• S12ZVM Vsup Measure Problem

    Hi,   I'm working on S12ZVM microcontroller, and I'm measuring the Vsup voltage, the adc_result is good until it reaches 328 (14.7V for me). After this value the result doesn't move, and before it is correctly ...
    Thibaut Dufour
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  • initialization  RAM check for S12ZVL128

    Hello All    Thanks in advance    we are using S12ZVL128. we enable ECC  for RAM. can you please help, is ECC test help to cover during initialization RAM  faults??or  we...
    premchand chennupati
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  • Using PORTE.5 as a general I/O?

    I have an external 16 bit SRAM connected to a 9S12XET256 and it is working fine in expanded mode.  But I start out in (special) single chip mode and go to expanded mode by writing to the MODE register.  Befo...
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  • FCLKDIV in S12XET256

    I haven't been able to get a commercial BDM working on my board, so I have been modifying a personal BDM I built years ago.  In general, I can read and write to the target.  However, I notice that after rese...
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  • S12ZVMBEVB sample code

    S12ZVMB: I'd like to download S12ZVMBEVB sample code, but the link not avaliable. http://compass.freescale.net/livelink/livelink/234769869/com.freescale.mcu10_6.HCS12Z_S12ZVMB.win.alpha.sp.v1.0.0.zip?func=doc.Fetch&a...
    Josh Guo
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  • Which 16bit DSP MCU to use for Digital Audio App

    Hi.. I would like to seek your advise that which 16bit DSP MCU should i use if I want to digitise my audio input & send out together in RS485 format? Any advise on that? Thanks.
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  • S12ZVL Port AD interrupt in Stop Mode

    Hello,   In our project, we are reading switches using analog(Port AD)   My requirement is to wake up MCU from stop mode when the switch is pressed longer than 20ms.   How can I implement this? ...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • BDM Programming via Wireless

    Hi,   We are using S12ZVMC128 MCU. We use the PE Micro Multilink Universal programmer.    I want to program a device remotely. I have a Wireless controller which I can connect to the BDM port of the S...
    Manish Sangram
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  • Debugger EEPROM-Read S12ZVML128

    Hi,   we are using PE-Micro Multilink Universal for Debugging in our development. When we read the EEPROM in the memory-view in Codewarrior the first 72 bytes of the EERPOM will be returned as zero even when data...
    Axel Hubner
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  • About S12XHY256 MSCAN Transmit Priority.

    I dont understand about Transmit Buffer Priority Register (TBPR),this doc figure that binary number. This is mean that i can use 0-7 or 0-255
    tony zhao
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  • S12ZVL32 Autonomous Periodical Interrupt in STOP mode

    I am having an issue with Autonomous Periodical Interrupt in Stop Mode.   I want to read ADC value in stop mode. So before going into stop mode starting Autonomous Periodical Interrupt.   But I a...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • Safety mechanism for clock  Failure : Stuck-at on gate level

    Hello ALL good day  we are using S12ZVL128 IC. i have received FMEDA for S12ZVL128 IC i have doubt   in Clock_FMEDA_VL128_CUSTOMER sheet  Failure : Stuck-at on gate level  the f...
    premchand chennupati
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  • S12ZVC CAN queries

    The maximum rating of CANH, CANL and split pin is as below, would there be a degradation if there is a transient on these pins greater than +60V. Is there any specification on the voltage level and time duration of th...
    Amit Gombi
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  • s12g128 MSCAN filter dose not work properly

    Dear: Thanks for your attention! I have set s12g128 MSCAN in filter mode , there are two can id should be received,  id0 = 0x280, id1 = 0x1A0 , CAN filter configration as four 16bit mode , filter0 receive 0x2...
    gao qiang
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  • maximum ratings for LIN

    Hi,   we are using S912ZVML31F1WKF in a 80W BLDC application with LIN communication and I have a question about the LIN Interface.   What would happen if the Signal Level is higher than the supply voltage?...
    Jakob Kleinen
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  • S12ZVL32 ADC Problem In Sleep Mode

    Hello,   Currently, we are using one analog pin for reading multiple switches. Everything is working fine in active mode but when it goes into sleep mode getting current consumption as 240uA and when the switch ...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • PMF not working on S12ZVM

    Hello,    I'd like to use the GDU and PMF on a S12ZVMC64 to control a BLDC motor, firest I just try to get PWM signal on a TP, but I have nothing.  As seen below, I configure GDU and PMF, on the ...
    Thibaut Dufour
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  • Flash Corruption

    Hello Radek Sestak, Matej Pacha,   We are using S12ZVMC128 chip for our motor application.   We are facing a strange issue with the flash getting corrupted. The chip is okay and we do not have any boot loa...
    Manish Sangram
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  • S12Z doubts PID, Position/Torque Control Example Codes

    1. Is any PID control related function available in automotive library for S12Z? (only PI is their in 1.9 version) 2. In S12Z:  any evaluation boards available for Position/Torque control testing for BLDC Motors...
    Sravan G
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  • Regarding Position control and PID control  for S12ZVM controller

    Dear NXP team,  I am using S12ZVMl128 evaluation board with angle sensor TLE5501. I want to know is there any application SW available having position control and PID control implemented. Specially D control in...
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