• problems with back-door keys access for MCU security

    Hi every body. i am working on s12xhy using codewarrior 5.1. i know that these steps must be performed for securing micro-controller. 1- backup the sector contains the flash configuration registers. 2- erase the secto...
    Mohammad Ali Bahar
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  •   Using can BootLoader to update the program,when updating failed,the mcu can't restart again

    I got a problem which confuses me mostly. When I update my program through CAN, if there was a failure, the MCU can't start again. the screen becomes black and can't start again, this is very bothering.  I have t...
    Li Peng Fei
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  • S912ZVML,Temperature Sensor

    USE S912ZVML31F1MKF,According to the document “MC9S12ZVM-Family Reference Manual and Datasheet”, ADC0 temperature sensor、ADC1 temperature sensor、Vreg Temperature senor。“ADC0 temperature sensor”...
    li Danny
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  • Device is secure

    I have a Board with S12ZVL MCU embedded in it.when I try to debug a project and use U-Multilink .I'm getting this error "Device is secure .Erase to unsecure"  How do I solve this issue?
    hui zhou
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  • SRecCvt add device mc9s12g128

    I want to convert banked S19 records to linear,but the device do not have MC9SG128, I need add it myself. I try it ,but it can not work, Any help would be greatly appreciated .
    chunlei song
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  • How to initialize the ADC into continuous conversion mode?

    I have met some problem when using ADC12B_LBA_V1 module on the MC9S12ZVC192(64 pin). The hardware I use is the NXP official DEVKIT-S12ZVC board. I want to use the ADC module in continuous conversion mode l...
    卢 正弘
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  • MC9S12XEP100 PORT口操作问题

    Yu fuhua
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  • Problem for emulated EEPROM on S12XE

    Recentally we receive some failed modules, according to the failure reports, the failure are always happened when the module is powered up. According to the test result, we find the program i...
    Jason Zhu
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  • SPI problem on S12ZVC

    Hi all,   I'm trying to use the SPI chip in the evaluation board to communicate with an AdaFruit MAX31865 (with pt1000 sensor). I tried bot SPI 0 and SPI 1 with negative results. I also ...
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  • Sleep Mode for S12ZVL

    Sleep function: When an event occurs when the time, 25 ± 0.1 seconds, the system shut down all the load, the system into the sleep mode;Sleep Mode for S12ZVL. Can S12ZVL achieve this function? Can S12 resume sl...
    shen jun
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  • Question about the can wake up the mcu from stop mode

    Hi, DEAR NXP AE team           Now i am using the S12ZVC to development project,and the CAN is work well in transmit and receive the can message.   &#...
    展辉 刘
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    I  run the  MSCAN Demo  of S12ZVM ( AN4975 Using MSCAN on the MagniV Family)  on the S12ZVMLEVBLIN. But it will wait for CAN0CTL0_SYNCH forever(the CAN_init func in the CAN.C)....
    zhihua xu
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  • 9S12XDT256 flash read problems

    Hello!   I want save Flash from microcontroller 9S12XDT256 in computer. I use Codewarrior to read information from microcontroller. I get information that flash save in such address blocks:   block0...
    Raivis Bruzguls
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  • Is 0x7FFFF8 the reset vector's address?

    MCU is MC9S12XEQ512,it's about the offical bootloader. While upgrading,if S Record's load address is 0x7FFFE0,it will write *(u16 *)(&data[24]) into 0x7FEFF8. This means the content of  0x7FFFE0+2...
    everk image
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  • No Reset Vector Value in glo file?

    MCU is MC9S12XEQ512,compile the offical bootloader project and get one glo and one s19 file in the directory 'bin'.   In the project's prm file,I get source codes like: VECTOR 0 _BootStart VECTOR 1 _BootStart ...
    everk image
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  • Enabling floating point

    I need to use the log() function so I've included float.h.  Written the code.  It compiles but I get a linker error.that the _DSFLOAT and so on are not found.  I've checked off float=IEEE32 in the Code ...
    John Dammeyer
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  • eeprom does retains the data afterresetMM9Z1I638

    Hi, I am using the sample code provide by Freescale(NXP) in the project KT9Z1-638-REFAPP. The Eeprom erased when I reset or power off  the board.  I  am using the function, EEPROM_WriteCalibValue as ...
    lahcen mejjad
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  • Register is overwritten

    MCU : mc9s12g128 Compiler: codewarriory 5.1 During the running of the program, the pull-up register of the port is rewritten, and the pull-up function of the port is opened after the rewriting. After checking the so...
    贤明 宋
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  • Changing the bootloader.

    I just throw a question to the air... Is it possible to update the bootloader with a user application firmware? The user application user certainly can be updated with a bootloader... but it is possible to do the same...
    carles lloret
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  • MM9Z1_638 EMC problem

    Question 1 : When collecting HV current with MM9Z1_638, does the GND of the module need to be connected with ISENSEL? Question 2: In the BCI experiment, refer to the iso11452-4 standard, the current sampling dat...
    zhou bin
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