• S912ZVML31F1MKF_Problem_VBSx_Pin_Protect   

       1.VBSx Pin of  "S912ZVML31F1MKF" ,  TVS diodes have been added to the pins, The pin is occasionlly damaged,very small probability;    2.There were other projects before, did ...
    li Danny
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  • MC9S12VLA64 Lin Stack

    I need Lin Stack supported by MC9S12VLA64 as it is not compiling.
    Aly Hassan
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  • LIN Configuration for MC9S12ZVL64 QFN-32

    i am trying to use the LIN Transceiver in the micro controller and i am also using pins 20 and 21 for SPI Communication. Here is my current configuration: - pin 20 is configured as MISO0 instead of RXD0. ...
    Aly Hassan
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  • CAN bus issue for 200 meters cable

    Hi, We use 10 boards(S12ZVCA) to send CAN message every 10 seconds. And 1 board(S12ZVCA) to collect those CAN message.   It can work fine in 10 meters cable. But it is unstable in 200 meters cable. How to solve...
    Aaron Lee
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  • S12ZVL32 ADC Multiple Channel Read

    I want to use 4 ADC channels of 10 bit. I have configured for 4 but getting output of only first channel.   I configured as below.   and written code    uint16_t adc_ch0Val = 0; uint16_t adc_c...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • S12ZVCA19 array size

    Hi, Our project use S12ZVCA19. We need create an array to save 30000 strings (each string =10 characters). Is it can work? How to make sure the free space in memory?   Best Regards, Aaron
    Aaron Lee
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  • How to soft restart the S12ZVC?

    Hi,   How to soft restart the S12ZVC? Not watch dog.   Best Regard, Aaron
    Aaron Lee
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  • S12g96 cop(Watch dog )issue

    boot's cop is disable,app's wd is enable. Question1.when flash the bootwithapp to mcu ,but debug found that the cop counld not wrok,Why? Question2. when the cop's clock was ACLK,how to disable the cop ?
    玉敏111 田
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  • Failed to transmit from tracking to sensorless1 in FOC algorithm

    Hello, there.    I'm now working on single shunt FOC algorithm with S12ZVML31.    I found that sometime it failed to transmit from tracking to sensorless1(as the picture show) I think, wh...
    xiaofan gu
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  • S12ZVL32 LIN stack tool is conflict with PE tool

    Hi All, 1,Devolopment tool: IDE:Codewarrior CW11; LIN stack version: FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 MCU:S12ZVL32;   2,Problem 1:     I using ProcessorExpert to generate the lower level drive...
    dashuang shengds
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  • calibration error

    Hi,      I'm using the board MTRCKTSPNZVM128 with 3-phase Sensorless Dual-Shunt PMSM application -FOC driving.      It works normally with the motor NXP provided.      B...
    王 全贵
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  • CAN communication

    Hi,       I'm using AN4975 software to excise CAN communication on MTRCKTSPNZVM128 board.       the main function is as follows:   void main(void) {  int id;  uns...
    王 全贵
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  • send retry and bus off

    About Bus-Off, try to send 32 times with Stuff Error, bus off recover called, after 4 times of bus off recover, try to send 24 times with Stuff Error, bus off recover called, that's why? ---- log ---- Time Chn ID Na...
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  • freemaster出现当前页面脚本发生错误

    xinquan zuo
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  • S912ZVML,Temperature Sensor

    USE S912ZVML31F1MKF,According to the document “MC9S12ZVM-Family Reference Manual and Datasheet”, ADC0 temperature sensor、ADC1 temperature sensor、Vreg Temperature senor。“ADC0 temperature sensor”...
    li Danny
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  • LIN FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 Issue if signal is split in multiple bytes

    I am using LIN FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 package to implement a master LIN node on J2602. I am using ldf file provided by client for which I am facing issue in reading and writing lin_pFrameBuf using&#...
    Salman Shaikh
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  • Help with MC9S12XEG128 IIC

    We are using a MC9S12XEG128 microprocessor. We work as master i2c, need to communicate with slave PCF85162 chip using IIC. The program sometimes run at below ack code when board power on. We want to know how to resto...
    Hanson He
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  • Internal I2C single Byte Read

    I am trying to communicate with FXLS8962 accelerator with S12ZVL32 starter kit.  For drivers i am using the InternalI2C with processor expert.  In order to do operations :   However I am not able t...
    Sarvraj Singh Ranhotra
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  • How to make compiler allocate several EEPROM pages to large data

    Hi,   I am using MC9S12XEP100 in the project. There is large block of data which larger than 2k need to be stored into EEPROM. I am using paged EEPROM for the large data. Part of the .prm file and code is as bel...
    john andy
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  • BATS module assert voltage level changes in negative temperature environment in S12/MagniV

    Hi   Thanks for the earlier support..   i am using MC9S12Z. micro, on my application i have configured the BATS module for generating low voltage interrupt. i have configured Low Voltage Warning (LBI 1).. ...
    Venkateswara Ballary
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