• Regarding machine exception behavior

    Hi Team, I am using S12ZVML64 MCU. I have not implemented the machine exception ISR in my code. Then,I want to know that, what will be the behavior of code if machine exception occurred in software?   Thanks...
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  • How to test S12ZVL LVI interrupt

    Hello everyone,   Currently, I am implementing the low voltage Interrupt for the S12ZVL chip. However, when I was trying to test it, I could not trigger the interrupt for LV. According to the datasheet, I have a...
    Junxi Cai
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  • PWM4 couldn't work when use the PMF function

    I want to use PMF instead of GDU to drive the MOSFET for S12ZVML. PWM0,PWM1,PWM2,PWM3,PWM5 could work. but PWM4 couldn't work.    MODRR1_PWM10RR = 1; //1 PWM1_0 to PP0 (PT2 for S12ZVMC256); PWM1_1 to PP1 ...
    Peter Shi
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  • Ask for S12ZVL LIN Example

    Hi, I want use SCI as LIN, but I didn't find the example about it...Could  you  provide related routines ?   Thanks!
    xue j
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  • S12ZVLA128 programming

    hello,when use the MultiLink FX and codewarrior programing the mcu the codewarrior display below: Starting 3rd party flash programming... GDI: Mtwks Callback(MTWKS_CB_PROJECTACCESS, Section : STARTUP, Entry : SPECIFY_...
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  • Is there conflict exist meanwhile read data and code from flash

    My mcu is MC9S12XE. For RAM saving,i want to put some const global variables into flash.Is there any conflict exist when S12X read code,meanwhile code excuting read the flash?Why?
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  • About S12ZVL EEPROM

    Hi,   I want to save a variable in the eeprom, I can read the variable after the power on reset.The follows is my code:   The data is saved in the address(0x100000~0x10003F), but after power on reset, th...
    xue j
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  • The problem of  flash data rewriting after IC S9S12ZVL does  unpowered ESD

        IC S9S12ZVL32FOMLF LQFP-48 does unpowered ESD,the Flash data is rewritten,The data is shown in the figure below,red is abnormal code, green is normal code, all are read from IC.     After the ...
    Pete Pan
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  • Regarding Min ADC trigger count used in MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Sensorless sample code

    Hello Team, I am using MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Sensorless sample code for reference. As per my understanding, the delays filled in the PTU trigger list are in terms of bus clock cycle. Please confirm the understand...
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  • Vector address Area in .prm file

    Hi All, Query is regarding area defined for vector table in the .prm file.   I am referring "MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Sensorless" sample code as reference. I will attach the sample code too.   From the S12zvm....
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  • How to read the whole pflash In HCS12X

    How to read the whole pflash of mc9s12xhy256? Is there any shortcut? The compiler for this chip is 5.10. I'd like to see if the content burned into flash is the same as that in the burn file.
    yang zhang
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  • PWM pulse width (tminpulse)

    Hi all, With reference to MC9S12ZVM-Family RM, I have a question about the PWM pulse width. A note states " The minimum PWM pulse on & off time must be tminpulse." I checked the tminpulse on/off time i...
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  • MC9S12DJ128CFUE EEPROM cannot work

    We use MC9S12DJ128CFUE a lot of years. Recently we find some MCUs have problem.   We have made some detailed investigation of the problem.Here is a summary of the faulty MCUs…  * programming (f...
    KuangYi Chang
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  • Regarding static time fault handling in S12ZVM

    Hi all, I have question regarding below point from S12ZVM datasheet, Static Timing Fault Handling The following Faults and/or errors can occur: • Desaturation error, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, ...
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  • Best way to update from S12ZVC application and hardware to CAN FD

    Hello!    we are using since a couple of years an analog to can module using the S12ZVC. We are already in production since 3 years but now the customer need also CAN FD. What do you suggest in order to min...
    Fabrizio Mirandola
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  • Regarding PTU trigger list update in Hall Sensor Sample Code

    Hi All, With reference to the MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Hall sensored sample code , I have a few queries.   From the sample code, my understanding is that a single physical list is being used in the code. 14.4.3...
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  • problem when access paged ram variable by pointer

    My mcu is MC9S12XE. I have defined a variable named such as msg_buffer in the PAGED RAM,and it's actually allocated address is F91000.I want to put data into this buffer using pointer,but doesn't work.Codes look like...
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  • Bootstrap capacitor (Cbs) Precharging

    Hi all,   I am referring MC9S12ZVM-Family RM.(Rev 2.13) In the chapter Bootstrap Precharge   The below chunk of data :  *********************************************************...
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  • S12ZVL Capacitor ESR value

    Dear All.   Is there an ESR range for VDDA, VDDX, Vsup's Decoupling or bypass cap?The datasheet and H/W design application notes specify only the recommended values and materials for cap. The customer wants to k...
    HY Jung
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  • Interrupt priority decoder

    Hi All,   I am referring the MC9S12ZVM-Family RM In that Chapter 4.4.3 Priority Decoder has a NOTE.   Care must be taken to ensure that all exception requests remain active until the system begi...
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