
    永奎 陈
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  • How to remap Interrupt Vector Offset for MPC5748G bootloader?

    I want to update firmware of MPC5748G with CANFD, but I don't know if remap interrupt vector offset or not. How to remap?   Thanks!
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  • SPC5604BCLQ GPIO output control MIOS, program run error

    I have encountered some problems in the use of SPC5604BCLQ  144pin . I want to control Enable/Disable 5V out for sensor.  I select PG2 to set GPIO Output to control it. There will be some error occur ...
    horizonkl sun
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  • MPC5744P PWM

    Hi,     I am using the MPC5744P chip now. I want to implement PWM capture on the C[4] pin.     I used the eTimer module to implement the PWM capture function. But the C[4] pin does not ...
    白 岩
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  • CodeWarrior for eTPU Compilation Problem in Win10 Machine

    Hello, I am successfully building a source code in CodeWarrior for eTPU at Win7 machine but I fail in building the same source code in CodeWarrior for eTPU at Win10 machine. I am sharing the screenshut of the error a...
    Turgay Kale
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    Now configure the FCCU registers in initialization function,there eout pin is in fault state.However there is no fault inject,and the eout fault state can't exit.Why the eout pin is in fault status while there is...
    丽 李
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  • CRC32 bit checksum algorithm for MPC5643L

    Dear Support,   I have MPC5643L micro and using CRC32 bit with CRC32_ETHERNET. I am generating 32 bit CRC using following configuration. {/* swap_bitwise    swap_bytewise   swap &#...
    Amar Mahajan
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  • Unable to read PHY identification Number in TJA1100 ETH PHY

    Hello All, We are using tja1100 ETH PHY for BroadReach ETH communication,  Connection is as follows: Microcontroller is connected to TJA1100 via RMII. PHY is controlled by uc using MDIO, MDC PINs.   The...
    channakeshava Siriyanna
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  • mulicores operating performance

    MPC5777M S32DS-2017R1 I have a multicores code.  The core Z4_0 is boot core and it includes some tasks. When I only debug Z4_0, it executes the tasks about 9600 times per second. But when I debug multicor...
    Bi weiping
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  • How to clean EIN_ERR (NCF 54) in FCCU of MPC5777Mv2

    Hi folks, I am working with FCCU feature of MPC5777M. I always go the error of channel 54, in the Reference Manual, it is caused by external error, meaning some external devices were driving my ERROR pin.I am pretty...
    Truong Tran
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  • MPC5744 freeRtos demo problem

    Hi NXP Team: I had a problem debugging freertos; I use your demo project " freertos_mpc5744p",and debug it;Your IDE (S32 DS) console window print the following  error : "Error in ONCE status reg...
    jia xinyue
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  • In MPC5746C controller CAN Bus off interrupt in triggering

    I am using MPC5746C controller for developing Front camera module application.   In that CAN BUS 1 if we simulate the Buss off interrupt triggers only 3-4 times after that is not triggering , Auto bus recov...
    shankar gowda
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  • MPC5748 EOUT for FCCU

    Hello,      I'm working on FCCU development with MPC5748. I want to use EOUT with Bi-stable protocol to inform external IC. Now I can inject fake faults to trigger FCCU alarm, but nothing happen t...
    Yuehe Deng
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  • Handling external interrupts on MPC5746CRM

    Hello, I need to receive an external interrupt using this Micro-controller MPC5746CRM. MPC5746CRM contains an internal module specified to handle the general external interrupt which is SIUL2 module. I made the req...
    ahmed saber
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