• How to use MPC5748G ethernet switch ?

    There are three MCU on my board,  they are MPC5748G,  MPC5777M(MCU0)  and MPC5777M(MCU1) .  They are interconnected through MPC5748G ethernet switch module.   MPC5777M(MCU0)  an...
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  • DSPI Slave Mode with DMA in S32DS with NXP5744P

    Hi I am using DSPI slave mode with the drivers supplied with S32DS. The problem I have is that it takes quite long to set up the Slave transfer when DMA is used. I optimized the driver for my use as I am only us...
    Pierre Theron
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  • [MPC5746R] Inconsistent information between DSPI and IO Port in Reference Manual

    Hello,   I have a concern in Reference Manual from customers, which is a mismatch between supported DSPI CS pins and corresponding CS IO Port pins.   DSPI2 can support PCS0-3, however there is an av...
    Nam Nguyen Viet
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  • GDB server stuck, eval board MTRCKTSPS5744P

    Built project for eval board, MTRCKTSPS5744P, from inbuilt examples as per link in Getting Started with MTRCKTSPS5744P | NXP .   However during download process, the debug process stuck at 98%, ERR...
    Patel Reddy
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    Q1: Where can I find compiler and compiler option info for specific MCAL package? A1: After downloading MCAL package, you can find such info in ReleaseNote.pdf. Search "Compiler Options".   Q2: Can I use differ...
    Johnny Chen
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  • IVOR4_Handler AND vPortISRHandler

    Hi, i am using mpc577c evk board. I developed drivers per our requirements and also Freertos integrated in my project. But i am facing issue that freertos is jumping to vPortISRHandler when a tick generates (which i...
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  • IP header checksum

    Inside a MPC5748G project I am using the "Automatic IP-header checksum generation" feature. During init I have   // Acceleration functions Tx - checksum generate ENET.TFWR.B.STRFWD = 1; // Must be set...
    Yulian Matev
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  • MPC5775B/E, Experiences with D-Cache and asynchronous MC Exceptions from MPU

    Here are some experiences from migrating an OS kernel from MPC5643L (e200z4) to MPC5775B/E (e200z7), which could hopefully be of some common interest. Note, we can't give any guarantee that everything said down here i...
    Peter Vranken
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  • How to read PORST pin status

    Hello NXP. Very Good morning.   I am working on a automotive project using MPC5746C MCU. There is a requirement like, I need to read the PORST pin on system power ON and while running in BOOT and main appl...
    Jayasankar Bandaru
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  • MC_RGM_DBRE register configuration

    Hello,   I am working on SPC5746C MCU and I have few observations and doubts on power on reset concept in this MCU. 1. As per the datasheet, we can control the reset generation for POR.  MC_RGM_DBRE[BE_...
    Jayasankar Bandaru
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  • WeChat Public Account of Way to Automotive Expert(微信公众号--汽车电子成长之路) for Chinese customers/engineers

    Hello, everyone!   I have setup a dedicated WeChat Pulblic Account --Way to Automotive Expert(微信公众号--汽车电子成长之路) to introduce our NXP AMP products/solution as well as CodeWarrior and S32DS IDE use tips in Chin...
    E.w. Hu
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  • Does anyone use MPC5746C?

    MPC5746C error, jump to IVOR1_Handler interrupt, a dozen processors are like this, using the official demo, has anyone encountered a similar problem?
    Kun Liu
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  • MPC5744P RappID with CAN VN1630 log

    Dear all,   Is there any way to flash MPC 5744P over CAN via RAppID? Our CAN hardware is Vector VN1630 log and I could not find the option to choose it in the RAppID GUI.   The bootloader had been fl...
    aung myat
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  • MPC565 MODCK pads

    hi dears i have designed the board based on MPC565 . and i forgot make pull-up of MODCK signals for set PLL to external Oscillator. and now how can i set it to external Oscillator ?? without pull-up MODCK signal...
    lucid luciddd
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  • MPC565 Debug Problem

    Hi My Friends. i am trying to erase or debug the MPC565 (56 Mhz) with CW6.6 and i have this error : "Unknown Protocol Error" the MPC565 crystal is 20 MHz . when i Measure the DSCK Clock signal when debug be ...
    lucid luciddd
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  • "Safe" RTOS for e200z4, technically ISO26262 compliant

    As a matter of fact, the Internet is flooded with Open Source RTOS implementations and nobody here in the forum will be waiting for just another one. However, the choice of Open Source RTOSs reduces significantly if t...
    Peter Vranken
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  • mpc5744P_CAN_BootLoader

    This is a mpc5744P_CAN_BootLoader demo. There are two program source codes: 1.MPC5744P_CAN_Bootloader_and_APP_two_in_one_package_DEKIT-MPC5744P(bootloader Project and APP Project). 2.VC_Example_USB-CAN. Hardware: DEK...
    陈简 陈
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  • A question about run application through application start adress

     Hello everyone!     Recently I'm learning Bootloader for MPC5675k , but there ia a question puzzled me. when I use JTAG download the application , it runs well. It start address is  , the instru...
    jlu xiao
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  • improving the write speed of the sdhc-fatfs-mpc5748g example project

    Hi All   I responded to a question about sd card write speeds on the DEVKIT-MPC5748G as i am having some of my own issues with that but i thought it might be a good idea to create a new post as the other one was...
    Liam Battershell
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  • Processor Master ID

    Hi, In the Reference Manual for MPC574x Power PC, interrupts section, there is frequent reference to Processor Master ID as in this description for the PSRn register configuration: " Only the processor with master ...
    Jyothsna Rajan
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