• Bootstrap capacitor (Cbs) Precharging

    Hi all,   I am referring MC9S12ZVM-Family RM.(Rev 2.13) In the chapter Bootstrap Precharge   The below chunk of data :  *********************************************************...
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  • S12ZVL Capacitor ESR value

    Dear All.   Is there an ESR range for VDDA, VDDX, Vsup's Decoupling or bypass cap?The datasheet and H/W design application notes specify only the recommended values and materials for cap. The customer wants to k...
    HY Jung
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  • Interrupt priority decoder

    Hi All,   I am referring the MC9S12ZVM-Family RM In that Chapter 4.4.3 Priority Decoder has a NOTE.   Care must be taken to ensure that all exception requests remain active until the system begi...
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  • How to communicate with Even Parity device?

    My mcu is MC9S12XEP.I use it's serial communication interface to communicate with other device which is EVEN Parity 485 Bus.It doesn't work now.But i can use PC software(Even Parity) to communicate with that device. ...
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  • Regarding PMF register write protection

    Hi All, I am referring the MC9S12ZVM-Family RM. Register Write Protection, note mentions - Make sure to set the write protection bit WP in PMFCFG0 after configuring and prior to enabling PWM ou...
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  • (S912ZVML31F1WKF)data retention and  program/erase cycles of Flash and EEPROM.

    Hi, I want to know the data retention and  program/erase cycles of Flash and EEPROM of S912ZVML31F1WKF. I checked the datasheet, but I couldn't find it(When the ambient temperature is 125 °C)。 ...
    zhiyong zhang
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  • Debugger EEPROM-Read S12ZVML128

    Hi,   we are using PE-Micro Multilink Universal for Debugging in our development. When we read the EEPROM in the memory-view in Codewarrior the first 72 bytes of the EERPOM will be returned as zero even when data...
    Axel Hubner
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  • CW5.9 Projects Management Problem

    Hi folks! I experiencing a strange problem First I created a new project,and then found a new idea on the basis of the existing project .So,I  create a new project.Finally I have many projects. Today,I found...
    wu wenbin
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  • S9S12G64AMLF and S9S12G64F0MLF replace

    Hi NXP Engineer,        I want to find a replacement for S9S12G64F0MLF,but i  don't know what mean of 'A'.It no description in Datasheet.Colud you tell me what mean wiht '...
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    Hi folks! Is there a way with the S12G128 to sync or trigger an ADC sample & conversion from the start of the PWM period? PWM Frequence is 20k I use HalfBridge to control a brush DC by PWM and need measure...
    wu wenbin
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  • About of the  application of AMCLIB_FW_F16 

    Hello, I  use MC9S12ZVML128 control my motor .In order  to get above motor base speed ,It  need to Field Weakening. I  found that NXP have provided related library functions &m...
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  • MFR4310 FlexRay

    Hello, in the process of using MFR4310, channel A and B were configured in the tx slot, but in the actual work, channel A can communicate normally, but channel B has no data.The channel configuration and usage methods...
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  • LIN designed

    Hi,    how to find this picture.l didn't see LIN Node Configuration Files.
    东明 吴
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  • Single channel multiple conversion about S12G ADC

    Hi, I try to use ADC of S12G128 to read the average value of the analog signal whoes period is about 100us. I hope that a channel can complete 10 conversions in 100us, and the time interval of each conversion is 10us...
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  • S12XE's EBI performance

    Hi,   We are considering migrating our 15 years old design based on a S12 CPU to S12XE CPU. Unfortunately, around 5% of our code is very time sensitive. Before commit to this change, I am trying to infer what is...
    James Hendricks
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  • PID parameters significance mentioned in User guide and how to calculate them ?

    I am using MagniV development board for for BLDC control .... I have also took reference from NXP code for speed and current loop control with PI control ..... for PI control loop parameters calculations are done usin...
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  • Demo code for S12ZVM32EVB

    Hi,   I'm studying on S12ZVM32EVB, is there any demo code for this board? Thank you very much.   Best regards, Sarah
    sarah wang
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  • About LIN_stack_S12_4_6_3

    Hello, After installing the documentation, it was found that compiling 9S12ZVL32 was not successful.Tell me why?
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  • Attachment about AN5176

    Hi,    I download AN5176, but I didn't find the attachment in this file. Anyone can supply the attachment for me? Thank you very much!   Best regards, Sarah
    sarah wang
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  • Changing MCU from S12VR48 to S12VRP48

    Hello~ I am using S12VR48 MCU now. I want to change the MCU to S12VRP48(RAM size 6K) due to insufficient 2Kbyte RAM capacity of S12VR48 MCU. When changing MCU from S12VR48 to S12VRP48, is it possible to use Pin-to-P...
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